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God looks after me...

A magical moment

People come to our life for a reason… (someone wrote)…now you have come to my life for a reason, for a season or to stay!

Writing this letter has proven harder than imagined. So I am sharing something I scribbled in June 2009 while I going through an awful attack of depression and hospitalised. With some adaptations :-)

I hate my legal name. Why do they call me that! grrrrrrr I choose to be Amei

I like to;
jump up and down
walk to and fro
dance to music day and night
listen to silence and whispers
These are my innocent fun

I love to;
loose myself in a dream
fly across oceans and lands
roam freely without hesitation
learn and discover life
These are my heavenly joys

I need to;
show my fears and hopes
express experiences and discoveries
share happiness and pain
reach for desires and yearnings
These are my blissful hopes

My dream and hope is to reach the world in colours, words and in action to bring peace. I want learn and help others who are in similar or difficult situations needing a helping hand.

WorldPulse has boosted my confidence and self worth through the positive comments I received and being selected is unreal. I cannot express how grateful and happy I am to be chosen. I feel I am getting closer to be who I am. I am so glad that you are part of my life now.

I am looking forward to hear from you Elaine, Lisa ...



HARMONY's picture

Through your post, I don't

Through your post, I don't get to know you but to understand who you are and feel your spirit. the words you use to describe yourself are unique!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Amei's picture

Of course you do :-)

Harmony dear, your reply made me smile (a lot). I am the odd one out.. positively speaking unique. You are spot on! Be patient and you will get to know me then you will realise I am not so unique :-) Have a day full of smiles :-)

Rudzanimbilu's picture

What a beautiful expression!

One cannot wait to read what you have written. I love how I always discover myself through your voice. You are a gifted writer Amei and Amei is a beautiful name. What does Amei mean?

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Amei's picture

Thank you :-)

I am so glad you think 'Amei" is a beautiful name.

What it means! I have to create a meaning for it... I believe Amei means friend - if someone asks me what it means this was my answer and now I really like the idea.

I did spend sometime in 2004 analysing "friend" what is meant, who is a friend, how people define friend. The notion of facebook "friend" is definitely not my idea a friend. Friend is a complex term and I like it.

Have a good day :-) Amei

emillam's picture

Your Beautiful Love Letter

Amei: What a beautiful love letter! Your writing and thoughts are exquisite! I am honored to be your mentor. I love your sense of adventure and have a wondrous way of putting it into words. I so want to help you soar in this adventure together. If Amei is your legal name, I think it is lovely. I can't wait to hear more from you.

Many hugs and blessings, Elaine p.s. God is with me also!

Elaine R. Millam

Amei's picture

Thank you Elaine

Amei is not my legal name. This is the way I choose to spell - there are so many variations in the spelling and pronunciation among my friends, family and relatives. The name it self is a chaos. I am a an organised chaos :-)

I think we can have some fun and do some serious work too. I try to remember that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”

God is with everyone who believes God is with them.

Will write to you soon :-) Amei

vivian's picture

straight from the heart

You have a strong and bold voice. Am proud of you. Let's keep the ball rolling.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Amei's picture

U are part of my voice!

I'll keep it rolling. Thank you Vivian

Cheers, Amei

lisastjohn's picture

Good morning Amei


I can feel your longings and voice in your beautiful poetry. Language has great power to heal and connect us. Really looking forward to helping you actualize your dreams and visions for yourself and the world through your writing.
What name would you have given yourself?


Amei's picture

Thank you Lisa :-)

True, writing does heal.

I never thought what name I would have given me as I cannot change my past. I always thought one day I will change my name. But now because I can use a separate user name on internet. My legal name is obsolete (only valid on paper as far as I am concerned) and I have become Amei Zeroun. My parents need not get upset either. Its win win situation for me and my parents - My parents do not know that I had this idea to change my name.

I'll tell you later why its Amei Zeroun!


Ruun Abdi's picture


What a beautiful love letter you wrote! keep it up ma dear your voice is strong and am looking forward to knowing you more and your country, and woman's status and how they are treated.

Warmest regards.


Amei's picture

Thank you Marian

I will be telling more about Maldives and the stories of women who are interesting, strong and compassionate. The status of women in Maldives is tortuous.

Have a blessed day

Nyoro's picture

Amei, congratulations are in

Amei, congratulations are in order. After reading all your jornals, you had me capitivated from the first one to the very last. I agree - yours are superb and so real. God bless you in your endeavours



Amei's picture

Thank you :-)

Hello Regina,

Just what I needed for tough day. I wonder what people would thing after writing my posts. You real all of mine :-) I should write more. I am scared to write and it takes a lot of energy to write. This is great encouragement.

Thank you for the comment.


lisastjohn's picture

Saying hello


I believe that you wrote you are currently in Sydney, Australia.

Do you live alone?

Looking forward to getting to know you better. Do you Skype?


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