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Save the Aged


This time, our Metta Moe Myanmar had a chance to hold training at a very fascinating place. It is a private school for primary students named “Lumbini”. Although we have a quite number of international private schools, Myanmar traditional primary schools cover a very small number. “Lumbini” is one of the schools organized by one of the famous Myanmar author and it is aimed to promote the physical, mental and social development of Myanmar children. The school is a very big building and the architectural design is magnificent and it is in a very wide compound. We can hear the tweeting birds and most of the things are created as we are in a natural forest. The arrangements and ideas in both the compound and the building are very great. There is no doubt that that place is a very wonderful shadow for the children there.

We organized- five-day (16th, 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st of Oct) training for the members from an organization called “Save the Aged”. “Save the Aged” is initiated by a group of socially-minded youths and they are actively contributing in elderly care programs which is one of the hindrance issue here and philanthropic works. After discussing in details to achieve a useful and helpful training for their members, we had an agreement to conduct training on “Introductory Counseling and Aging”.

The number of training participants was 27 in total and the proportion of woman: man was 3:1. The trainers were from our Metta Moe Myanmar, my two colleagues and me and we used the curriculum and manuals of SalusWorld ( ) which our beloved Gwen and Elaine contributed to us.

During those five days, we shared the knowledge and skills on counseling, counselor, what is aging, normal aging and psychological problems when we age and interventions and therapies. Our training methodology is generally starting from brainstorming by the participants and lectures by the trainers and then we all discussed together. We also put group discussion, presentation and questions and answers session. Games, activities and debriefing were the very helpful tools to raise the motivation of the trainees.

What we shared at the training were not only those theories but also very applicable tools for the community helpers and we focused on how to adapt those tools work for the elder persons. They could learn “Life Line”, “Power Badge” and “Where I am from” activities and together, we all discussed how we can use those with the grandmas and grandpas. As we learned those by doing, among us, we had got a better understanding and known each other well; we became friendlier and could build a strong network. We listened to each other, empathized each other and impressed each other for the strength of individuals.

I am very proud of meeting those who have a strong commitment and passion for their organization, their community and the people they are helping and working with them. It’s my pleasure to do those jobs which, I really hope, can be effective for what we would like to work for the well-being of our society. This five-day is a learning period for both parties. As they are devoting practically in elderly care programs, their experiences and inputs are really helpful to develop our facilities. At the same time, I wish our theoretical knowledge would promote them in their lives and their environment.



JaniceW's picture

What a great program!

I am so inspired by your training and thank you for posting a link to SalusWorld as I had not heard of them before. I also love the photo which reflects the beauty of the architecture.

I feel that what you shared would be so useful in many other communities around the world and wonder if you could expand a little on the tools you gave the participants and post this also under "Sharing Solutions" (

Your contributions will go on to have an impact well beyond that classroom and I thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Life is particularly difficult for the elderly who have no family and therefore rely on the community for support, economic and physical. Being alone can also lead to depression so it is wonderful that you are not only training your participants to provide the elderly with respect but also with an understanding of their situation so that the psychological problems can also be addressed.

Kyay zu ah myar gyi tin bar del shin. Best wishes,

Insha Allah's picture

Dear Janice, Kyay zu ah myar

Dear Janice,

Kyay zu ah myar gyi tin bar del shin. I am very glad to hear that you like my post. Right! Most of the things I have been learning psychosocial education is from SalusWorld. The picture was shot near Yangon.

I am trying to post some useful and helpful theories and manuals in Solution. Thanks for your suggestion.

best regards,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

aimeeknight's picture

Thank you for sharing this. I

Thank you for sharing this. I am so happy to see that young ones are being taught to cherish their elders.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Insha Allah's picture


Dear Aimee Knight,

Thank you for your comment.

I also love your Cinderella's message.

best regards,

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Shwe, you're a darling!

Thanks a lot for sharing, sister! That's a wonderful undertaking! Our aged really need to be cared for with understanding, patience, and lots of love ... particularly from the very young ones. We will all grow old (if we don't die young, of course!). And it is fitting to always look back to the people we owe our present from with gratitude, expressed in the ways we treat them in their receding years! Good job, sister!

Emie Zozobrado

Insha Allah's picture

Dear Emie

Dear Emie Zozobrado,

Nowadays, some issues such as education, children, youths and environment are the ones concerned seriously but our aged are very neglected by the society. Personally, I am very passionate to help them. It is our humanitarian spirit which our world really needs.

With Love,
Your sister Shwe Wutt Hmon

Shwe Wutt Hmon

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