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Violence against women and the cultural legacies of Sudan

Press sit with the women

Sudanese women to exercise many of the practices that can be placed in the category of violence, violence is the psychological abuse or physical or mental abuse, whether it be through beatings or talk or even gossip Garah administered in small communities was the Men's or Women's violence is morally.
The irresponsible behavior by individuals in the right of some women like to engage in romantic relationships is not responsible or terminate the marital relationship divorce without the consent of the other party is violent ..
As society, both women and men usually carry the consequences of these actions of women and men enjoy all kinds of sympathy ..??
As the violence is without doubt a major factor in limiting the freedom of the individual and the obstacle to the exercise of his life as a human being and citizen shall have the honor. So we had to be from the spotlight, and this is a modest attempt to raise the curtain on those practices.

The status of women in other societies and ancient civilizations:
History tells us the length of immemorial antiquity that women were not a valuable china in the community, except to the age of the mother, who was women prevail. The most ancient societies was to underestimate women and derogatory and humanity and has carried the most ancient societies the burden of sin Aloolyalte removed rights of paradise for women and note that the charge remained on the origin and evolution of human beings represented by the suffering of women so far and therefore the same plot, a seductress This was the reason in the digestion of their rights.

. The status of women in Sudanese culture is a complex carved two cultures are powerful push on each overlapping time and space Ptsouradtha of women, culture garrison a culture origin in the country - as posed by the ingredients Nubian and Beja - a woman put in place Aziz, The Culture of the High Commissioner also elaborated the life of the Arab tribes, they devalue women, even after Mosol Islam, which is a shame Vmarat and (shop) fun.
And the complexity of the situation of women in Sudan has resulted in a meeting of these two cultures and thus overlapping visions of social - that overlap in the vision of women among the people of two cultures - ran something of a hidden conflict between the appreciation of her persecution and in any case, the women in the spheres of influence High to suffer from oppression in contrast to women in other areas where you find it in the community sites and see that it is not a coincidence in some areas link nephew Balkhal or vice versa - it is also not a coincidence that the view of some tribes in the Sudan, said the speech on behalf of women is a shame - at the same time, which is proud of others that they are the children of so and so.
Kmaan date back to the old Sudanese regime refers to the Queen Mother - "Alkendakat" - and he called them Ladies "Kush" and expectant Queen "Amani Rinas" - and "Amani Chkty" and "AOG iMac" In addition to the queen Malikiiar. The word Kndake which fired them out of Meroe and meaning of pain and Kadibdo draw some historians and researchers that the biblical Queen of Sheba is one of those Alkendakat appears intact where Aiakl in cultural conditions such as those experienced by the Arab countries, then there is respect for women so Tmena.
And between the two theories remain standards in different calendar women, Mherh a keen folk response aggressor in Pride and nose, profitable Alknanip Ajubh that ravaged Soba, Mherp bit Adlan, Tajoj, and "Dr. Mohammed Awad Mohammed" in his book "northern Sudan, its population and tribes, p. 44 reprinted 1951.
"It is well known that women have when many of the tribes protector status excellent, and this case observed by Ibn Battuta on the Tuareg tribes in Western Sahara, as observed by many stalwarts from the East and inheritance, which usually give that man inherits his sister's son.
So the Sudanese women in the Sudanese culture stuck between two civilizations, the garrison and Samia and overlapping time and space in which has led to what could be a contradiction between the trading Iazazha tendencies and mistakes that often frame our respective religions and socially.
It is no doubt that there has been Tmazja between the two cultures and the protection of the High Commissioner and that, either through migration within cities, regions and tribes intermarried and their adherence to each other. The spread of Arabic as a common language among the tribes has helped to cultural dominance of the High Commissioner. But we have to say that this cultural models led to the formation of a unique Sudanese bear in essence many of the good and the love and compassion and magnanimity and chivalry and tolerance .. So we find that the Sudanese community in general society, a peaceful does not know the violence of power that is practiced in most other Arab societies, but this tolerance did not include women who were subject to many types of violence, dominance of Culture of the High Commissioner, which glorifies the "maleness" helped a lot of the creation of bad practices against women since they are born FFA to the Sudanese community was happy with the birth of "male" and songs Ahaiver best proof of that.
"Precocity cub and I Achilo chemo"
"Precocity cub and wellness fill the LED"
Valenzerp inferiority of women, as they are the weak side of society and the lack of contribution economically to carry the burden of the family helped greatly underestimated and that the family of Sudan at the time were not happy with the birth of the female and then come violent practices turn towards women that have a framework for the social and religious nappy Pharaonic by subject a female is in a very young age between the fifth and seventh it was placed on the basis of religion as the "age" but in the end this process and found in order to Ital men maximum comfort and this regardless of whether suffered by women and not only this, but trying to control the status of women and their sexuality "may Alclovp" and Alchlok
May Alclovh is usually practiced by Arab tribes in Sudan may be an extension of the usually "Tattoo" at the Arabs 0
They are linked to marriage, In the past, it was the most important preparations for the wedding "may a Alclovp" and is done by women older women older experienced in this area, but certainly do not have experience in the field of anatomy and functions of human organs is that in a small ceremony claiming him women in the neighborhood has a 0 and is type of adornment and beauty, although in my opinion killed Allaia sensitive lips might be behind the issue 0

Are the lines drawn on reducing the impact of the humerus 00 and the razor Alck in the language means the language of origin, race, and when the bark of trees, public
Has chosen the Arabs who entered the Sudan and spread in the countryside to seek grazing Alchlok may they take the norm of tribal to signify their Arab roots 0 He was charged Mdulalat many of the aesthetic has been sung by many poets 0 and all the tribe known for a certain type of Alchlok Vamahs and Aldnaqlp long lines and high-either Aelaidlapfchlokhm petition ends with two Mtoizin AVI end Alchlok longitudinal Amaahaiqip Valchlok have occasional high and engaging in this habit before marriage, or rather a prelude to a sermon girl, The girl that Atchelk Vfrstha in marriage narrow and usually Alchlok now on its way to recession if were not have declined by 80% or more.

There are multiple forms of violence against women was the perception of domestic violence against women in the past that he is a personal affair and not a matter of political rights and civil Today, the international community recognized expressly that violence against women an issue of human rights and that this violence differs from country to country In the Sudan to the other, we find that some women and girls suffer from torture and ill-treatment after being forced to marry by their parents or tribe
Forced marriages and early marriages.
Young "G - G" Her family forced her to marry at the age of fourteen her cousin who was suffering from mental illness, according to Ray "Sheikh", who saw that the genie inside who does not come out not to marry "
This young woman forced to marry and live with someone who does not has a minimum balance of psychological and social .. and with whom she lived in fear, in many cases, was threatened with death and beat her and Ivegaha most types of suffering .. When it ran away to her family asked for a divorce and each tribe stood against it???
That forced marriage is itself a violation of human rights and has a context in which to sexual intercourse without consent, and generates physical violence is also a violation to accept the free and full by both parties which would involve the right to marry This is what Danh Islamic law as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
"Marriage shall be entered without the consent of the parties wishing to marry full consent of spouses. And forced marriage constitutes a violation of the rights of other women's rights including their right to freedom of excellence and security of person and freedom from slavery-like practices
Another issue worthy stop, then it is the question of marriage of young girls who are not in a position Iwhln for approval based on knowledge of sexual relations in the villages Fmasalt engaging in this habit, which constitutes a violation of childhood innocence of the female and the denial of the exercise of her childhood soon Matjd itself to great responsibilities.
"Cheba 34 years," married at the age of fourteen and has 4 children in 2000 with the passage of days felt that they were deprived of education and follow-up to her normal life I discovered the same with her children and entered the university and graduated Thus began the problems real with her husband, who disturbed their superiority and their perseverance was rejected for her to work I asked divorce amid surprising everyone who they see as the Wife happy!!
"This is one of the cases under which women marry early, when you grow up and promises intense decline of her life and children are the greatest casualty of that marriage
The marriage of young girls who are not in a position Iwhhin for approval based on full knowledge of marital life is a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Abuse in the community:
Every society has its traditions, customs and rituals, religion and society does not forgive, in violation of these traditions and habits may be bad habits and non-logical, but the community maintains it needs to process the awareness and literacy and also needs effort by women's movements in the particular society to sensitize society as a whole and women in particular to get rid of of harmful habits and adherence to customs tolerant.
FFA Sudanese society tribal society has been chief of the tribe the rule prevails in some areas more than the judge and the law.
So we find that women who do not enjoy in the way their lives to the expectations of their community not only victims of social exclusion, but also violent treatment.
A young girl always "g. T," I married her cousin at the resolutions of the tribe who mistreats her and March with all methods of physical violence, psychological and moral
When demanded the right to divorce and each tribe stood against it, including her father and the people closest to her and her brothers who are supposed to protect them and the case is still in the courts.
There is also another type of women Antahjn for themselves another way in life, or abuse of some Almhnwalti society was at that time favored.
In the middle of the last century was certain professions community considers inappropriate occupations such as nursing or working in the central "Kabaineh because the system to work with community Balordip not bear Sahar and overnight woman outside her home has therefore given to those professions on the basis that it was willing occupations for women.
Especially since the Sudanese women at that time was to graduate Bmfirdhawanma accompanied by a even, albeit a small child and most women who go out "wear Albulamp" How to operate throughout the night outside her house and there is also a profession "Aldalalalih" and Aldalalaih is a woman entering homes to display their goods in order to buy the women of this Although the honorable profession Aldalalaih At the same time useful to the society especially in the time women were not out of the house that they provide great services to the community Aln community seen look Denis and often under the microscope and the look inferiority lies in the large number of exit.
In consideration to the previous cases, both nurses - Aldalalagliat - and workers central in the past, although these women practiced professions honest, but they went out from the teachings and traditions of the society which led to Odthaehn persecution significantly and now prefer to education and women's movements still a lot of obstacles by women to exercise their rights right to life and engage in occupations that they consider appropriate for them.
So we find that the invitation to Governor Khertomeshkl decline in women back to a decent Identifying occupations and professions Inappropriate framed under a social Mainhovhm my predecessor as it is disproportion women. And frameworks that call as part of the defense of women but it was the right call I want to void and therefore Sudanese women acting to this call by Arjalln Alabgydpalte want to houses

Still divorce is a social crisis and branded Palmtalegp less what offset is odd perception in the eyes of women Baattabara it did not keep her house while asking the man and never the man that every sympathy from society and even of women who are under the control of men, Mmegolh weaves stories exotic fantasy about woman who was her husband.
And women are often successful in their work behavior in straight lines to severe abuses by men to justify divorce, especially if they are requested, and I think that this is the most brutal forms of violence against women, especially in Eastern societies.

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