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Finding Peace

September 11, 10:47am

Aujourd'hui, je voudrais ecrire quelques lines dans ce journal en ligne que je n'ai jamais utilise.

Ce matin, lorsque je me suis reveillee, j'ai pris rapidement une douche, je ne me souviens pas de la creme que j'ai utilisee: le beurre de cacao ou le beurre de Karite tellement je courrais en faisant ces petits gestes, j'ecoutais la radio. Deux emissions qui me plaisent bien, et voila qu'au dedans de moi je sens le desir de m'asseoir, je dois tout arreter et faire une pause, m'asseoir et me souvenir de la beaute du ciel, de ce soleil magnifique qui avait ses rayons qui dansaient dans le salon de ma petite maison dans la prairie. Ma petite Merane etait encore couchee et je ne voulais pas la reveiller.
J'ai pris le temps d'ecouter mon coeur, de comprendre pourquoi est ce que je me sentais si tendue et de decider que je voulais changer cela et embrasser la paix. Jouir de ce moment de silence etait vraiment un cadeau du ciel.
Je me suis laissee aller, a savourer chaque minute, lorsque j'ai realise que voici bientot trente minutes que j'avais pris pour ecouter mon coeur.
Maintenant je peux sortir de ma maison et aller au travail en paix...puisses tu resentir cette paix aujourd'hui.


I decided to start my story in French instead of English, which is my 5th language learned in school and here in the states by listening to other people talk. Sometimes I'm telling myself, you need to go to school in order to really master this language, for now I'm still procrastinating.
For the readers that can use their French and read this journal entry that will be great.

Here another version in English...

This morning, when I woke up, I rushed in the bathroom, took my shower, used my body cream, I can even remember which one I used, shea better or cocoa better, I was listening to my favorite radio program but suddenly I realized that I did not want to feel rush, I paused and decided to take back the image of the beautiful sky I saw from my bathroom window and sat on my cough, listen to the birds, listen to my heart. My heart was telling me that I was not at peace, I was angry at certain things that were not in my control, I decided to stop being mad and have peace in my heart. I remember the beautiful sun coming through my window, the trees, and the meadows, my little house in the prairie, I'm very lucky, I should stay blessed to live on a 25 acres. I spent the time listening to my heart and enjoying the quietness of the morning, rejoicing instead of worrying.
I realized that I have spent 30 minutes just listening to my heart and feeling peace overflow it.
I then decided that I'm replenished now, I can get my daughter ready for school and I can go to work today, with my heart fill of peace and for me to notice the road, my nice car, the trees, the squirrel running with a nut and the blue sky in this beautiful state of Oregon. I'm blessed!


JMKELLAM's picture

You gave me the chills

I have trouble believing that English is your fifth language but ofcourse I take your word for it. I could so easily put myself in your place and think of times that I let myself be taken over by my own frustration or when I rushed to get something done and lost all joy in the act. I'm glad you took joy in the simple pleasure (yet wonderful pleasure) of the beautiful blue sky. Tomorrow, while readying myself for all of the errands I need to run, I promise to do the same thing.

Thank you for your inspiration, I am ashamed that I can not understand one word of your French story. I wonder what other languages you know and if you will share more stories in other languages.

In friendship,

Jenna Kellam

Evelyne's picture

Merci beaucoup

Tonight, I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my journal on September 2008. I can not believe how fast the time went by. Hope you still catch those peacefully moments.


Remember to take the essentials with you today!

Auma's picture

Bonjour Evelyne,

I was glad to see you here on PulseWire after my email communication with you.Thank you.

My heart rarely overflows with peace,since i'm always in a hurry trying to beat goals and make ends meet! Now i want to practice this nourishing art,at least for a few minutes every week.

Merci Evelyne.

Leah Auma Okeyo-Migori-Kenya.

Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Monday Morning Meditations

We have started a ritual at World Pulse HQ called Monday morning meditations. It's a time for us to reconnect after the weekend, meditate and set intention for the coming week... before we dive into rush rush rush. Your beautiful imagery has inspired tomorrow's meditation. Thank you for sharing your peace with us.

In peace and harmony,

Dave Alexander's picture

Wonderful Reminder

Thank you Evelyne, for reminding us of the importance of stilling the mind and body so that we can connect to the beauty that surrounds us. The beauty, abundance, and love that sustains us is too easily overlooked among the busyness. I wonder why this is? I especially wonder why this is since we have created technologies that promised to, and could, give us more time to be connected. Curious.

Thank you for helping us all to remember!

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Lisa's picture


Ahhhh. These moments that we steal back for ourselves can be so powerful. I often feel rushed to get everything done in a day and realize at some point that I've lost touch with my heart and my piece of mind. When I catch myself in these moments, I love riding my bike if it is near. With my face catching the wild breezes, I gain speed, dashing down the green streets of Portland, and remember myself. After such a joyous and sensual ride, I can step back into "the rush," restabilized and reinvigorated to take on the day! Thank you for sharing Evelyne!



Jensine's picture

Magic moments

Evelyne -
Your words take me away. Thank you, this message is a gift to our community.
I too, have been to put into practice creating moments of peace in they daily swirl. When i feel rushed & overwhelmed, powerless, I close my eyes and say, "this moment is magic" and open my eyes again, noticing everything around me - the colors, the breeze, the sky, my whole body, knowing that i will look back on this time and smile as some of the greatest in my life.

Thank you my sister for loving as big as your heart can hold.

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Lisa's picture

What a joy to meet you!

How wonderful it was to finally meet you in person, Evelyne! Come visit us anytime at World Pulse. I hope you are able to re-write your journal entry from the other day. I know that losing your work can be demoralizing. My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and I lost two years of writing, pictures and memories.

I look forward to reading your posts. This one speaks so deeply about how your heart radiates through so many the languages.

To future gatherings,


William's picture

hello sister Evelyne

Hi Evelyne,

This is William Cleek down in McMinnville. When are you and your family coming for dinner or maybe even church (9am)? It was good to see your photo. I continue to pray for you. I've just come back from a month in Liberia. Our plane landed in Cote d'Ivore on our flight to Brussells and I not only was thrilled to be in your homeland, but I prayed for you and your family there.

Can we get together for lunch, if not dinner down here?
peace and love,
William Cleek

Evelyne's picture

what a surprise

Dear Williams,

My friend Jane would like to join me for this lunch or dinner as she discovered your reply to my comment.
I have not had the chance to come back to my journal in months as you can notice.
I now decided to use Pulse wire and connect with wonderful women and men who want to transform the world.

Peace be with you and I'm glad you stop in our beautiful airport in Abidjan

God bless you,



Remember to take the essentials with you today!

William's picture

meeting for lunch

sister Evelyne,

I'll call you at your office soon and we can pick a date for lunch. I'd love to see you again and meet your friend Jane.
brother william

Evelyne's picture

Give me a call on my work

Give me a call on my work cell at 503-544-8175 so that can we can meet for lunch. Jane is from Ghana and she never been to your area, it will be fun to take her there for a visit.
Hope that okay for you and your wife.

In Peace,

God bless you,



Remember to take the essentials with you today!

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