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Sharing a biscuit can carry you a long way

Last week I was just walking back to my university after buying some biscuits from the store. On my way home, I saw three women working at a construction site and their children playing with the sand beside her. From the look of their eyes and strengths at breaking those huge stones madde me realise the pains and trouble they have to go through to make some money. I do not know what happened to me, I gave those kids the biscuits I was carrying home. I saw that they were delighted to have those biscuits which their parents would not have been able to give them. I have not asked my mother any money since I came to study in a new country. However, I manage my budget well. After feeling contented with what I have initiated that day I allocated some funds I use for my daily expenses in a box for these street children. At the end of the month I would collect approximately 200 taka and purchase biscuits for all that money. I meet some of those kids on the streets and distribute those biscuits among therm. The reason as to why I am sharing this is to show that we do always think we don't ahve the money or respurces or even people who could fund our initatives. I don't feel that I had spend alot. I reduced the number of biscuits I would eat for a month and shared it with someone who is hungry all day. There are many men who smoke, a cigar in Sri Lanka would cost Rs. 20. If one can sacrifice his commitment to smoking just for a day, I am sure he can feed someone who is deprived of food and shelter. People need to think about this everyday. We all live for a short period of time. God has created us and out us in this beautiful world is to help each other, while enjoying ourselves. What happens is people focus more on their own benefits and think rarely or not about others. My expereince allowed me to turn over a new chapter in my life and manage my funds even better, which this time would ahve a positive change in the society. I want to share this thought with everyone. I don't approve of smoking because of the culture I realte to. However, even if people do smoke, I request them to restrict their behaviours that can go along way to help someone who is relaly in need. One cigar= one meal concept or maybe other ways people use money more than they need shoudl eb taken into consideration at all times.

Peace and Love,



jadefrank's picture

Love it!

Dear Bhagya,

I loved reading this journal! It's great inspiration for people who are looking to make an impact, but feel paralyzed in taking action because they may not have a lot of money or resources to offer. Your initiative shows that by identifying a need in your local community, and through some innovative thinking and small gestures of heart - everyone can make an impact.

Thanks so much for sharing, and please keep us updated on your project!

In friendship and solidarity,

Jo Sampson's picture

Great story!


Thank you for the reminder that most of us always have something we can share. I can certainly think of a couple things that I can do without at least once in awhile to put that money to better use.

Best wishes,

bhagya's picture

Thank You jo and Jade for

Thank You jo and Jade for your feed back. I often feel this way. Especially living in Bangladesh allows me to often reflect on the opportunities and gifts god has given us. Whenever I stepped outside my university I always see street children begging on the streets or hunting for food in garbage cans. I feel guilty to buy alot of good and go back to my hostel because I feel priviledged to have a biscuit for tea, but soe children do skip their meals very often. I feel that everyone should consider when buying food for themselves or spending unecessarily. It is a difficult task, but if everyone cna give up some of their liberties and luxuries (not entirely) we can make a huge difference. I don't feel that I'm making my life boring or painful by doing this, instead I'm enjoying the feeling of love and reflecting upon god's words of helping the needy.

Peace and love..

Bhagya jojo

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