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Police brutally injuring Umma Party Members Including Dr. Mariam Sadiq Spokeswoman

December 24, (KHARTOUM)-The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and police riot control department, today brutally attacked members of opposing Umma National Party with hoes and tear gassed them while they were assembling in the headquarters.

Sources said that a large number of Umma party were seriously injured, including Dr Mariam Sadig Al –Mahdi , party spokeswoman, who was taken to hospital where she had her wounds stitched and her arm put in plaster and kept in hospital, but no statistics were given on casualties.

Mariam, 44 year-old, married and mother of a number of children , is the elder daughter of Sadiq al Mahdi, former elected prime minister, from his wife Sara Mahmoud. Dr. Mariam emerged as a political woman, in the early 1990s, when joined the Umma (Nation) Army as an officer and then promoted to the executive apparatus of the Umma Party, and finally to General Secretariat where she is in a leading position. Mariam who is actively engaged in politics, is the spokeswoman for the Umma party.

She was certified from jouran as physician, but abandoned the profession of medicine to politics..

Mariam is the sister of Dr. Rabah Sadiq, World Pulse member, who was among the 40 women beaten and arrested last week while protesting a You Tube video depicting a brutal lashing of a young Sudanese. (

Dr. Mariam descended from a great politician dynasty in Sudan. Her father, Sadiq al-Mahdi was Prime Minister of Sudan on two occasions: first briefly in 1966-67, and second in 1986-1989 when he was ousted by the sitting government. Her grandfather was Mohamed Ahmed Al-Mahdi who fought the condominium rule, liberated the country and established the first National Government that last four 14 years (1885-1899).
All her brothers and sisters are politically engaged in politics and members of the Umma Political party established in 1945.

Eye witness told World Pulse that the attack began when the security blocked all roads leading to Al-Hijra mosque in Omdurman, West of Khartoum state, preventing members from doing Friday prayer and attending to speech being given by Sadiq Al-Mahdi ,leader of the party.
Police and riot police threw tear gas into the Umma Party House, started beating randomly the assembled people and occupied the house for a short time.

Sources said numerous were injured but no statistics were given over the number of causalities, adding that the attack aimed at forbidding the Umma Party collective leadership emergency session, which scheduled today to discuss the recent development on the Sudanese political arena, especially the January 9 2011 southern Sudan upcoming referendum on self determination whether to stay within the united Sudan or to separate and its implications on the future of the country.

Worth noting that Last week Sadiq Al –Mahdi called upon the Sudanese government to start change from within, and form a national government and a consensus government to lead the country wisely at this crossroads. He gave the government a delay to January 26 to agree to his initiative or he might retire from politics or join the opposition. The government rejected his offer, and told him through media, to retire or join the (armed) opposition.

It is known that Sadiq’s party leads a peaceful opposition from within and rejects all forms of armed opposition. AL-Mahdi finds consensus and is widely accepted by the Sudanese who call him "the wise of the nation).

Ansar (followers of Mahdi) Affairs' Authority of the Umma party yesterday rejected Sadiq's intention to retire and renewed its commitment to his leadership. Leadership from the different states of Sudan convened decided to make a peaceful march from the Umma House to the Mosque of Al Hijra where Sadiq, would address.

The Authority had also rejected president Al-Bashir declarations made at Gedarif, Easternn, during harvest festivity, to make Sudan an Arab country applying Sharia laws and adopting Arabic as the only official language of the country, if the south opted for independence.
"If south Sudan secedes, we will change the constitution and at that time there will be no time to speak of diversity of culture and ethnicity," President Omar Bashir told supporters at a rally in the eastern city of Gedaref. "Shariah (Islamic law) and Islam will be the main source for the constitution, Islam the official religion and Arabic the official language," he said. (Source Arab News).

The Ansar Authority said in a memorandum in Arabic widely published in numerous websites as well as print press that there was no legitimacy to those who had thrown a legitimate government by a coup d'etat, and formed a new one through rigged elections. The authority warned the government of exploiting Sharia to suppress and oppress people or had injustice done to them.



Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Mariam's life and politics

For more details on Dr. Mariam life as politician in a male dominated society, gives her views on the future of Sudan and tells how people look at her. Please visit the following link:

usha kc's picture

Dear Halima thank you for

Dear Halima thank you for sharing the nasty situation going over Sudan.Sorry to know about Dr Mariam as she was injured .
She is undoubtly brave women as she is leading the party as women among male dominated society. Its really hard to struglle but the confidence and the sprit she has is really praiseworthy!!

My best wishes

keep sharing

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Thank You!

Dear Usha,

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Thank so much for passing, reading, commenting and appreciating the stance of Dr. Mariam who represents the majority of Sudanese women who are longing to freedom and looking forward toward a better future.



usha kc's picture

Dear, Merry x-mas and happy

Merry x-mas and happy new year to you too. I always be happy to see the womens bravery work for society.I salute every women who struggle for their rights ,,, among such a patriarchal domination!!
keep touching.


Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Thank you for your encouraging and appreciating women's struggle to take away their rights and make their own presence and future in male-dominated societies. We, women, should stand side by side and oppose any efforts to scare away women from exercising their right.



Thank you for this! I send my heartfelt pole as we say in Kenya to all injured and especially to Mariam. Please do not give up. I do know what you are going through and I hope that you keep moving. Never think that you are alone!

"Communication is the real work of leadership" Nitin Nohria

Miss you so much!

Merry Christmas and happy new year.
Thank you so much for passing, reading and valued commenting. You are absolutely right: "A single word has always made the difference". I will do my best to never stop blogging. This crossroads of my country's history need to be covered and closely followed. As you know within ten days South Sudan will take the first step in declaring its independent state. While people in different parts of the world celebrate the new year, we will cry our country falling apart and dear brothers and sisters turn to be foreigners.Just in ten days' time!

The train left for its terminal this time; the south without any hope of return and without giving me a chance to visit that precious, beloved part of my country.
Do you remember in one of my blogs when I talked about the South train? I went back to that blog, read over and over through my unattainable dreams and couldn't help my tears come down watering my face and keyboards.
End of 2010 marks the countdown to my country being one and united on the world map.
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all peace-lovers around the world..
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS SOUTHERNERS .
Sorrow weighs down my heart and ties up my thoughts!

philo Ikonya Gacheri's picture

Cry, our beloved continent!

Dear Halima,

I remember the train. I remember that the strong symbol it was in your writing about our movements and I will go back to it. I share with you the tears of an Africa that seems never to want to be Afrika.. where diversity and differences need not mean animosity and separation. I see your tears fall and I remember a title which has often been on our lips.. but I chage it to "Cry, our beloved continent". We all cry with you. Separation is mainly felt by those who so sensitive it tears into pieces. I came back after a while away.. a long while.. .I could have started posting but I had missed you and so many sisters so much. I organised myself a celebration of voices in this quiet place where I am. It was a banquiet of sharing and unity. From having felt some restlessness at what I was doing to change the world, I began to feel power. I realised there was no need of writing on my page but there was a greater need for me to keep reading and commenting ... I did that. It gave me so much joy. I hope that I can continue to do that for so many of us need to also know that we are being heard.. and felt with.. as in our tears for a united continent.

With hearts like ours.. unity will find itself a different manifestation. Should I say, it already has. It is that commitment that we are not leaving one another as borders assert themselves.. that we are breaking barriers and learning and learning all the time.

I wish you the best of everything Halima, I really do.

I know about the sorrow that weighs down our hearts and ties up our thoughts.. we must suffer it because we are believers of humanity and also artists.. may it serve as motivation for us never to stop. May whoever reads our words feel melted down in their hearts and souls to become a force of good in the world. This is what a lot of African American literature did for me. It helped me wake up to some beauty amidst the many sufferings of our ancestors in the South of of U.S. A, where we have to admit shamefully, we sold them as slaves. We should take collective responsiblity for all the things gone wrong so that we can have solidarity in always searching for solutions.

BE well my sister. Breathe deeply and take exercise.. even if only walking. These evils can also threaten our own health.. let us try to keep it so that we are longer in the struggle for Afrika to show once more to the world that we are still the cradle of humanity and therefore hearts and heads filled with desire for good things and that our actions show that! One day too, you will have power to be the one directing the course of things... I have no doubt! We cannot wait longer!

WIith the strength of a boundless love for Afrika...

"Communication is the real work of leadership" Nitin Nohria

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Losing Sudan, losing Africa!

Dear Philo,

When I cry my country, I cry Africa too. As you know Sudan is a huge multicultural country in which about 600 tribes speaking about 100 languages and dialects, living therewith its ethnic diversity. If this diversity employed well, Sudan could be one of the most specific and special countries. Helas! The dream of living together peacefully has vanished like dust in the air.

The reason?

Unilateral, stupid, narrow-minded politicians with policy-oriented towards certain ethnicities without taking into account other nationalities and working towards solving their problems in a peaceful manner, spreading development in their regions, and sparing them wars or tribal conflicts.

This morning I was listening to the international Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal recalling his own suffering as a war child and how he could perish in one of the dense woods in south, should a European lady called Emma saved him amongst 150 and sent to Europe where they pave their way into life far from their families whom war claimed lives of most of them. I felt that it would be selfish to force them live in the same one million surface called Sudan. Every day bears yesterday's suffering. Not a glimpse of hope for a better future. More than two millions killed in the two decades war. Three millions scattered in the different parts of the country living in miserable conditions. More than half a million took refuge in neighboring countries including yours.

human casualties were beyond belief!. I repeat again; it would be selfish to ask them be Sudanese and be governed by the same government who turned their lives upside down and scattered them in the four corners.
I didn't imagine to live to the day to see my homeland scattered and relationships, kinship and memories falling apart!

I feel sorry to lose them. So sorry to lose my LITTLE AFRICA. My Sudan! What to do? Here am spreading the word and borrowing your phrase that says: "A single word has always made the difference."



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