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40 Women Arrested and beaten in Khartoum, 4 world Pulse members among

World Pulse- Breaking News (Updated today Dec.15)
Sudanese Police and members of National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in plain cloth today brutally beaten and detained in Khartoum 40 females of Women Initiative Against Violence (WIAV), while peacefully protesting lashing women and implementation of some of the laws, such as the Public Law Order, which they consider unfair to women, because it mistreats women and allow flogging them.

Four of World Pulse members were among the arrested women; Dr. Nahid Mohamed Al-Hassan and Dr. Ihsan Fagiri both are physicians as well as Rabah Sadiq Al Mahdi and Najla Sid Ahmed. The first is a journalist writer while the second is a freelance journalist.

it was reported in websites that the gathering planned to deliver to day a memorandum protesting the last week's incident of brutally lashing a young woman, when the police blocked most roads leading to center of Khartoum and prevented many cars and mini buses bringing women from adjacent areas to join the gathering. but More than forty women could escape the police blockage and assembled outside the Justice Ministry building holding banners condemning the law, while they were surrounded by riot police telling them to disperse and move away. Worth noting that one of the World Pulse detained members wrote in her page after been released that the police yesterday had accepted their demand to arrange a peaceful procession to the Justice Ministry. The police didn't officially comment on this allegation.

the initiative came in response to the two minutes and six seconds footage, which showed a young woman in a voluminous black cloak crying while she made knelt on her knees and harshly flogged in public by two policemen who were laughing while carrying out the punishment in one of Omdurman's prisons.(
The video lately removed by You Tube because it contradicts its terms of service but had been widely circulated on and covered by international channels and websites.

Detainees were taken to the Northern Police department and their lawyers weren't allowed to get in and meet them. Only some politicians and human right activists were allowed to enter.

In recent developments the Sudanese judiciary had already promised to probe into the flogging of the unnamed woman who appeared in the You Tube shooting and widely circulated on the internet. Official statements gave two contradictory date for the flogging timing ranging between February this year and July 2009 and appeared more concerned to investigate how the video was leaked and, who did so and the timing that coincided with the Human Rights Day. But they stated that she had been convicted under articles 154-155 of the Sudanese Penal Code of 1991.

The Radio Dabanga, website (a Darfuri media) mentioned today that " The judiciary said in a statement issued Monday that the investigation will be on the implementation of punishment for violation of regulations prescribed by the law, and in accordance with the criminal code. The statement stressed the judiciary will take seriously the outcome of the investigation."

The recent event of brutally flogging the young lady, have revealed the dimension of the situation the Sudanese women under the criminal law. Whipping was practiced over the past twenty years and no woman dared to report flogging out of fear to be stigmatized as indecent. Until last year female local journalist Lubna Al Hussein provoked the situation of the Sudanese women under the Public Oder Law, 1991, when she was sentenced to flogging for wearing pants in public.But at last she was sentenced to pay fine instead. Later she left the country where she went to France where she lives currently.

Under this rule, pants – whether lose or tight – are looked upon as sinful and a punishment of 40 lashes is equivalent to half the penalty for adultery in Islamic law punishment. According to the police directors' interview wiht Sharq alawsat Arabic daily newspaper, more than forty thousands women had been sentenced last year of indecently wearing outfits in public.

For full information, please visit the following link:



Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Names of Arrested Women

1. Ihsan Fagiri
2. Islam Abdel Rahman
3. Al Nagiya Al Wasillah
4. Amal Ali
5. Amany Idriss
6. Amany Jaafar
7. Amel Habany (journalist)
8. Amira Ousman
9. Omaima Ahmed Al Mustafa (laywer)
10. Hanan Ali
11. Khadija Adam Mohamed
12. Rabah Al Sadiq Al Mahdi (Journalist Writer)
13. Rasha Awad (journalist)
14. Zeinab Al Sawi
15. Zeinab Badr El Deen
16. Sarah Hassan
17. Sarah Hamad El Nil
18. Sarah Abdel Rahman
19. Salma Al Nour Abu Samra
20. Sumaya Ali Ishaq
21. Sumaya Noba
22. Shadiya Abdel Munim
23. Shadiya Ali
24. Siddiq Abdel Jabbar (male)
25. Tahra Hamad Majzoub
26. Aziza Awad
27. Afaf Al Tijani
28. Aliyaa Abdel Haleem
29. Omar Ushari (male)
30. ‏Awatif Abdel Qadir
31. Ghadah Mekki
32. Fathiya Abdel Mahmoud
33. Ludan Mahdi
34. Majda Mardi
35. Majda Ousman
36. Majda Merghani
37. Mohamed Adil (male)
38. Mariam Awad
39. Manal Khogali
40. Manahil Ibrahim
41. Nahid Mohamed Al Hassan
42. Najat Bushra
43. Najlaa Sid Ahmed
44. Najlaa Abdel Rahman
45. Najlaa Sayed
46. Hadiya Hassab Allah
47. Walaa Salah
48. Manal Khogali
49. Hala Taj ElSir
50. Thuraya
51. Bakheeta
52. Muna Al Fadil
53. Amira Ousman Hamid
54. Amel Ousman Hamid
55. Iman Ousman Hamid

Update December 20, 2010

jap21's picture

Hi Halima

We need to blog about this massively, so that this will not be overlooked. Let us begin a movement against flogging. Let us render this as UNACCEPTABLE.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Many thanks!

Million thanks my dearest friend Jackie for passing, sharing the burden of blogging and requesting the rest to massively blog on this issue.

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

world pulsse detained members

.Ihsan Fagiri
Nahid Mohamed al hasssan
Rabah Sadiq
Najlaa Sid Ahmed

Our voice is rising.......and it will continue to rise...

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Martha's picture

In Our Thoughts...

All Sudanese women in our thoughts at this time. Thanks for sharing. I have shared the link on my facebook profile.

Let's have women back in gender

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Rising Voices

Dearest Martha,

Many thanks for your support. I appreciate sharing this on your facebook profile. Thus our voices rise and the world hear us!

May God bless you!

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Never be Silenced!

Dearest Olutosin,

Many thanks for your support. As you said our voices are soaring high and they will continue to rise.

Sophie's picture

Oh my

Together in sisterhood, lets make this more public without ceasing

Sophie Ngugi
Child of the Universe

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

No body can stop us!

Dearest Sophie,

We are now unstoppable! Let's join hand and make our voices more louder. Our long marcher to self realization has started.



Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture


pictures of WP detained members, from left to right:
Nahid, Najlaa, Ihsan and Rabah

William's picture

women imprisoned

Dear sisters, I am praying for you, and want you to know you are not alone. With each pain you receive, know that you are helping a girl or women somewhere else not experience it. I will tell everybody I know about you and your lack of rights. Find moments of peace, sisters. love, William.

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Giving me strength!

Dearest William,

Many thanks for passing, reading and sharing this rich comment. Your kind words and prayers have significantly affected me and given a strength to keep on blogging and keeping you informed on all developments.



William's picture

Hope for the future

Dear sister Halima, Thank you for your response on Wold Pulse. I do care deeply about you and your sisters in the Sudan. Two things I can do to help you and them: tell many others about what you tell me is going on; pray for you all. You are not alone, there are many people who care about your future. love, brother William

sahar's picture

Keep it up dear and may GOD

Keep it up dear and may GOD protect you !


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Shukrun Jazeelan

Dearest Sister Sahar,

Thank you so much for passing and expressing your support for Sudanese sisters in their struggle against unfair Laws degrading to their dignity.

in friendship,


Khartoum state police issued today in Khartoum, the following statement: Police were able to contain a rally of women and men who gathered in front of the Legislative council in central Khartoum, without obtaining permission from concerned authorities. The rally was organized by the so called Women's Initiative Against Violence (WIAV). 52 were arrested of whom 46 were women and 6 were men. The arrest was conducted in order to preserve lives and citizens public properties. Complaints had been opened against defendants under articles 68/unlawful gathering-69/prejudice to public safety-77/ general disturbance of the criminal law. The police had taken all legal procedures and initiated procedures for investigation under the supervision of the prosecution. All detainees were set free under bail.

Iffat Gill's picture

Greetings Halima, I have read

Greetings Halima,

I have read similar reports in the past and this is too heinous an act. It feels the incidents are increasing. I think more awareness should be given regards this by starting groups/communities on various social media platforms (facebook page/twitter, even a group on worldpulse etc) which can then take a form of a campaign, Let me know how we can work on this together if there isn't already a group existing to spread the message at various levels. I would love to help.

Best wishes.

Iffat Gill

LilyBrook's picture

thank you

Thank you for bravely speaking out on behalf of these strong women - and for encouraging us all to stand with them in protest.

I will share your story with my network, and am grateful to you for giving World Pulse your powerful voice to trumpet to the world.

In gratitude, Lily

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Women's Solidarity

Dear Lily,

Thank you so much for your solidarity and sharing these courageous women's story on your network. I am glad that Sudanese women's case is gaining land every second and strong voices, like yours, are joining and rising high.
I, now, feel the difference when women speak out for themselves. Thank you again and thanks to the World Pulse that makes this an attainable reality.

In gratitude and friendship,


nilima's picture

we are together with you and

we are together with you and them to support! lets start talking about it to make them heard!

i am with you all!

Dearest nilima,

Thank you so much for standing beside Sudanese women in their and strive for freedom and ardent struggle to have this degrading law repealed and abolished for ever.



Dando's picture


this is too much for you women in sudan. what is wrong with your government...
Something must be done and done quickly to stop this uncoth act. Like Jackie and others have said there is need for international attention to this issue so that it is put to an end..Thank God other international medias are taking it up....

we are with you all the way and please keep on updating us on this issue.....

we love you and God be with you women of sudan...


Dearest Dando,

I agree with you that the current injustice carried to Sudanese woman is too much and that this image of forcing her to kneel down, should be abolished. As you know, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step-talking about this situation specifically- .. As long as women like you stand by our side, am sure that we will reach shores of freedom quickly and safely.



Robin Farrin's picture

Sudan women in pants

We women need to be free to were what we want. This brutality must be stopped. I will do everything in my power to spread the word to free these brave women. I pray that none of them have been to seriously harmed. May they be free to march out in their pants very soon.
Robin Farrin,
Maine USA (Where we women need to were pants to keep from freezing.)

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Joint efforts

Dearest Robin,

Thank You so much for passing, reading and sharing this valued comment. The detained 46 women released yesterday on bail, after been insulted and beaten and drawn to open vehicles without number plates and held for about six hours. As the situation needs joint efforts to pressure this regime to abolish the Public Order Law, please help Sudanese women by spreading the word and do whatsoever you can.



Bethelihem Gebre's picture

unacceptable act

this is unacceptable!!!!!!!! let's rise together agaist the act


Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Thanks Bethelihem!

Dearest Bethelihem,

Thank you for your strong words in denying and condemning this atrocity committed against your sisters and Sudanese neighbors.



Bethelihem Gebre's picture

Dear Halima

thanks too


vivian's picture

strong and bold women

May the LORD be your Strength. We join our voice to your and say this is UNACCEPTABLE to the core and let our women be released.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Speak out for ourselves!

Many thanks for sharing this sister Vivian.. The 46 women ans 6 men have been released yesterday on bail.
But struggle goes on. So let's join our hands and raise our voices till the whole world hear us and respond to our sufferings!

People around the globe need to know about what is going on in Sudan and most of that is we need to change it so we need a legal reform advocacy in case the south chose to separate so we will be back things before the CPA singing

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture


Dearest Ola,

Thank you so much for your comment. As you may know, the worst is ahead. Just it is a matter of time-just less than a month- when the South cede and form its new state. At that moment they will be free to do whatsoever they like with the northern parts under their power.

I agree with you that Sudanese women should make use of any platform to advocate for their case. The sooner the better.

Salam alaiki,


gracewithfire's picture

Knowledge is Power

Thank you for sharing this. Please keep the truthful stories coming.

I shared a link to your post in my Facebook wall. More people should know as a starting point to becoming inspired to do something helpful... Please also include in your future posts how people from other parts of the world can help.


"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

amazing idea

Thank you Jeanette, for sharing this valued comment. I appreciate posting my blog onto your facebook wall. Also I love your idea of including brainstorming ways of help in my future blogs. I will start right now.

frederica Maima David Gibson's picture

Stand up!

This is outrageous! In this 20
Century? What's wrong with a women wearing pants? We must speak out, and stand up! This is gender violent. And discrimination, in the face of religious intolerance and bigotry againt women?. Stand up! These women are indebted to there family and sisters around the world . This could be a tribute to all our sisters.. Stand up! Shame! A big shame on Sudan! Democracy !

This my new email address
note that freddygibs is no longer my email address as it was hacked,

This bullying -- beating women dedicated to peace -- is appalling, antiquated, unenlightened and shameful! And over what the women are WEARING? Those who beat these brave, magnificent women are pathetic cowards. Those who beat women : IT IS TIME TO EMERGE FROM THE DARK AGES AND JOIN US IN THE LIGHT.

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Thanks Sarah

your words brought tears to my eyes. It is high time to stand up firmly for our rights and face those who want women to bow down and always remain in middle ages' dark corners in this age!

Many thanks!!

Why, I add, this fear?

Are women in pants, or manifesting in favor of basic freedom, so threatening?

And yes, maybe they are! To corruption, stupidity, cowardice, desire to confirm un-earned privileges, egotistic will of profit, ... To them all, anyone claiming a space for freedom is ALWAYS a threat!

Feeling threatened, however, does not justifies violence!

How many people in the World feel threatened, for reasons much more compelling than just a bit of scratched ego, and just cope and suffer, maybe in silence, maybe helpless. Maybe continuing to construct life, and weave the World threads.




Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Glorious past.. dark presence


Heartfelt gratitude for passing and sharing this comment and raising these important points.Harassing women and force them to kneel down, seems features of developing nations. sidelining women and marginalizing their role in life so as to subdue them and have the ground free for them. You may astonish if you know that, when some cultures allow burring females new born a live, Sudanese women were queens and leaders of armies.Their glory past is reflected in the s Meroe civilizations- 1500 BC and after.

jap21's picture


Halima dear,

We are going with you all the way. Lead us. Start your petition, we will all sign it!



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Halima Mohamed Abdel rahman's picture

Many thanks!

Dearest Jackie,

I know that you are with me since the first moment and always will be. Many thanks for your support and blog on this issue.Your support, you and the rest of world pulsers, indicates that i am right in bringing this issue here first.



Judy K's picture

Women in pants

I am saddened and dismayed by what these and other women have to endure as I sit in relative safety and comfort, able to wear what I choose; free to say and do what I please. Wearing pants has long symbolized women's equality. I wonder how the men punishing these women must feel every time they see Hillary Clinton in a pants suit and have to acknowledge her power. I suspect this raises may of their fears about themselves and their diminishing power.

Let's keep spreading the word about these women. I wish I could do more.

Judy K

Judy Kugelmass


For the sitting government the issue of women in pants is more dangerous than the hard living conditions. Women in pants are more dangerous than malaria, environment deterioration, war in Darfur, looming cessation of the South, Abyei issue that may ignite violence over a 2100 km borders densely populated by different southerner and northerner tribes. Women in pants are more dangerous than the high rate of illiteracy, mass migration of physicians to other countries. women in pants are more dangerous than a country that falls apart and that four important parts of its frontiers are trimmed by its neighbors,when it turns a blind eye to their army violating its supremacy. Women in pants are more important than a president crippling the country, economy, reputation and force his people to be scattered in the four corners.



usha kc's picture

We are here!

Dear, we are here to make ur goal be achieved!!

Hey Usha,

Thank you Usha for your support. Let us put our hands together to stop all forms of violence against women. Help Sudanese women to fight back officially backed mistreatment and violence!

In Solidarity,


Emie Zozobrado's picture

This is real horrendous!!!!

Oh, good heavens!!!! Why do authorities react with such insensitivity and insensibility when women attempt to claim their birthright? Why should society operate in an electro-magnetic field of myopia and paranoia, when NO ONE PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO LIFE AND LIVING WITHOUT RECOGNIZING THE LIFE OF ONE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT HIM/HER TO THIS WORLD - HIS/HER OWN MOTHER????!!!

You are right, Halima! There is no stopping us now. We have found our voices and we will get going with the faith and conviction that emancipation of women is the key to a better world! We are here for each other and we are one. Women cannot live at the dictates of male dominion, or this world will extinguish itself! Races thrive and prosper because women do their share. We should not be deprived of the right and the privilege attached to our roles in humanity. This is TERRIFYINGLY UNFAIR!!!! THE SUDANESE HIERARCHY SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN SILENCE THEIR WOMEN. THEY SHOULD REALIZE THAT SUDANESE WOMEN ARE SO MUCH A PART OF A POWERFUL GLOBAL SORORITY AND THE ARREST OF THEIR OWN WOMEN FOR STANDING FIRM TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT THEIR OWN HAS TRIGGERED AN UPROAR OF ANGRY SISTERS FROM ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE! Surely, no nation can be comfortable in a condition where half of its citizenry and half of the world's populace are too angry, too disillusioned and too agonized to ever accept any justification for such a gruesome execution of "law and order"!!!!! More power to World Pulse and all the best to all of us....

Emie Zozobrado

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