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Hello PulseWire

My name is Lindsay. I live in Portland, OR USA. I am 27 years old and have been working as a bartender for the past several years. In this environment I find myself surrounded by a lot of cynicism. I find that cynical attitude permeates every part of society more and more through the media. This bothers me. There is a quote that goes something like: "We cannot change a problem from the same place we created it." That's not exactly it but that is the gist of it. I am tired of all the pessimism, conspiracy theories, and sarcasm meant to make light of issues. I believe that we can control the fate of our world and create positive change, growth, unity, and compassion, but I believe that we will only find the answers if we are looking with the right eyes.

That is why I am so excited to find pulsewire! Here is an online community where people are giving voice to issues and talking about them with an optimism and a belief that we can positively affect our world. To see so many people coming together to lift women up, sharing ideas, stories, hardships and triumphs, is amazing.

I wonder what we could do to bring more children on this site. There are so many children here in the US that have myspace pages by the time they are 10. Its crazy. Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a way that these children could be blogging about there ideas, thoughts and concerns and issues that affect their lives and families, rather than about which new teen star is doing what or what the coolest new brand name is. Just a thought. I believe passionately that if we can help children to grow up with compassion, optimism, and minds set on change than our positive affect on the world will be exponential!

Thank you to everyone who has helped grow this wonderful online space. I look forward to being a part of it, meeting you all and getting involved in the discussion!



christianyouthoutreach's picture



Thanks for your kind words on pulse wire network.its a great Pleasure to meet you,Its a Nice and so blessed Family,Thanks for Joining this Family to day,

Yours Johnson Member at Pulse wire

Auma's picture

Thank you,Lindsay

for being here,to make a is very exciting for all of us from different continents of the world to be able to share problems and solutions here,and to share resources too.

This forum has actually made me feel like i belong nowhere and everywhere!

Welcome Lindsay! Let's make a positive change!

Leah Auma Okeyo-Africa Outreach Specialist-PulseWire.

LindsayHowells's picture

Hello Auma!

Thank you for your warm welcome! I am so excited to be on pulsewire and be connecting with women around the world. You are in Kenya? I have an aunt who does work in Kenya through Good Samaritan Ministries. She has been to Kenya several times and I hope to go with her next time, probably next summer!

I love what you said about belonging nowhere and everywhere at the same time. To me it seems so important to know our deep roots that connect us to our culture, society and personal lives but at the same time always be reaching out, exploring, and learning compassionately about the world.

It is very nice to meet you!
Warm wishes to you and your family!


Mckenzie's picture

Hi Lindsay

It was nice to hear from you!

I can really relate to the topics in your post. I was also a bartender in Portland for almost a year. I found that being a female, working in the service industry, I was constantly surrounded by negative attitudes. The cynicism was bothersome, but I found the sexual objectification was the hardest to deal with. Although, at times I felt degraded, bartending was a nice wake up call. The job reminded me how far society still is from closing the gender gap, even in Portland, Oregon, USA, an extremely progressive city.

I think the question of how do we bring more children to participate in Pulse Wire is great. My eleven year old cousin has a MySpace page and considering his age, the content is disturbing to me. I completely agree that the minds of Americas youth are being flooded with the destructive pop culture. The careless mass media has created a blinding divide between American culture and the world. Positive social media ,such as PulseWIre, is crucial to restore balance in our society.

Maybe we can brainstorm on how to get children more involved!

Peace and love,

LindsayHowells's picture

Hello Mckenzie!

Hi Mckenzie. It is nice to meet you! I agree with you you that it is shocking and disturbing the amount of objectification that still exists even in one of the more progressive cities in the US. Luckily I do not have to deal with that as much at my current job, but I have had to deal with that in past jobs and it amazing to see how often stereotyped gender roles are abused in Portland not only by men, but by women who are willing to play the part as well. It also makes me think about how much more there is to do in places where these gender roles are ingrained into society on a different level.

Thank you also for your thoughts on children's participation on World Pulse. I agree that the pop media culture in the US creates a scary distraction for youth in this country and around the world. It's like there is a whole fake world out there that has become so involved that it is possible for children (and people of all ages) to become completely entrenched in it to the extent that they are virtually unaware of anything beyond it. I don't know how we can make real world issues more interesting to young children but I am definitely interested to hear what others think about this!

Thanks Mckenzie!
Nice to meet you!


JMKELLAM's picture

Nice to meet you


It is nice to meet you over Pulsewire. What a great social networking tool. I have been a member for only two weeks but I have already "met" amazing strong women- women that would be great role models for young girls. I also wonder how we can get more youth to sign up for pulse wire and benefit from the positive energy here. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

I hope that you find some positive people to surround yourself with. I moved to Portland a month ago because I love the environment (every kind of environment) here. Maybe I will find you at your bar one day.

Have a beautiful week.

In friendship,

Jenna Kellam

LindsayHowells's picture

Hi Jenna!


It is nice to meet you! I also just met Mckenzie who is interested in getting children more involved too. I wonder if there is a new forum in this? I am new to pulsewire however; maybe something already exists? I haven't had the chance to explore thoroughly.

You said you just moved to Portland? Where did you move from? How are you liking it?
It would be great to see you in my bar or around somewhere! Let's keep in touch!


Dave Alexander's picture

Me too.

Hello Lindsay,

It was great meeting you yesterday. I also have an interest in the children, they are our future and one very much in need of voice.

My daughter, who is fifteen going on eighty, is also very interested. Her MySpace presence grabs her attention because of its ability to let her artistically represent herself -- backgrounds, music, images, font colors, etc. For her, it is a creative expression for the part of her that is a regular teenager. It also got her attention because, as she shared when first she began, "All my friends are out there. It is the way they communicate with one another. If I am going to be friends with them, I must be out there too. E-mail is old fashioned and boring."

The wise soul that she is comes out only when needed because, as she says, "That part of me is boring. I want to be a teenager while I can." So when I discussed with her the idea of contributing to an e-community with a focus on peer support she lumped it into "community service" like her time at Goose Family Shelter here in Portland. She had seen me on PulseWire and thinks that, for me, this is a fabulous place to contribute from my heart to things I believe in. For her, however, the environment was a "boring adult thing." It got me to thinking that if we really want to engage our young people, to some extent we must make the environment engaging and expressive for them.

She came home yesterday from he first day of Sophomore High School supercharged about her Health Teacher, a woman that has overcome tremendous adversity and shines like a beacon of wisdom and enthusiasm. As the relationship builds, I am hoping that I can meet with her about PulseWire participation and, ultimately, support of a youth initiative herein. When we get to that point, I assume that you and Jenna would like to be a part of it, right?

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

LindsayHowells's picture


I totally agree that a site like this is hard for children to really get involved in. I love what you said about the importance of creativity and making something theirs for kids. I think maybe a parallel site for kids where there are more options for creating a profile or where there are more tangible goals and structures for them would be good. Kids in the US I think are especially hard to draw in with all the conflicting things that exist for them on the web. I was talking on Wendy's journal about maybe focusing on kids in other countries and what their needs are it terms of introducing them to a positive online experience in some way. Then maybe later connecting kids in our country with others who are already online. Does anybody know anything about the computers for kids program? I've heard about it but don't know a lot of details. Maybe there is a connection for pulsewire with the people who are out there introducing kids to computers?

It was nice to meet you the other day! I am excited to see where all these ideas go!


Dave Alexander's picture

Attracting Huggers

I believe that an initiative to engage participants would not require a special PulsWire, a group would work fine for a long time. My idea of artistic personal expression came from attracting huggers and stimulating conversation among all the youth. (We adults could probably benefit from some artistic expression as well :-) I have a presence in MySpace too, and it was fun to choose backgrounds, colors, photographs, and things. It can be playful, meaningful, or both. And there is some safety in the uncertainty. What I dislike is the constant sexual bombardment, especially what I call the "coy" marketing strategies.

In Friendship, Dave...

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
-- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Wendy's picture

I Concur!

I loved your bit about getting children on Pulsewire. Not only would their time by well spent, but they would be working to empower other children. The number of vulnerable children in the world is paralyzing. Let's all work together on this-your idea is FANTASTIC! Let's strategize it, and put it in motion!

Mckenzie's picture

Look at this...

website below:

This work is relevant to what we have all been discussing. You can view the child 'chat' helpline that starts this December. I wonder if it's possible for Pulse Wire to integrate a similar idea.

My one question is, How would this be marketed to children?

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