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Dear Madam Michelle Bachelet,
Congratulations!!! Bravo! Madam Michelle, you are now our UN Under –Secretary-General.
Gender Inequality Rights to Land and Security of Tenure, inheritance are not enjoyed equally by women and men . Gender issues related to land are complicated especially in our Country Kenya. Whereby, most of the tribes (even Culture) in Kenya (families) Girl Child , she has no right to inherit their fathers land or properties only boys do inherit. Some tribes , prefer educating educate boys. These days we know if you educate a girl child we are educating not only our families , or clan but the World at large.
Madam Michelle and the UN Women and the WORLD PULSE who are travelling to East Africa from 31st, January, 2011 to assist Women and girls to have a better Life is a good example. You are most WELCOME TO KENYA!!!
GENDER INEQUALITY AND EMPOWEREMENT: Women Rights awareness at the GRASSROOTS Community Level should be done through Workshops. They should train first Women Leaders at Community Level and then they Train the aged and Youth those illiterates (Slums) in their Mother Tongue or their National Language. Women have a right to equal treatment and access same facilities or jobs as Men do.
*A right to own property, to inherit their husbands Wealth. Majority do not know they have thse rights Culture prevent them from enjoying these right. Through Civil Education to inform them of their rights Women World Wide would be rescued from long time suffering.
In some Cultures, the girls should get married and inherit her husband’s properties. So if they happen to get children out of wedlock, Girls are chased out of her parent’s home by her brothers. Girls from home rural areas went to Urban Areas and because they could not afford the town high standard rental houses, they went to build carton-made houses and that is how slums came to existence in Urban Areas.
FINANCIAL CRISIS: Women, especially in slums, poor Communities are most affected . The continued discrimination women face, denied land and housing, disrespect for their human rights and lack of safety increases these problems.
Despite these obstacles, Women are trying to work together, they face financial challenges . The Merry-go-round they try to contribute and safe (as little as Kshs. 20 or Kshs. 50) they try their best to do small business all in vain. They struggle a lot to bring food home but most of them go for days without food. Their (children) Youth are school-dropouts due to lack of School fees at primary level. When they get out of School as you know idlers mind is a devils Workshop )who are jobless in extreme poverty have no well wishers or donors to train them either Mechanic, ICT, knitting, hairdressing, Driving Schools As I have been requesting in PULSE WIRE that our Community be assisted to have a CYBERCAFE INTERNET CONNECTED where they would learn Computer packages .( I do not have a Computer and I am not INTERNET CONNECTED so I visit a PRIVATE CYBERCAFE in order to make my Community voices be heard ) so Due to lack of informal Sector Programs Girls Youth result to prostitution HIV/Aids, early pregnancy they die early and live Orphaned children. Boys (Youth) become Drug traffickers, ROBBERS, touts, MUNGIKI are shot dead by Police at a very tender age. So the OVC (Orphaned Vulnerable Children) are so many in Slums our Community. But, If there are Donors, Well-wishers, Grants, who are concerned etc. Our Community would not be languishing in extreme Poverty.
NO PROPER SANITATION: So, Madam Michelle, in the slums there are no Toilets very few houses have pit Latrines. They relieve themselves in paper bags, and then they tie a knot then they throw them during the night . This method is known as “FLYING TOILETS”.
DANORA DUMPING SITE ; it is a few minutes walk to Dandora Dumping site . Whereby all the household in Nairobi dump their GARBAGE. It is very unhygienic to the residents around their DANDORA, KOROGOCHO Slums. Various diseases are reported at the nearby Catholic Hospital , respiratory complications especially to children who die early due to those complications. Residents for Years have taken their grievances to the Authority concerned to shift the dumping site to where there are no people living there, nothing has been done. There are also women and parking boys who either live in that dumping site , so They wait for Lorries that bring garbage and they correct paper bags, broken plastic buckets , bottles , cartons to sell them for money to get food to eat. Some say that the papers could be recycled so they take to industries far away from their for recycling.
When the WORLDPULSE TEAM come to visit KENYA , this should be marked as one of the targeted POINT to visit, and the slums around their houses roof were turned brown due to garbage.
ADULT EDUCATION: Free Adult Education would be beneficial to the aged whose main aim is to learn how to write their Names, read the BIBLE. The Youth due to lack of School Fees never attended even Nursery
TAPPED WATER: In slums settlements the residents do not have tapped water. There are points where they go to draw(buy) some water far away from their houses. Most of them cannot afford to buy water so, these results to various body diseases.(unhygienic)
MEDICAL FACILITY: For years our Community Kariobang South has suffered a lot without a PUBLIC HEALTH FACILITY . The Community around are jobless, they can’t afford a Private Hospital. So, the four roomed Iron-Sheet build structure was turned to a PUBLIC HEALTH CENTRE. It has only one Doctor , a Sister-in-Charge and a nurse. Patient s are increasing Day by Day, There is no Laboratory, Maternity Ward , Ambulance no Medicines we borrow from Dandora Facility. There are Volunteer Community Health Workers , I being one of them we assist in referring neighbourhood patients to our Health Centre. The do not pay us.
PROPER HOUSES: Most of them were squatters and they were given plots to build houses, they made either carton make shifts, or ironsheets –walled houses. Due to poverty, and they are supposed to pay Government Land Rates when the rates accumulate they end up selling their only plots to those outsiders who have money. They sell them at a throw away price, to the rich who are now building permanents Houses. They now become poorer they, they become tenants in the same Slums. But if there could be a an Organization caring for the poor who have land built for them and then refund Loan Repayment be reasonable and at 1% .
THE AGED: Homes should be built for the aged whose relatives are no where to be traced, a program to feed even those who are in the slums and no ways of getting food to eat.
So Madam Michelle, I hope you will attend to our needs and our voices at the Grassroots Community Level. The UNIFEM (body) and others will find proper ways and to increase capacity to promote Gender Quality and to eliminate Poverty, to reach to the affected Grassroots Level (slums) through the Pulse Wire Members .
I had a friend whom we were married by the same Relatives. My friend and I came from the same Home Area. She had three Children , Her Drunkard husband ever came home late from 2.00am. He is so arrogant. He used to wake-up the Children, beat up the wife for no reason. So there were no peace in that house and everyone wished he would not come home. So, the wife could not go home to her parents because the brothers would not allow her to stay.
One day, she had a thorough beating and she was chased away to her parents by the Husband. She went to her parents and left the children with the Husband. She stayed for months in her parents home, the daughter third born was one and a half years when she left. So, at times she used to sneak home to attend the daughter even though the husband had employed a house girl to look after the children. I remember one day we were chased away with her (a big iron bar) when she was late and decided to spend the night at her marital home.
The parents and the brothers on the Mother s side were not happy with their daughter and they forced her to go back to her marital home. So, when the parents from both side met with the daughter and the son to iron out the differences. No-one , sided with the mother of the children, even after complaining of the everyday beatings. So her Parents, ordered her to go back to her marital home, the wife was later taken to the Husbands RURAL home with the Children . She Suffered depression , She was admitted in a hospital and then, the husband never went to visit her in hospital . Her Father was informed of her daughter’s illness. He went very early to visit her in hospital. He found that he had died a few minutes a go and the body was still in the Hospital bed. He couldn’t believe ! he tried to touch her body it was still warm. Her Father cried a lot He was telling me. If he had known after his Daughter going back to the husband , that would be the outcome . He would not have allowed her back to the husband . Her children suffered a lot , after the mothers burial the Father moved to live with his mistress. The Children left their rural home and went to live with their mothers friends .
The poor children were left lonely at the hands of sympathizers. The Father was less concerned.
GENDER INEQUALITY : If there Is Gender EQUALITY and Human Rights , the mother would not have died . After, the husband beatings ,She could have gone back to her father and the father would have given her share of property. She could have lived single with her three children happy.
So, the Madam Michelle, much more we will continue informing you ,when you visit us we still have similar cases whereby so many single ladies with their children suffer extreme poverty in slums. If they had Free Trainings informal Sector , they would now be having small businesses for their livelihood.

MOBILE NO. +254 733 420 575

As the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women officially begins its work this month, World Pulse is asking women worldwide: What is YOUR vision and recommendation for UN Women? We invite you to raise your voice by writing a letter to UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet outlining your recommendation for how this new UN agency can truly affect change on the ground to promote gender equality and uphold the rights and needs of women both on a local and global scale.
Learn more:


jadefrank's picture

Your voice will be heard!

Dearest Teresia,

Thank you for participating in this campaign, by using your voice and speaking out for women of Kenya, and being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Your letter is so powerful!

In the coming weeks, we will compile your letters and share your voices with the GEAR Campaign, who have been working closely with UN Women to ensure the inclusion of civil society groups, and through the PulseWire community, grassroots women leaders, as they set their agenda. We will also be sending your letters directly to Michele Bachelet and other senior leaders of the newly formed UN agency, to demonstrate the effectiveness for sourcing opinion, knowledge and needs from the global grassroots women's movement through our online community. Through this, we hope to open a portal for our community to have a direct line of influence within the UN Women agency.

I will keep you updated on the progress of our campaign!

In friendship and solidarity,

Dearest Jade,

I appreciate your email so much. Thanks for assuring me that my voice will be heard.


JADE i hope you still remember the many JOURNALS that i have been sending to the WORLDPULSE TEAM. CAMPAINING FOR THE VOICELESS. Please, i request you to remind the WORLDPULSE TEAM about me and my COMMUNITY. I REQUEST YOU TO MAKE SURE that i will be given a CHANCE to be WITH THE WORLDPULSE VISITING TEAM as they tour our country KENYA.

May i remind you that i have been an active participants, I visit PRIVATE CYBERCAFE whereby i pay for the TYPING OF JOURNALS since i don't have a COMPUTER. All these i sacrifice myself to air the needs of my poor Community inorder to make their life better.

MADAM JADE, Is it possible for me to know when your flight will be, your arrival Date, time and whether you would like me to WELCOME YOU on your ARRIVAL, I mean to wait for you at our JOMO KENYATTA AIRPORT on your ARRIVAL. Please email me and inform me whether it is possible or you will be comfortable, how you would like it.


+254 733 420 575

TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

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Dearest Teresa,

Unfortunately, I myself will not be on the World Pulse delegation to Kenya, however Jensine Larsen, World Pulse founder, Corine Milano, our Managing Editor, and Leah Okeyo, our Africa Outreach Specialist, will be in Nairobi.

Did you see the invitation to the PulseWire meet-and-greet?

Please contact Leah about attending, and any questions you have about the trip!

You are a valuable member of the PulseWire community, and as you mentioned, have contributed so much over the past years. Thank you for your continued support of World Pulse and for leading the community with your voice!


TERESA's picture

Hi Dear, How have you been?

Hi Dear,

How have you been? Jensine arrived safely. I called Leah yesterday and she informed me that she arrived on sunday night. Imagine, thats when i believed you were serious you were not in the Team. I hope GOD one day will make it possible to see you 'FACE TO FACE'. I really miss you. You were the only person who motivated me while at first i wrote Journals and i struggled to post them to EXCHANGE. You posted them for me, U taught me how to do it on-line. I will never forget. May God bless you.

By the way i would have liked to meet, see JENSINE, but i haven't been able. Since yesterday Am told she is very busy.
I fear she might go back home without having met me in order to talk about my Community. GOD forbid.

Am worried i don't know what to do, I wanted to visit her in the Evenings when she is free but it hasn't worked so far.

May GOD bless you my Sister.


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

jadefrank's picture

Connecting with Jensine

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for your note, and your kind words. I'm so thrilled to know that your experience with PulseWire and World Pulse has been positive for you. We value your voice and leadership in our community and it's so rewarding to hear this feedback.

I know that you are eager to meet with Jensine, and I know that she too is eager to connect with PulseWire sisters too! As you mentioned, she is a busy woman, and I know that her schedule in Nairobi is packed with meetings that have been arranged for some time now.

I think the best time to meet with Jensine will be at the Speak Out on February 3. Are you planning to attend this event? She will be there, and have more time to meet individually with you, and learn about your work and the needs of your community. Be sure to RSVP with Leah, as she is organizing the attendance lists.

I so wish I could be there too, but my time in your country of powerful women leaders will have to wait until another time. Hopefully soon I can meet with you too!


TERESA's picture


Dearest Jade,

I appreciate you always have time to reply my email.

I am so disappointed, Its so unfortunate that you will not be on the WORLDPULSE delegation to Kenya. GOD knows how am feeling, I have been waiting this time to meet you not on online again, but Face to Face!!!.

Please, i would like to inform you that, i received the invitation to the PulseWire meet-and-greet email. Madam Jensine had asked requested Leah given her my mobile phone to talk to me. I have never met Leah, she doesn't know me so i gave all the details and i requested her to visit my area before the W/pulse Delegation comes.She has been busy so she has not. The other time i called her she told me the schedule is so tight my Community will not have a chance to be visited. I am only entitled to that meet-and-greet the WORLDPULSE Delegation on 3rd February, 2011.

Madam Jade, you are in the best position to recommend me to Madam Jensine and Madam Leah.

Madam Jade, over the years i have requested WORLDPULSE to help my Community on the following:


2-AGED with Income-Generating-Activities,
3-ADULT EDUCATION facility for the Youth who never attended School due to lack of fees, and also the aged who would like to learn most of them like to know how to read Bibles and signatures
4-YOUTH also with " " " and SANITORY-TOWELS

5-COMMUNITY Youth and Women also to have, get COMPUTERS where they will be able to learn Computer Packages and INTERNET BROWSING.

My requests most of them you know them. Leah doesn't know them, you are the one we have been communicating with.

For Heavens' sake dialogue with Madam Jensine even if the schedule is tight and my Community will not have a chance to be visited at least to consider and assist my Community. Please read again my email to Michelle Bachelet and imagine my Community. Its a few Kilometres from Nairobi town.Infact where the Jomo Kenyatta Airport where the delegation will arrive in our CONSTITUENCY (Embakasi Constituency).

Once again i insist that you are in the best position to introduce me to Madam Jensine founder of Worldpulse ,Madam Coline Moline and Leah.

The latest Questionaire you emailed and i filled answered or the questions about ie what makes me not visit the Cyber as often as i should. Let me remind you that i answered that " i don't have a Computer and am not Internet connected i visit private CYBERCAFES where it is a great challenge sometimes when i don't have money to browse am not able to advocate for my poor Community who are Computer illiterate and have never gone to School.

When you (WORLDPULSE) announced that you are coming to East Africa to help the poor Community stating that you have helped some so you are coming to Kenya to do the same. I was sent that email to be alerted.

So, please Madam Jade you are my only saviour (my Community) please understand that if my Community will be left out this time and the way i have struggled to CAMPAIGN for them over the years. Don't leave me to those who does not know what i have gone through over the years. Be my advocate, show Madam Jensine, this Email, even visit my Journal both of you the Photos of my Community that i have sent over the Years.

Please, bear with me. You are my only hope. GOD bless you. AMEN.

+254 733 420 575

TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

TERESA's picture



I appreciate your note so much. Whenever i receive your note i feel nice at heart that at least my Community has hope has someone who has been caring for us, At least one day one time they will have an Income Generating Activity for both Women and Youth.

I will take your advise of attending the 3rd Meeting. GOD willing, i will attend tomorrows' meeting i hope i will have time with MADAM JENSINE after the Meeting.



TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

Darling Jensine,

FACE TO FACE we met and hugged one another!!!. Thanks GOD eventually we met!! It was Wondeful!!! I couldn't believe my eyes I was lost for words when you called my name.

Do people tell you that you have a beautiful face?. You are so beautiful have a nice baby face when you smile, one would admire you forever. You are kind, loving, Social, jovial. If i were asked i would have chosen to stay with you throughout your stay in Kenya. On Thursday i did not want to leave you. Even your Team all of them are lovely, Social, talkative. May GOD bless you all!!! AMEN!

I hope i did not nag you about my Community, Please bear with me if i did. I wish you know the love i have for my poor Community. At first, when i learned of your coming i had requested Leah to include my Community in the SCHEDULE, but later she informed me that your schedule was so tight that you will not be able to visit my Community. Anyway its okay, you promised me next time.

I appreciated the way you introduced everyone & also the way you introduced me to Mama Africa. I hope at least we will have change in my Community. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I hope you are enjoying your stay in Kenya & your WORLD PULSE Team.

You informed me that you are leaving on Monday. Please, Please i would like to see you off at the Nairobi International Airport!!. I would like to come at least 2hours before you leave so that we spend time together.

Even tomorrow, Sunday 6th, if you don't mind or if you will be free i would lilke to spend time together, this time we will not talk of our Community it will be you, tell me about your family Mum, Dad. Are you married?.

At first your were to stay in SILVER SPRINGS HOTEL. Are you being accommodated at HERON COURT HOTEL?.

GOD bless you



TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

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