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Interesting Introductions

1 October

As a facilitator of workshops and training programmes, I have always wanted to find out new ways and techniques of making people at ease on the first day of a training programme or a workshop.

I have seen various techniques of self-introduction. One of those which has impressed me was introducing oneself through his/her wallet. In one of my workshops, I asked everyone to pull out their wallets. Of course, all the participants were surprised.

Then, I asked each one to speak for one minute and share with the whole group information on what their wallets contained. Surprisingly, we found different things of people inside their wallets - receipts, business cards, coins, bills, pictures of love ones, telephone numbers, plaster, and many other things. Others have items were were just as old as ten years ago and have not gotten rid of these. After one has shared the information concerning the contents of a wallet, I would ask them to relate these to their personalities. And true enough, the contents of the wallets and the way these were arranged or placed reflected one's personality.

For example, one said that he is a person who is disorganized. Truly, the contents of the wallet speak for this trait. Another person said that she has a plaster inside her wallet as she is one who anticipates things. And when something happens, for example, she accidentally cuts her finger, or gets a wound, she has a plaster ready at all times.

Of course, at the end of one's turn, one tells his/her name.

It was really a nice way of introducing oneself and sharing a part of one's personality to others.

You may try this. It is fun.



sallyreb's picture

Hi Sylvia, Thanks for

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for sharing this technique for self-introduction. I have lead workshops and asked people what people they would be doing if they were not attending the workshop. The workshops were held on a Saturday morning, so it was fun to hear how people would be spending their time. I may try the wallet introduction next time.


JMKELLAM's picture



I love the wallet idea. I just looked at mine to see how I would describe it. My wallet is full of expired coupons that I forgot to use.

I like the introduction where everyone shares something they accomplished that they are proud of. There is also the theory of getting everyone to embarrass themselves slightly to ease the tension in a room. You can have everyone create a dance move to go along with their name. It is a risky method but it really breaks the ice.

In friendship,

Jenna Kellam

osoinciong's picture

Interesting Introductions

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for your comments.

Will surely try the dance moves.

I have noted all those who commented on ice breakers and intros and would definitely try these in my future workshops and facilitation activities.


Jennifer Ruwart's picture

I love the dance move!

We've done lots of things at World Pulse to break the ice:

-Yoga moves
-Laugh for one minute straight - I love this one. Self conscious laughter turns into belly laughs in no time at all!
-Power meditation with sharing after. This gets everyone in a relaxed state of mind. Often people will share, "I am feeling anxious about...." "I am excited to..."
- Have everyone sit in a circle an OM
- Have someone read a powerful quote or poem

Obviously many of these are great for smaller, more intimate groups.

What's in my wallet?
A few receipts, license, debit card, health insurance card for me and jonah, one credit card for emergencies, library card and ZERO money.

Hmmm.... I think I need to slip some bills in my wallet, so my wallet reflects ABUNDANCE!

osoinciong's picture

Interesting Introductions

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your comments and sharing.

I believe that a few bills will be good luck. Abundance?

Surely, all of the members of Pulsewire experience abundance!

Everyone is abundant in experiences, a big heart for sharing and helping, and a big desire to connect.


Jennifer Ruwart's picture

A fellow rotary club member


There is a wonderful new member on the site, cruiser. She is also a rotary club member in California. You can see her journal and our conversation here:


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