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Nonsense makes the sense

Nonsense makes the sense
Especially in rural areas women are considered nonsense by the society/communities. Many men take women as their slaves and think that they are born to serve men, to work like donkey and never utter a word. Is this supposedly the best ideal of women in a conservative societies.. When you ask an educated person in Nepal about the status of their wife, they respond by saying, she is simply a housewife and doesn’t work. Meaning household chores is taken as her born responsibility and not a task like any other outside work.

There are different proverbs that signifies women in a very conservative societies and caste, for instance in Nepal, hawse hear sayings such as;Chhora paye swarga jaane ("The birth of a son paves the way to heaven"); Chhori ko janma hare ko karma ("A daughter is born with a doomed fate"); Chhora paye khasi, Chhori paye Pharsi ("If a son is born, it is celebrated by sacrificing a goat, if it's daughter, a pumpkin is enough"); Chhora bhaye sansar ujyalo, Chhori bhaye bhanchha ujyalo ("Son brightens the whole world, whereas daughter brightens only the kitchen"); Srimati bhaneko paitalako dhulo ho ("Wife is the dust of the foot"); Pothi base ghar mahscha ("A woman ruled house is sure to be destroyed"); and Swasni mancheko buddhi pachhadi ("Women are always shortsighted"). These proverbs indicate that women's voices are not heard and women are neglected by the society. Women have low status and low self esteem in Nepal. These proverbs reflect the general scenario of women in Nepal. Though such proverbs are not so common now in urban areas, but there has not been much change in practice because it is difficult to change the practice. The other factor is the women themselves are habituated to see their grand mother, mother, elder sister, sister- in- law follow social norms that dictate the responsibility and job of a good women On the other hand, if they argue the women will be given various “alias” names. It is also seen as going against the system and traditional values. Therefore, to avoid being given such “alias” names, women are hesitant to question such norms. Women are over loaded by reproductive, productive and community work. Despite women's contribution in every aspect, they are considered as women to only serve men and family and are underestimated with their potential to do equally as good as men and even better in different professional endeavors.
• What happens if women stop cooking food?
• What happens if women stop washing cloths?
• What happens if women stop taking care of the children?
• What happens if women stops thinking about her husband and family needs?
• What happens if women stop following their social tradition?
Nature provides lots of compassion to women. She is the one who not only gives life and start of an individuals as infants, she is the one nurturing the environment and making it better for people to live, she is the one who always thinks about others prior to her wishes and needs, she is the one who manages the day to day activity in the house and take necessary action. She is the one who pours unconditional love to her children and family .No one has ever think about these issues and never think that without women it is not possible to have good political leaders/scientist/doctors/sociologists and many others in the world because of this so called nonsense is the one who give most sense in the world.

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