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I'm not sure what the news of the U.S. political race is like in other countries but here in America one of the recent stories been on Republican VP candidate, Sarah Palin's, pregnant 17 year old daughter. The conversation has brought me back to a cause I haven't thought of in awhile- adoption.

First, I want to express that like most people that are involved in a conversation about Sarah Palin's daughter, I do not know much about Bristol. I don't know if at 17 she is prepared to raise a child, if she choose this path, or what type of mother she will be. I only know what I wish for her. I hope that Bristol's decision to keep the pregnancy was her decision and I hope that she looked at all of the possibilities and made the decision without feeling pressure from others. I hope her family and friends would have supported any decision she made.

I don't know what Bristol's thought process looked like but I do know in all of the blogs and articles I read about this situation I did not see the word "adoption" once. There are thousands of worthy people in America and abroad who are unable to have children of their own and they rely on adoption. It takes a lot of strength to be able to say that the child you created would be better with other parents but that action is the most selfless thing a human can do.

I hope that Bristol and all women in her position are educated on all of their options before making a decision. Political affiliations aside, I also wish her the best.

Please feel free to start a discussion with me and share your opinions. I would also love to here what the adoption process looks like in your country.

Jenna Kellam


Dave Alexander's picture

The Sacred Role of Parenting

Hello Friend Jenna,

Our bodies become capable of reproduction somewhere around twelve to fifteen years of age. Perhaps at one time that was an effective strategy for the evolution of our species. Parenting is another matter altogether. I hope that Bristol is empowered by her inner spirit and those around her to make the best decisions for herself and her child. I hope that she has the freedom to reconsider her decisions each and every day so that she may reflect back and know in her heart that she "did her best based on what she knew at the time."

And I too hope that adoption is among the options she has the privilege of considering. I have seen the sacred connection between biological mother and child. It can be very strong. But the ones who daily bring the the open heart and loving attention to the child will become the parents, regardless of the former biological connection. I have seen it happen over and over again. Including in my own home.

I am a very strong believer in the responsibilities and opportunities that parenting brings, adoptive or biological. Parenting is a sacred act of the heart with a focus on creating the highest likelihood for the child to reach her/his potential. For me there is no higher purpose on this planet than to love everyone we meet and act in a way that supports their acheiving their potential. I like PulseWire for this reason. Within this community there is tremendous potential to acheive improved individual and collective lives.

Thank you for bringing to our attention that there are many, many, options to maximize the flow of love and the acheivement of potential. Revealing, discovering, and creating these options will change our world. And let us continue to hope that all those informed of their pregnancy are also informed of their options.

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

JMKELLAM's picture

Dave, Thank you for


Thank you for everything you said and everything you implied. I felt the warmth and I don't just mean by the Porltand sun.

In friendship,

Jenna Kellam

Y's picture

I remember thinking that

I remember thinking that Bristol was continuing the fate of many daughters who are tasked with too much responsibility for siblings at too early an age. I don't think Sarah has shown herself to be capable of long-term responsible commitment of any kind.

My sympathies go out to all the children of Sarah Palin.


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