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A Crises in India regarding the Law on Domestic Violence: Please Lend your support

Dear Friends,

As this year closes, the the issue of violence on women in India stands at a crossroad. And we really need your support on this one. All you have to do is put your comment on the post as your token support.

498A is a significant law in India that is meant to protect married women from violence inflicted on them by their husbands and in-laws. Over the last few years there has been a very powerful, wealthy, lobby of Indian men, many living outside India, who have funded a strong anti 498A drive and have managed to put the law before the Indian administration for amendment. [If you type 498a into google these people have more or less hogged the front two pages. They've aggressively taken over the net].

The 50 Million Missing Campaign will be sending this memorandum (letter below) to the government Committee considering this amendment, and we are protesting this amendment. We request that you put your comments in the boxes below supporting our protest.Your email address will not be published. You can also send an email directly to is December 30)

Please read our protest memorandum below:


skumar8800's picture

Don't get fooled by false propaganda

I totally oppose this memorandum. I am a women and I know very well what is happening in reality bcos I am a victim of this draconian Law. This law is used (98%) by women who wants to take revenge or to extort as much amount as possible from a broken marriage. I have been falsely Jailed by this law when my sister-in-law filed a false and fabricated case against our whole family. My aged parents (My dad is hemiplegic) were put in Jail for no reason. By the heavy misuse of this law by women like my sister-in-law the whole judiciary is clogged with all these false cases. Because of such a huge misuse occasional/rare genuine cases would not get any justice. Rajya Sabah has asked opinion for amendments to curb the misuse but not to remove this law or to make it weaker. In fact by this amendment the law will be stronger as only the genuine cases will be registered and will get a speedy justice.

Please remember about 1,00,000 women (by NCB report) like me are being arrested mostly by false cases. Beware you can be the one among this 1,00,000 any time if you have a brother or son (but this is not necessarily if your brother-in-law's wife choose to give a false complaint)

Under IPC498a- just giving a simple verbal complaint (Need not show any proof) to the police will put a whole family (including women) in Jail. IPC498a in current form is anti-women. IPC498a needs to be amended to prevent misuse. Please do not get fooled by false statistics and misinformed propaganda.

Please read this link for full understanding and to know the real picture.

edit reply

Rita Banerji's picture

your focus is wrong!

Any law can be misused! People can file false complaints under the laws for theft, for arson, etc. Do you weaken the laws. In cases like Roopa's where 3 people attempt to murder her by pouring acid down her throat -- do you just let people be always entitled to a bail? To just walk out and lead normal lives? Because that is what the amendment is asking for! Right now the police has jurisprudence -- they have to investigate before they arrest. And the judge has jurisprudence -- he can accept or deny bail depending on the evidence. If the wrong people are in prison -- it is because the police and judiciary is not doing its job!!!! Do you understand that??? That is where you focus needs to be!

Rita Banerji

Miss Rita go and tell your excuse to more than 1,00,000 women who were being arrested each year for not committing any crime but only being a relative of a male and tell them it is just a problem of the system. You don't have any Idea what these women undergo when they are flasely accused and is being put in Jail for weeks and were made to run from one court to another in addition to taking care of their family and children. You do not have any Idea going to jail (even if it for false charges) bring huge stigma to the women and the family and especially if that women is unmarried then her chance of getting married is being affected. I know how much of an abuse, harassment and damage this dowry law brigs to a women if it is misused, because I went through it. You need to stop the wide spread misuse of this dowry law to help real victims like Roopa. There needs to be an amendment to the dowry law to have a punishment class to the misusers so it will be a detarent to those women who give false complaints under dowry law to settle scores and to extort money form her husband. So that the real victims will get justice. Every law is misused is not a justification for thousands of men and women being arrested under false charges. It seems like you claim to be working for human rights, I am happy about it. But explain what do you do for these thousands of women who are being harrased under this law and their basic human rights are violated. It is very irresponsible to just say "every law is being misused". If the law is misused then it it time to change it or fix it and prevent it from being misused. Try to look at from a broader perspective about an issue and do not blindly oppose any thing. The amendement to 498a to add a clause to punish the misusers will actually make this law more effective and will be an usefull tool for the real victims like Roopa.

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