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The Role of Parents in Children Live


Have you ever thought about yourself if you are a responsible or dutiful parent in your child's life, or have it happen to you to think which one's role is more important, mother or father, in children' live? There have been parents very successful in their position and have their children as gifts to their society; in contrast there are parents who are not serious and perfect in their tasks. Although parents are the key for the success of the personality of children, and are important in their live, mothers' roles are more colorful.
The existences of parents are essential for the prefect training of children. Mostly in our society father is working hard outside of the family in order to provide the economical requires of the family, and mother is involved with the task like; washing, cooking, baking, sweeping, and cleaning in the home. And if one of this pair would not be able to go a head in regular routine, there would be unhinged in the child's life. On the other hand, seeing the firm relationship between the parents children come to know themselves as social beings, and know why they should love, respect, and value each other; in fact they know the importance of family and the necessity of relationship. They both, without any difficulties, are ready to accept all suffers if their suffering prevent their children's not suffering, which is a holy action. They both with the help of each other can provide an atmosphere in which child grow mentally and physically.
Even though parents have the same role in the children' live, mothers are the especial ones that no one can take their place or do their tasks, even the fathers. If we compare the responsibilities of parents, they are the mothers who have the responsibly to grow the child in their body, to feed them form the essence of their bodies, to stay whole night(s) awake if the child is variable, and to be as close as their souls to them.
This is the mother who risk her life by accepting to be pregnant, and that is why if you ask a child whom do you like the best, easily would say my "mom". Hardly can you see the crying of a father when his child is sick, but you see how sympathetically a mother cries with the pain of her child. From the very beginning of their life, children are with their parents, and we can see the human whom they are now fathers or mothers still are children of their mother. Mothers are the especial gifts as their love are for their children, and I think it is because of their holy and dedicated job or position. They are the things that differentiate mothers from the fathers.
Parents either mother or fathers have the same role and do their best in order to provide a good life for their children because of the love they have for them. Accordingly, with all the suffering that fathers are concerned; mothers' roles are more important in the personalities of children because their duty and position against their children demand these importance.


heyva'ai's picture

so amazing to be reminded


thanks for posting in the beautifull story,its a perfect kind of reminder and a true reflection of motherly love.i love reading through this and it reminds me of the great pesuassions i had so many times in life to raise my kids in a way they would know me as their beloved do i often see at home.most of the time my beautifull daughter would run to me and asked me for what she want thou big or small and we are so closed like sisters.

regards and thanks for sharing this


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