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Words from my heart, a rose from the desert …

Dear Maura

I am honored, humbled and truly blessed to have you as my empowerment mentor. I came across your book “She’s All Eyes” on your website – and I must say, my happiness quadrupled!

I was home-schooled most of my childhood and teenage years but I joined high school to complete my year 11 and 12. Yes, I was voted out ‘the quietest girl’. In my case, it was simply because, I absorb a lot of energy and information, and processing those takes time. I was and I am always vocal when critical issues arise, when leadership calls and when voice of a sufferer echoes on my ear!

I am ready to take this journey where mountains needs to be climbed, numerous rivers to cross; hopefully, together we can grow a garden in a desert and share our fruits of labor ;- )

There’s an Arabic saying that says “Write the bad things that happen to you on sand, but write the good things happen to you on a piece of marble.” I am surely going to write this experience on marble!

I hope to learn a lot from you and sincerely hope you find this journey equally exciting!

A big smile and a heartfelt hug ;- )



vivian's picture

I love you for being vocal

I love you for being vocal that is what a concern woman need to get it right and speak for others. I am on the process to develop it so that I can be much bold than I am. You have written a nice letter to your mentor.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Farona's picture

Thank you Vivian ! I am

Thank you Vivian ! I am impressed by your work ;- ) – I hope to learn more about Nigeria since I have many friends here from Nigeria, simply humble and energetic people.

I always spoke out against injustice even in minor form, from a very young age. I realized curbing injustice is the root to prosperity and peace of mind. I do hope this journey will multiply, amplify our voices beyond us.

With Love

Potter's picture

Letter to your mentor

Wow! I also looked up your mentor's webpage. Can't wait to read her book. You have sent her such a lovely message. I'm sure you really brightened her day!

Farona's picture

Thank you dear Jana ! I am so

Thank you dear Jana ! I am so happy to have both you ! – I talked about both of you to my mom and my little sister. They are very happy ;- ) now, my sister wants a mentor for herself !

I still have a rose for you :- ) hopefully I shall be able to give you in real life someday !

Potter's picture

Your Mentor

I placed Maura's book on reserve at the library and learned today that it is in! I'll pick it up this afternoon. We have a GREAT library system here. It is so easy to look at their catalog on line and place books on reserve. I read and read and read so the library id one of my best friends. I'm just finishing Half the Sky. Have you read it? It is very sobering. Makes me realize how important a global dialog like VOF is for all of us.

You were interested in the youth to youth connection I worked on. I'll send you some samples of the students' writing.

I posted an article on my heroes in my journal. I'm interested to hear your reaction. Can you suggest some women Saudi authors I should be reading?

I love roses and love the image of a rose from the desert. (Reminds me of that sting song?) sometimes Portland is called the rose city because they grow so well here.

Please warmly greet your mom and sisters for me!

Farona's picture

Waw ! I wish I had access to

Waw ! I wish I had access to similar library system. Maura's book sounds so exciting - feels everyone can resonate to the story.
I usually order books online, some of them cost a lot due to non-availability of shipping service !
Yes, I read half the sky – what an amazing book. I love what both of them are doing – if only more couples could unite and work towards common good.

Portland is known as ‘rose city’ – then I must visit ! my friends call me a ‘rose-obsessed girl’ – I don’t get to see much greenery in the city here, but yes, cities like Baha and Al-khobar are really breath-taking ! You just don’t feel it’s a part of Saudi Arabia !

Hmmm I will give you a list of Saudi authors 2moro !

Maura Conlon's picture

Words are precious

You write with beauty. I will look forward to reading your stories. Girls who are voted "Most Quiet" often have the most to say. It just takes time to distill. And then -- watch out. Go gently and with great intention.

Yours truly, Maura

Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D
author, founder and social change psychologist
celebrate life/tell your story/live your heart's legacy

Farona's picture

Thank you so much, Maura ! I

Thank you so much, Maura !
I am glad to have you in this journey :- ) so much to learn, so much to do !
I don’t think I am quiet when it comes to jokes ! (LOL) – I am happy and smiling always – so much so that sometimes people think – I don’t have any ‘worries’ in life !

During a Model UN conference, I was surprised when I was chosen as the ‘motivational speaker’ of the entire conference. There were many intensely talkative personas but I feel my words were well-thought out and from the heart. Saying things for the ‘sake of saying’ is something I am really bad at.

Words only from the heart…

Amei's picture

Salaam Farona

“Write the bad things that happen to you on sand, but write the good things happen to you on a piece of marble.” I remember this when I studied too, I remember writing and drawing my thoughts on the beach and watch the waves in rythem come in and bit by bit erase them away. Watching and listenning to the waves makes me feel alot better. Thank you again for reminding me. I must watch out for what I hear, see, say and write. They are powerful.

I was your opposite, when I was little girl and I was labled as "chatterbox" and I was constantly reminded that "Empty vesseles make more noise" This was not meant in bad way. I think I am still am... when I am happy :-)

I am pleased to meet you Farona. Amei

Farona's picture

Salaam Dear Amei ! I am happy

Salaam Dear Amei !
I am happy to have a friend from Maldives :-) a beautiful country with warm hearted and intelligent people.
I think we naturally like to hold the good memories and hence writing in marble or paper signifies that emotion. Writing is therapeutic !

We are what we think, we become what we say ...I hope VOF will help us nurture our voices and in turn we can help others find their ways.

Being talkative or a bit quiet than average doesn’t matter – both personality types can be harnessed the right way :- )

HARMONY's picture

Hi Farona, I was also the

Hi Farona,

I was also the quietest girl of my class and house. I dont know when and how I started being that cheerful and open... But it is sure that it builds the inner beauty and confidence that make vocal when critical issues arise, when leadership calls and when voice of a sufferer echoes on your ear!

Your love letter illustration talks for you. I like the picture simple and lovely.

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Farona's picture

Hello Harmony ! A beautiful

Hello Harmony !
A beautiful name :- )

Thank you for your beautiful words. I am technically quest *laughs* but more open to new people,new ideas. I like to listen more than talk – and later formulate my thoughts and speak. I write more than I speak :- )

I was certainly quiet at school but alas not at home ! I laugh and smile a lot – smiling and writing is something I enjoy. I rarely get hit by depression, may be because, I have a multitude of hobbies and ‘escape’ doors (LOL)

I recently did an article on Cote d’voire telecom sector – but i hope to learn a lot about women in your country from you :- )

Maura Conlon's picture

Saying Hello

Wow, can a whole week have flown by since the last words posted here?!

Well, I certainly am excited as this program begins. I simply can not wait to read your words!

To be named the Motivational Speaker at a model UN Conference is quite the honor. I have no doubt you will
string together ideas in novel ways and thus motivate your readers to look at your chosen themes anew.

Here's to a great beginning. Let us check in this week (as mentors will not be on the call) and see how things are

All happy best,

Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D
author, founder and social change psychologist
celebrate life/tell your story/live your heart's legacy

Farona's picture

Hello !

Thank you for checking in, Maura !
I have been incredibly busy this entire week – fortunately I have an extended holiday till 27 nov, Yay !
Today is a Eid ( a religious holiday ) – looking forward to spend the day with family and friends
Hopefully I will start discussing few things day after tomorrow :- )

Love and Hugs !

WILDKat's picture

Warm wishes

Writing on marble with you.

Naturally grateful,
Kat Haber

"Know thyself." ~ Plato

Maura Conlon's picture

I hope you had a meaningful

I hope you had a meaningful Eid holiday with family and friends...

It's great you have extended holiday to keep going with your writing. Ya-hoo. Nothing like time off for festivities!

I'd love to know how you're feeling moving ahead with the Module 1 assignment.

How do you feel as a woman writing powerfully in your culture?

No hurries, just thinking of you with great support!

Love and hugs :)

Maura Conlon-McIvor, Ph.D
author, founder and social change psychologist
celebrate life/tell your story/live your heart's legacy

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