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The Implicit Project at Harvard University

Yesterday, while talking with Elsie and Jennifer, a favorite website of mine came forth. The Implicit Project at Harvard University is an multi-languaged site (the entry portal is in English) that uses a series of association tests to identify, and to some extent quantify, our personal biases on a wide range of diversity topics.

For example, the first test I took was about gender bias. I figured as a white male growing up on the east coast of the United States with a stay-at-home mom, that no matter how much I might awaken to gender equality my childhood imprinting would leave a latent bias about men as workers and women being at home. I took that test five times, over several weeks, and in different sequences. Each time it confirmed what I had imagined -- a low-level bias toward men being the providers and women being the family. Fortunately it was a VERY low-level bias and, therefore, easily compensated for with conscious attention to the truth of gender equality and challenges to creating gender equity.

I also figured that my female colleagues would have the same bias. Despite their gender, they recieved similar imprinting, right? Sure enough, all three of my female colleagues had the same low-level bias toward men as providers and women as family.

Anyway, I very much enjoy the site and have used it many times with clients, friends, and family who were interacting in a diverse environment. Have fun with it. It can be very informative.


Wendy's picture

So Very True!

I have taken this same test, and yes, I had the same results. It's so easy for many of us to be in denial about being racist or sexist; however, through my own personal growth I've come to realize just how prejudice I am, unconsciously, due to cultural imprinting.

Even though the results of the tests were disappointing. It did give me a foundation to move forward, and a greater ability to be empathetic towards others. Awareness also breads incite, which is pivotal to moving forward.

Dave, I also have a question. When I post this does this go to only you or everybody in my community? I'm sure it's a silly question, but I should probably know this stuff if I'm going to be an effective "hugger".

Dave Alexander's picture

Who Sees What? Everybody

Hello Wendy,

I believe that what we post is available to anyone who can navigate to our journal, even those outside our community. For example, I can click on a friend or yours who is not a friend of mine, navigate to their journal, and read all posts. The community is wide open. This creates a knowledge-base that the tag-scan go through the internal e-mail system. (I have not tried this yet. I believe that Jennifer shared that it is without an "announcement" mechanism so we must check it manually for messages.)
In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

msjijon's picture

Thanks Dave

Dear Dave,

Thanks for sharing this excellent resource at Harvard University.

Once I have done the test, i will share the results with you all.

Hugs from the Middle of the World!


Ms. Maria-Sara Jijon
Quito, Ecuador
Mobile: +593.8.706-1211

Dave Alexander's picture

Powerful Women

Hello Maria-Sara,

I think you will enjoy it. I look forward to hearing what you discover. And sure to check-out my other post in your journal.

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

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