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Hilot Pinoy - Philippine Traditional Healing

27 September 2008

I was the emcee of the 9th induction programme of the Rotary Club of West Bay. As a founding member and past president (I was fortunate to be the first woman president of the club), I was very happy to be back in the club after three years of leave.

Instead of holding our programme the usual way where guests come in their formal attire, I suggested to our club to do it differently - for the guests to wear something comfortable. The club decided to have the theme: outdoor adventure. And we did the programme in the midst of a small forest - an eco-friendly resort. Guests came in their shorts, t-shirts, rubber shoes, and rugged attire.

One of the highlights we had during the programme was the presence of a group of "hilots". Hilot is a local Filipino term to mean healer. Hilots are known to thousands of Filipinos from all walks of life. They are considered diagnosticians, with most of them having reached elementary grade levels. They are the most positive, energetic, and practical persons.

I had the chance to meet "hilots" that day. What makes them different from other hilots? They are members of Hilot Pinoy, a goroup of men and women who promote Philippine traditional healing arts. They provide a brief diagnosis by going through your foot.

In our modern rushed and demanding lifestyle, we are susceptible to a continual build-up of tension, anxiety, and fear. Hilot expels the suppressed emotions of stress, relaxing both our bodies and attitudes to life. Each patient receives an individual orchestrated combination of therapies designed to restore the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Some of their healing modalities indlude those for the spine; hardened nerve, arteries; relief from sprain and strains; muscle and tissue stretching; herbal steam; foot reflex zone therapy; exercise, diet, and nutrition. diet and nuttion.

Hilot Pinoy proivide hands-on training programme. They have also developed Do-It-Yourself manuals.

For further information, you can contact Ms. Noni B. Del Mundo, Hilot Pinoy Movement or



osoinciong's picture

Good day. Last 27 September

Good day.

Last 27 September 2008, I attended the Rotary induction of our club and learned about traditional foot massage. A diagnosis is first done on your foot before a one-hour therapuetic massage is given.

I would be happy to share the information.


Auma's picture

Traditional foot massage.

Please Sylvia,share this information.I cant wait to hear more about this massage!

In anticipation,


osoinciong's picture

Hi Leah, Is it alright with

Hi Leah,

Is it alright with you if I connect you with The Forest Club? You see, the
Hilot Pinoy Movement provides their services at the Forest Club.


Corine Milano's picture


Congratulations on being the first woman president of your club!

I would love to know more about traditional Philippine healing—do you know where I can find this do-it-yourself manual?

Nice to meet you on PulseWire!

Lisa's picture

Thank you!

Please tell us more about the process, Sylvia. Healing and self care is so important! I feel like I never have time with so many bills and deadlines and things that always need to be done. I love hearing about ways people have taken time for themselves.

Thank you!


sallyreb's picture

Please Share

Yes, please do share about traditional healing methods.

I am also very interested to hear more about your experience as a founding member and first woman president of your Rotary club. I am interested in Rotary and have thought about joining one locally.


osoinciong's picture

Rotary at Your Service

Hi Sally,

Regarding my experience as first lady president of our club, it was both a tough and rewarding experience. We were only two women and I had to exert extra efforts to get our services projects done, with majority of our members - men!

With creativity, respect for others, and the attitude of "requesting" rather than "commanding", I successfully ended my term as president and received the Outstanding President Award in our District.

How to join Rotary?

Please note that membership in Rotary is not by application but by invitation. If you have a Rotary Club in your area, you may try to reach out to one of their members. What is important is that they know that you are interested in the club. Get yourself invited. How?

Am sure there are a thousand and one ways. Volunteer in any of their community projects. You can talk about your vocation in one of their meetings. What is important is you break the ice through any one of their members. Am sure the Rotary Club in your area would be happy to invite you.

Do check the Rotary website for more details.

For the past nine years, I have been in Rotary and I feel very blessed, being able to share my time, talents, and a litte of my treasure to the needy and less fortunate.

Good luck.


Hi Sylvia,

Thank you very much for your very thoughtful response. I appreciate that you took the time to share about your experience in Rotary and to explain how to join a Rotary Club. That is very kind of you! I recently met someone through a friend and learned that he has been involved in a Rotary Club in my area. The next time I see him I plan to talk with him about Rotary Club. Perhaps he may offer an invitation.

Again, thank you for your kindness.

All the best,

osoinciong's picture

Rotary at Your Service

Hi Sally,

I have noted your keen interest to join Rotary.

Yes, do make a proactive move and not wait until you get invited.

Let your Rotarian friend know that you have something to offer, that you want to do community service, and that you are interested in Rotary.

By the way, Rotary meets every week - at least one hour. Thus, when you become a Rotarian, you need to block into your weekly schedule the meeting. In the event you cannot attend meetings in your home club, you can surely attend meetings in other clubs. This is called a make-up meeting.

All the best.

osoinciong's picture

Slipping into Slippers (a pair of!)

I could not help but frown upon the price of a brand of slippers which would range up to P1,000 or even more (1US$= 46 pesos). It has a specific brand name but I would rather use the generic word for it: flip flops.

Gosh, I would not shell out that amount just to buy a pair of slippers. What for? Would you like to wear a pair of slippers that would last forever? I bet that you would like to change your slippers after you have worn it for three years!

I could not believe that people all over the world have various degrees of importance given to a pair of slippers. One said that in their country, when the temperature dips below 60° (F), it is time to wear slippers around the house. Another said that he prefers the pair with a padded foam and rubber soles.

I agree that slippers are essential. More so, if these are your only means of transportation to go to school. Funny? Yes and no. Yes because a pair of slippers cannot be a mode of transportation. No, because it is definitely possible that one can reach school wearing a pair of slippers instead of just going there barefoot!

We all love to wear extremely comfortable slippers. Even at work, people wear slippers. Thus, it is not a shocking sight to see fully made up women wearing slippers at workplaces. Others even wear slippers the whole day, moving from one office room to the other, as if these are the extension of their living rooms.

And men, I see them wearing slippers inside their cars. Just before driving home, I see them open their trunks and slide into their slippers. I am sure it would be a very comfortable drive home. Others have a pair under their office tables as a back up especially during the rainy days.

Prices of slippers could range from a few pesos to a thousand pesos depending of course on the quality and brand. But who cares?

Would an elementary pupil who walks to school barefoot care about a brand of a pair of slippers? For all we know, he or she just dreams of a pair of red rubber flip flops for Christmas! A little girl may just look forward to wearing a new pair of slippers to replace a worn out pair used for the past year.

Now, I understand why a simple slippers project would spell a big difference to poor young children who go to school barefoot. Thus, our Rotary Club is into a slippers project. One pair costs about 30 to 35 pesos. A doable project? Definitely yes! With a little explanation, I get by with the help of friends who can easily dish out a few bucks for our slippers project.

For the less fortunate who would rather spend their hard-earned 50 pesos to buy a kilogram of rice and a few pieces of salted dried fish, a new pair of slippers may only be a dream.

Project Slippers for Christmas? A big yes!


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