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To my dearest mentor Cindy Bishop,

When I read an email sent by Rachael, I said “wait a minute”, could this be happening to me? In a twinkle of an eye my limbic system felt my heart’s pulsation and started generating watery fluids, yes I was crying tears of joy.

You are one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received in my entire life and I’m eternally grateful for the commitment to see someone you’ve never met learning from your wealth of experience. You are what I need and you are perfect for me. I still don’t understand what love is but your decision to take this journey of the unknown with a complete stranger is a definite definition of what love is.

I’m passionate about education as you are and I would also like to initiate a centre where I come from. I am a 28 year old mother of two children, a television and project management graduate and most of all a community development worker. I’ve always wanted to write but many a times I was told that I’m not good enough so I gave up until I saw my email calling for the Voices of Our Future applicants. I saw it as an opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do, to share our stories through writing.

Let’s take this journey of love, of sharing together my dearest mentor, please take me under your wings and think of my dreams as your own. I will do the same.

With so much love.....from Rudzanimbilu


HARMONY's picture

I love your letter. It is so

I love your letter. It is so deep an expression of love! Those who said you were not good enough in writing just didn't read you well! I love your love letter.

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Rudzanimbilu's picture

Thank you so much HARMONY

I smiled and it felt so good. Thank you. Thank you so much for reading and for seeing what I want other women to see in my writing. It means more than any word can express!

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Amei's picture

Your letter is beautiful :-)

I know why I seem to know you. At your age I had two kids and that picture reminds me of a day in my life. I know what sacrifice means but love ... it still gives me goose bumps and baffles me. I was not able to relate love to anything remotely good.

Reading your letter, and being part of this community I am learning to relate “love’ with something nice to give and receive. I know from movies and romantic books that 'love’ is supposed to be something magically wonderful.

I was too made to think I was not good enough for anything. I tried to resist those thoughts and I did survive. I didn’t want to give in; I had a stronger desire to prove them wrong.

You are the sister I dream of. You are the best. Keep up girl.

From day one, you've always been there and you showed me love and gave me enough courage to write from my heart. As I was reading your post right now I realized how much I have learned to love and to appreciate the people who give me love. I know it is all meaningful because for every post I have commented on I meant every word and your words have given me so much meaning in my life. We might not have been born in the same family and we might be from different cultures and background but to me you are my sister, you are a great friend and a great motivator who selflessly give love expecting nothing in return. I am returning all the love you have given me from the bottom of my heart and I am proud of you Amei. Each time I read your post I always have to have a tissue nearby because that's how my emotions relate to your words.

Thank you, thank you so much!!!

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Amei's picture

I am confident you will go far :-)

Dear Sister,

I learnt a lot of things the hard way! one of them most importnt lesson was that "I get what I give" I was fortunate to learn this at a very early age.

"treat others the way they treat" or "not to treat others the way they treat" this is also an issue. Now that reminds me a moment with my daughter, Thooha. She was eight and was going to school. She is always smiling and friendly an. One day she told me that one of her boy class mates was bullying her by slapping her when the teacher was not watching. We discussed the issue and with my expereince of growing up with boys ... I told her "hit him back" and showed her how to do it. She looked hard at me as if I was a total stranger and then she "but Mom you told me never to hit anybody". I loved they way she looked how she said she defied my suggestion. I saw her determination to do the right thing. It was a winning day for me. I knew I had a daughter to be proud of. I can still remember her face. Full of surprise. Kids make my living worthy and now you are part of my life and knowing you are there makes my existence more meaningful.

When magical unexpected things happen it makes us happy as shiny rainbows. I hope to I bring a smile instead of a tear :-) Smile smile smile.... OK now SMILE

Talk to you later :-) Amei

Rudzanimbilu's picture

Thooha - how is she today?

Hello my dear Sister,

I hope you are well today! I was thinking of Thooha today and I discovered that you have raised her so well she's got convictions. She stands for what she knows deep inside her heart is the right thing because she has a mother who showed her through her actions. I am proud of you my sister and I wish you all the best in raising her to be the best she can be as a girl child in this place where women are not treated with enough respect.

She will always look at you as a stranger like that when you say something that does not sound or is not you because she is a reminder of what you are and she inherited that attitude in you, that determination to do the right thing from you and she will always be your memory which is great because you are a great soul, a great woman who deserves all the best.

I hope the assignment is going great!

Take care of yourself

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

vivian's picture

I like your letter. It show

I like your letter. It show you as a person and what you value. I wish you a wonderful time with your mentor. May God be with us all. Amen


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Rudzanimbilu's picture

Amen! I concur

I wish the same for you Vivian. From the bottom of my heart!

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Ruun Abdi's picture

I love your letter! and your

I love your letter! and your voice is bold keep it up ma dear and God help us all in every step we take.

Lots of love,

Rudzanimbilu's picture

Thank you Maryan

Thank you so much my dear friend for the support!

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

warona's picture

Hey gal

Hi gal

I just want to congradulate you.Hey am back after a shocking experience,scorpion sting baby.ANYWAY THANKS TO GOD, AM Alive.I mized you good people.

Muthambi Ru, thats my gal,thats nice,kip bombing your mentor,spoil her with good words she will love it.Thank you for such a wonderful letter.



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Oh yes it's been a while. I have been a tad busy doing this and that but today I am here. How is Botswana today and how are the good people. I love your country and I am so happy that you are the voice that will amplify the whole of Botswana communities. I wish you all the best Warona and I pray that the next five months gives us the direction that we so desperately need and that we stand together as women and be the voices that seeks to change attitude and all the set up accepted standards that are not conducive to us. Well done and yes, let's give our thanks to God that you survived.

I know the feeling because I was once in your position. It is only after it dies that the pain goes away and it is the most horrendous pain ever, not that I have enemies but I wouldn't wish it on anyone who hurts others. It is even bigger and more painful than a snake's bite. Eish my good friend, I am so glad you are alright now.

Take care of yourself,

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

warona's picture

Thank you ma gal

Hi Ru!

You are so amazing.May God kip us together,Lets work hard my dear our reward shall be great.And keep the light shinning.Get strengthened as you embark on everyday challenges gal.

Love you gal



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Cindy Bishop's picture

Miss You

Dearest Rudzanimbilu,

Please let me know how you are doing. Is everything alright?

All the best to you, my friend,

With love and compassion, Cindy

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