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KILLING ME SOFTLY……………Drug and substance abuse among youths worldwide.

The first thing in the human personality that dissolves in alcohol is dignity. ~Author Unknown

Substance abuse is not new to young people in the world today, it’s like ordering fries and chips at Mc Donald’s, KFC or Wimpy. Youngsters have become substance abusers as young as two years old. Following the recent rounds of internet posts and visual streams of the two year old boy in Asia who used to take more than 40 sticks of cigarettes(Correct me if am wrong). Where in the world are we headed if two year olds can have access to such substance. Parents are we losing our( mojo) on parenting or are the anxieties of life too much to bear such that we let our youngsters decide their leisure without supervision??????

Few weeks ago my personal assistant and I were having lunch together in my office and a text message came through his phone. The look on his face changed instantly to sadness and one could see his heart pounding through his shirt. As a concerned being with a soul ,I asked what the text contained. With sadness in his voice and shock on his face he said,” Edith my friend has been stabbed in the heart and died instantly and India Club in the location”. No that cannot be true its 1300hrs and the sun is overhead and the heat wave more than 40 degrees, what on earth could a youth be doing in a shebeen at this time? I asked loudly both to myself and Stephanus. Immediately we called the person who sent the text and it was really true that one of our future leaders just died in a bar after a joke went sour with a comrade whom they were drinking together. Why do our young people abuse substance? In Khorixas it’s a culture every time an individual gets paid, all his hard earned cash ends up at the till of a shebeen’s owner. I doubt if the cashier checks the age or the outlook of the person buying that Windhoek Larger. All the cashier thinks is return on investment for his or her employer and not the impact this slithering snake in a refined bottle will have to the entire community.

Why am I writing this article? As a young person I have seen the adverse effects of substance abuse on my age mates in Kenya, Namibia, Mexico ,France, South Africa and read reports from around the world. Why is it that we as youths don’t want to take responsibility of our own lives? Do we need to be reminded all the time that excessive consumption of alcohol leads to lower inhibitions and clouds our judgment when doing whatever it is that it makes us do?? Most of the silly things youths do is when they are high on something cheap called alcohol, combined with cigarettes and weed. These substances are mostly not certified or verified by Bureau of standards in most countries. We end up killing each other physically with pocket knives, empty broken bottles and of course sexually transmitting HIV/AIDS ,because we forgot to use the sheath during intercourse. Hatred stems from substance abuse, especially when a child is conceived as a result of concerned culprits being in a drunken state. Sometimes the pregnant lady does not know who the father of the unborn baby is due to amnesia of who she copulated with and what time. Thus an innocent baby is brought into the world full of hatred unknown to it, without being valued since he or she is just a product of substance abuse.
What about our academics? Knowledge is power in our hands and life generally. Youths in institutions forget this easily due to peer pressure to engage in any form of substance abuse. We end up lying to our parents and guardians as to why we failed in the Continuous Assessment Tests . University students end up not coming for presentations to defend their thesis .The pot of opportunities break at the door step when we are almost about to have a breakthrough in our lives.

My lovely mother Priscah Ingutia is a force to reckon with….when we were growing up she used to remind us(her daughters) the first husband you’ll ever have in life and never leave you are your academic papers . These wise words still ring in my ears today as much as am mother myself.

The rich and famous celebrities are an influence to our lifestyles. The glitz and blitz of Paris Hilton,T.I. and P. Diddy makes us want that bling life. Look at Lil whatever he went to jail and the pain they inflict themselves with tattoos is unbearable. Have you listened to some of their lyrics? You cannot even turn up the stereo volume knob in front of your parents. They skip to pay taxes and end up being chased by revenue authorities. Is that what we want? Look at Nelson Mandela,Desmond Tutu and other unsung heroes in our midst and let us make them our role models. Don’t take me wrong on all these celebrities, they have a right to lead their lives as they deem fit. Am not against them either just my opinion.

At parents single, happily married, happily divorced, single by choice, single by death or separation or jail terms of a partner- these are our children, the future of our tomorrow, the legacy of our names, the holders of our dignity. Despite all challenges we undergo, let us not forget to instill some guidance in our youths in a loving caring manner.

Governments to come up with policies that regulate the operations of shebeens, clubs ,bars and discos in terms of alcoholic flow, condom distribution, cigarettes and music.

This is one article am writing randomly as ideas come into my mind therefore , I am just touching any substance (excluding cofee) and its impact on youths around the world. All am trying to put across to my fellow youths is that no matter what we abuse it has its side effects which the negatives strongly outweigh the positives.

Do you want to live to be 100 and strong? What about owning a lamborgini,Mercedes Benz, Speedboats, homes in all continents of the world, happy and healthy children? SOBER UP!!!!!! Put your life in good hands which are your own. Take responsibility for your own mistakes, learn from them. No matter how many times you fall, rise yourself up, dust yourself clean and take the high road to success. It’s not easy but others have made it ,why not you and me. We all have 24 hours in a day and can make the best out of them despite being rich or poor, tall /short, based in third world/developed world.

Have a substance abuse free day. Peace. Dedicated to everyone reading this blog. Thanks for reading.


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