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A rich husband's poor wife


Unbelievable but a real truth that a husband can be financially very rich but his wife can be poorly poor. Miserable life a women has which are shaded behind in many corners of the world. Having a lot of wealth only does not really matters to a woman, what matters for her is how accessible that money is. Can she use that money whenever and whereever she wants to? May be in some advanced parts of the world where women are educated and equally treated, but for the most parts of the world money is just a piece of paper which is under husband's control. You like a beautiful sari, but have to wait the permission for you husband agreement because you have money in your purse which belongs to your husband. It really hurts to be in such a position. Rather the thought might come in those painful women's mind that it is better to be a beggar and beg for the whole day and spend it on your own either you buy a sari or something to eat that you really like.
The food that is made in home is according to husband's preference. Women rarely can decide what to cook tonight and have to wait to know what her husband wants to eat tonight? You might be starving, but unless your husband comes and eat you are not allowed to eat even though you work for the whole hours to make the food delicious. A husband never even touches wifes clothes and washing wife's clothes goes far way from thinking, but a wife is responsible to wash all the inner wears of husband even though it might have super stinky smell.
Those husband's moms are also women who went through the same phase. Do they even feel how their mothers have suffered through his dad's torments and control. But he never realizes that he is doing the same thing because he is covered by the evils of having a super power of man. You like a sari but your husband does not, then you cant buy that sari even you have thousands of rupees in your pocket that are suffocating inside your purse. A husband rather thinks of keeping the money inside purse than buying a sari for his wife which he dislikes. World is amazing. So never think you will be happy by marrying a richer husband. Mary the one who is rich in heart and love not in money.


duth.kimsru's picture

Really Hard to Choose

Hi Kamala,

You are right, every hard to be a wife. It is a small detailed, but if the husband ignore it, then the family hardly fines happiness. I think the problem that you raised up is the concern for every women. I am also wondering why the relationship between mother and daughter in law is very hard to understand. What we can do in the future is to be a good mother in law in the future.

Nice to see you here,


kamala's picture

Thank you

Hi kimsru,
Nice to see you here and yes i agree you.


albie's picture

i feel you Kamala

i totally agree and especially in my country,where i work alot of women experience domestic violence and most if not all are as a "result" of finances!

i totally agree that it is never about the woman's choices/wants but the man's.over a period of time women feel that they have lost themselves/their identity and and are now living the man's life,it becomes a routine and empitness sets in,but they stick toi the marriage/relationship as there is no alternative; they are poor to move on,it is intresting that as you travel you realize the same issues affect women despite the geographical areas.

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