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RETURN TO SENDER (How I need a Walmart Gift that Works!)

Every time I tell friends I need help they always don't think I am serious. I am also known to write humorous peices. But today, like all the other days since I got accepted at a local college here in Nairobi, I seriously need help. That is why I am at the cyber cafe, checking out the replies to the emails I sent requesting for scholarships. There are several emails from new recipients. I am so happy I have received a reply.

By the way, have you ever expected something that bad you dream about it all the time? That is how I have been feeling of late.
I click on one of the subjects but it turns out the network has gone down.
"Ernest," I call out. "The net is down!"
"I am coming!"
"Hurry, pleeeease!"
"Don't worry," he says. " You will soon get a sponsor." He knows, because I have been telling him about it.
"This might be the day!"
"Okay, here I am. What's the problem?"
"I can't access my new emails."
"Just click here."
"Oh..... the refresh button?"

The network comes back. Now I can access my mail. It also turns out that most of the emails are not about my application, they are about other things that I don't have an interest in. One is about breast enlargement. Another is about a Walmart gift. A third one is from a company that wants me to sell on their behalf and the catch is.... they need me to pay through a credit card. Phew, there are new emails. But they don't have what I need.

I sigh.
I am tired.
I need help. NOW!

Maybe I should stop dreaming I will graduate from college.
But much as that is an easier way out, I don't want to do that. I want to go to college and I am going to graduate. Thinking otherwise scares me. I look at the Walmart email and wish I could turn it into cash. Or better still, now that I can't use it, just buy an envelope, write RETURN TO SENDER and send it back to where it belongs.

Let me go back home.
I will come back to the cyber tomorrow.
Who knows, something good might just happen.



nilima's picture

A good hope and trust can

A good hope and trust can make change, i can find the faith in you james, go on!!

and yes, the writing is beautiful (once again)!

lifesong's picture


It is so hard am telling you! Don't laugh, okay... If I had an extra towel, I would have thrown the one I have now! Oh, I meant I would have given up by throwing in the towel! I just have one, that's why I haven't thrown in the towel!!!

James Ouma,

Life's a Song
Sing it, dance it, live it!

aimeeknight's picture

I know what you mean..I get

I know what you mean..I get those emails. But, just when you don't expect it..something will happen. You will be in my thoughts, hope that email comes in!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

lifesong's picture

thanks aimee

thanks a bunch!

James Ouma,

Life's a Song
Sing it, dance it, live it!

SAsong's picture

Miracles still do happen...

Yours is coming your way. Continue pushing and persevering, you never know when a door will open. My friend always reminds me this "The harder your climb, the steeper it may be, but the view is amazing". I understand it may be hard some days to believe in the impossible, but miracles still do happen. Yours is coming =)

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