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Multimedia Content-- what is your experience?

Warm greetings to you all,

Since the Social Media section of Module 3 discusses Multimedia Content (, we thought it would be wonderful to spark a discussion here about that very topic. Videos, photos and spoken-words are all tools for conveying a strong message. While the VOF program largely deals with the power of the written word, we know that multimedia can add new dimensions to your work. So, we want to hear from you!

We want to know, what is your experience with multimedia content? What multimedia tools are available to you locally? What kinds of equipment have you used, or have you seen friends use? Does your phone have a camera for photos and videos? Where could you look for resources in your community, for free or at a low-cost to you?

We know that a number of you have been trained in video storytelling, or have even launched multimedia campaigns. It would be wonderful if you could share your experiences and lessons learned here with everyone. And, if you haven't yet explored the world of multimedia content, what would you like to do? Social media opens new doors for your work to be seen by a global community. So, how do you see videos, photos or audio adding to your already powerful written voice for change?

I look forward to seeing the exciting conversations here! Please, share your story and vision!

Best wishes,


nilima's picture

Dear Scott

what a great opportunity to discuss on the most important topic for the media, thanx scott.

I think the news becomes interesting with the multimedia tools. It gives the news or a story a life! I have always loved photos and videos. I use camera which is available though it doesn't have that much good quality. Video cameras are also available but it is costly.

I have used camera but i would love to use the more advanced camera for photography and i am so much interested to use video as the way to tell the stories i heard and i see but i dont have knowledge of it.

Some of my friends use very advanced cameras for videos and photos and for voice they use new technologies like recorder and all that.i do have camera on my mobile but it doesn't give quality photo or video.hmmm there is no particular resource except internet. and internet cost 30rs per hour that means lil less than 1/2$ per hour.

I think the multimedia tools add the life in any story, it becomes powerful and effective! It attracts people and it becomes easy to send the message to the target audience. even if we use it while interviewing people it will be easier for us to look back again or use the part of the video to make the writing effective. I just love the idea that one vof friend have told that if we take videos of the people we interview for our story then the numbers of collection of it can become the one new interesting source for different story in one video. I hope i will be able to do it soon and make it a resource for me and for other interested people.


warona's picture

Mr Beckbeck!

Dear Scott,

What a spark of life.I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! All these tools,message conveyors i love them so much.You know i ve never seen anything like what am doing today ,i believe am exploring things.I enjoy every bit of it.These multimedia tools,i dont have them,either a better phone for me to take some pictures, i hope in due course.How i love to take photos,how i love conveying those messages being supported by those quality pictures. I always see my other friends on pulse wire when they write, they support their articles with those wonderful pictures and in this case messages are well conveyed,how i love it!

Okay as for me i have never trained in video story telling or launched any multimedia campaigns.Am also waiting to hear from other correspondents,how they are go about it in their respective places.I have some friends i have connected with,soon you will be seeing all those pictures.However Martha has been doing a great job,i enjoyed her Videos. Am so excited with all that i saw.

Thank you Scott for empowering us about the multimedia tools more especially myself.Am totally equiped.Thank you and thank you for the link, all those terms,thanks.Well i know its on module 3,but thank you for highlighting on it.

With Regards


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

First of all, thanks Scott for leading the interesting conversation happen and it's my honor to share my exposure to social media and media devices and the availabilities of resource in my community to my fellow VOF sisters here, in the network.

One of my hobbies is photographing. I agree the saying of “A photograph can say more than thousand words". The overwhelming majority proportion of the HDD in my laptop is placed by so many pictures. The experiences of cycle Nargis relief! The images of great works and the organizations I am working and volunteering! The beautiful scenes of my country! The reflections of my people, of course, the lovely children and powerful women! All are the products from my cameras. Although they are not my own and not so good quality cameras, we have two cameras in my family and I can use one of them whenever I need. Both of them include video taking function but I rarely apply it because of my skill limit and its length and time limit. I never forget to put at least one picture in my online writing pieces and I believe it's more attractive and powerful rather than a plain piece of only words. I have just two or three interesting clips which reflect the real situations in Myanmar and as I am not satisfied with the quality and I cannot do enough editing work, I haven't posted them. I have, however, used them in some of my presentations and have received many claps. To sum up, I am very enthusiastic in the way of using pictures and video for making a strong voice but I am still a very active learner.

Here, in Myanmar, to own a mobile phone is not easy especially for self-earning youths like me. The cheapest SIM card cost at least 500US$. So I do not have mobile phone till now and I am saving money to be able to buy soon. Compared with the other developing countries, I see the people and youths from my country exploit mobile phones as a tool for the advancement of social media. There are many rich people who can have i phone and i pad in my country, as they are elites and supporter of the military regime, it doesn't seem they would use their properties to let the messages and voices of the grassroots community spread. In terms of progression, we can see many more youths handling their mobile in their hands at the coffee shops in cities like Yangon and Mandalay compared to the past.

For most of the ordinary citizens and youths from the civil society who are trying for the country's positive change, the internet is the really useful and helpful source. Our country's internet connection, however, is very slow and the authority bans many of the sensitive, in their opinion, sites. Here, in Myanmar, we cannot access YouTube where many parts of the world enjoy. Using facebook and their blogs, young Myanmar changer makers are trying to present their visions and voices. I am one of them of course. Although being able to have internet connection at home is considerable difficult for ordinary citizens, we can go cybercafe and the prices there are affordable. And you can access internet facility if you are working in at least a moderate-class office or firm. So, up to now, Internet is the best option for activists in my community.

Wow! Regarding the video storytelling, I have an experience. When I joined to Kaleidoscope conference in New Delhi last November as an action partner for 2010-2013 cycle, I had been recorded my visions and experiences in a 3-minute-long video clip. That the firs and only experience of mine. It's my pleasure to improve my skills of using multimedia in my writing and works.

I also would like to suggest all of you to be careful and clever when you benefit from this state of the art facility as it is very difficult to control online. Whenever you do online, do in a very clever way. Always take care your privacy. Don't let you are faked. Google yourself at least once a month and check it your online coverage and presence. Don't put yourself and your family in a risk doing good things especially you are from very dictatorship country. I say these suggestions from my own experiences.

With Love,
Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

SAsong's picture

Using Multimedia

It is amazing how much more expressive one can be with multimedia. My job involves marketing of our services to community based organizations, and aside from keeping our content fresh on our website on a weekly basis, we are always seeking ways to integrate. For example, our NING networking site is integrated with facebook and twitter, which triples our outreach. So we only need to post videos or photos once on one site showcasing a community day, HIV conference, or capacity building workshop, and the content appears in other sides driving traffic to our work.

On a personal basis, I have been dabbling in using videos for my Threads of Our Fabric project. I have videotaped other young women, but I am yet to put myself before the video camera. I believe that written words are powerful, however when combined with the face and voice of a personal story, the impact is tremendous! Most of my friends tend to use their phones but the sound or picture clarity are not very good.

Thanks Scott for the topic!

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