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Evil became a God!!

Canal near was whizzing, isolated vicinity became blurred and the evening had been getting matured.
It’s an incident of almost a decade ago. We (I was accompanied by my friend) crossed the India-Nepal boarder and completed all the formalities in Indian check post. We then stepped ahead getting our destination. As we walked few steps we heard a Hindi voice “ladki ruko” ( girls stop).We got fear and run. After a minute two boys warned us not to move a bit. They caught our arm. My friend was screaming. I tried to make them clear that we were college student of Nainital (India) and we got late due to bus. I showed them my student Identity card but they did not let us to go .I also was crying , pleading with them for our life but they did not became a bit of kind. How the situation was going, could not stop to convince. I requested them with lots of tear, I touched their feet. At the same time another group of men moved around us talking so dirty words. Second group moved ahead and those two boys did not make us free. Hundreds of my pleadings, cries could not touch their heart. I was losing my hope and started to suppose that death is very near to me. I thought that I am going to die, my friends, parents will meet me as dead body floating over the canal. I remembered parents, friends and felt sorry to all whom if I caused any pain. I remembered god without any hope. I saw blank around me, my eyes were not stopping to rain. Suddenly, boys changed their voice and told us not to leave them and be silent if any other group asks anything. “We are convinced that you girls are not like others we help you to cross the distance”. God! My heart became down to bit and shocked by their suddenly changed voice. Though I had not full trust on them we had not any option except doing trust blindly. As they told us we run with them but some meter ahead we met another group I got more frightened and lost my hopes again but they discussed with them and succeed to make us to get our destination. As a miracle two evil became like a god to save our precious life.


Sarvina's picture

Hi Usha didi, How your

Hi Usha didi,

How your beautiful writing is! I feel so curious while i am reading it coz I want to know the evil will become a god to save you or not...but finally yeah they save you and your friend. It is really a miracle on earth. Enjoy reading your wonderful article!



Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

usha kc's picture

Pyari (dear) baini , could

Pyari (dear) baini , could not stay with out thanking you. Hey,,you made me flattered as you mentioned my writing is beautiful!!!! really! But my poor english makes me most of the time paused to write. I always try to make readers understandable I don't know my friends,my sisters of worldpulse can get my language or not???
anyway,,Thanx again for your sweet comments.

Sarvina's picture

hi Usha didi, I just saw your

hi Usha didi, I just saw your reply. Yeah your writing is interesting and lovely to read. I can understand everything you have written. No worry, I can get your language very well didi. Keep writing, we are reading and listining to you always!



Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

usha kc's picture

Hey, dear. It's' my pleasure

Hey, dear. It's' my pleasure to have your inspiring comments. Yoy alwyas inspire me dear. Luv you so much.

Ruun Abdi's picture

That was a miracle indeed.

That was a miracle indeed. God is great imagine the way he changes the minds of those two guyz immidiately untill they saved your lives and took you to your destination. You presented this miracle perfectly... your writing is so beautiful and your language is great.

Lots of love,

usha kc's picture

Om my god!!!!!! Runn my dear

Om my god!!!!!! Runn my dear fren,,, You too made me soooo cheerfull. thank you so much dear. Really, I want to share many things but due to my piteous English I make it full stop in mind. But reading all of you dearest sister's article/story I can not stop myself to comment.
Anyway you all dear has been making me motivated/inspired .
I always feel so proud to have all lke you in this Worldpulse .
Thank you very much dear.

Amei's picture

Usha :-) U must be realy scared!

I can feel the fear....God does help us in unimaginable ways.

Keep safe and keep writing... Good to have you here in Worldpulse.

Cheers, Amei

usha kc's picture

Dear,, thank u for your sweet

Dear,, thank u for your sweet comment. I loved it .
Oh God !! that was the real feeling of like death.I totally had lost all the hopes to be safe.The boys were night hunter( they catch the innocent girls/ women and fulfill their desire and killed them ). I told that events to one of my friend he also was from the same area and he wondered how they leave you both!!!! they ared the most notorious gang of this area.
All that was not other than a miracle!!

Niki Nicole's picture

Out of fear, courage

Thank you for having the courage to share your story. The world needs to hear your story. People need to know, so people can understand.

Continue sharing!

Niki Nicole

usha kc's picture

Dear Niki, thank you so much

Dear Niki, thank you so much for your inspiring words... loved to have your comments on my story.

keep touching

sallysmithr's picture

Great story

I enjoyed reading your story. I could feel how scared you were and couldn't stop reading until the end! I'm glad you are safe and thank you so much for sharing your story.

Sally Smith

usha kc's picture

Sally, thank you so much

thank you so much for your nice comments dear.
keep touching.

Frances Faulkner's picture



Your language reminds me of a river, with a flow to it, and that is probably how you felt, pulled into a great unstoppable current, at the mercy of something greater than yourself. I love this type of miracle. You never really how how you got into the situation or how you would get out of it, but for the rest of your life, you will look back, and renew your vows of appreciation!

Thanks for telling,

usha kc's picture

Thank you so much dear

Thank you so much dear Franses,,,

Fungai Machirori's picture


Dear Usha,

Yes, sometimes in life you have a miracle happen to you that can never be understood! This is lovely! Thank you for sharing it! Looking forward to more miracles :)

from today i live out of my imagination
i am more than my yesterday
tomorrow i plant a new seed
nothing that lies behind easy
nothing that is ahead real
my within is all i have today
*Napo Masheane*

Breese's picture

Dear Usha, thank you for

Dear Usha, thank you for sharing your story! I can feel how frightened you must have been, and am so glad you were alright.

usha kc's picture

Breese my fren,,thank you

Breese my fren,,thank you very much for giving your valuable time to read my miracle .Yup, dear I t's so scary and I totally had lost my hope to live.I do believe on Miracle since then.

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