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Recommend - A New PulseWire Feature!

New Recommend Feature on PulseWire

You may have noticed a new icon within PulseWire journals and World Pulse articles. Now when reading a journal or article on World Pulse, you can choose to "Recommend" it and show support for the author. There are many ways to interact on PulseWire - whether you're writing in your own journal, leaving a comment to converse with a fellow PulseWire sister, or sharing private messages. The Recommend feature is a new, additional way to participate in the community and let the author know that you value their voice.

Try it! Click on any journal in Voices Rising, Resource Exchange or within a group. Look under the author's profile picture and you'll see a red star icon. Click on the star or the word "Recommend" and the star turns yellow, as well as adds your recommendation to the count. It's a fun way to support the ideas, stories and articles of your fellow PulseWire sisters. And as we test and build this feature, we can develop future applications that auto-spotlight the most popular journals, as well as the ability to share your most recommended journals with people in your friends list.

This is just one small example of features our team is developing. In the coming year, World Pulse will be focused on further developing the website, especially PulseWire, to address community needs, allow for you to find each other and past content more efficiently, and provide more opportunities for you to learn, share and grow as rising global leaders through Web 2.0.

I encourage you to test it out and let me know what you think. I am always available to talk about the PulseWire community and your needs for success, as well as your innovative ideas for improving our platform.



Eurekafilipina's picture

WP New Feature

Dear Jade,

i just tried it.. :-)

thanks, for this new feature. World Pulse is indeed dynamic... keep it up!!!



jadefrank's picture

Go go go!

Dear Tess,

Thank you for your feedback - we are working to provide the community with more exciting features in the coming year, so stay tuned!

And keep Recommending!

In friendship,

malayapinas's picture

Hi Jade! Great effort . I'm

Hi Jade! Great effort . I'm sure this is a great help to all of us ! Congratulations!

Ikeep up the high spirit!


jadefrank's picture

We build it for you!

Dear Malaya,

So glad you're enjoying this new feature - there are many more on the list that we hope to unveil soon. Can't wait to see you on the tour!!!


tocssfoundation's picture

Just tried it too

Hi Jade, this is a good effort.
Thank you to your team.


jadefrank's picture

Keep writing, keep recommending!

So glad that you're now utilizing this feature to support your global sisters!

In friendship,

warona's picture


Hi there

Thank you so much gal.


"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

jadefrank's picture


Dear Warona,

Keep writing your powerful journals, and I will keep recommending them!

In friendship,

irmia's picture

Just tried it

It works! :D

Thanks, friends at World Pulse!


jadefrank's picture

Keep writing, keep recommending!

Dear Mia,

Great! Please continue to write, and continue to recommend the voices of your PulseWire sisters!

In friendship,

jap21's picture

Hi Jade

I am thrilled to see this new feature! It is so good that we now can recommend, that I am thinking that in the near future we could also give a praise to the authors, like, let's say, a little ribbon for example, and make the person "the author of the day" What do you think?



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Dearest Jackie,

I remember you asking for this very feature - the ability to "Like" your PulseWire sisters' journals. We chose to use the word "recommend" instead, as we wanted it to be unique from Facebook, but also because sometimes very serious issues and painful stories come through Voices Rising, and "liking" something feels strange or insensitive... we might rather "recommend" this powerful story because it moved us so much.

I love this idea of a blue ribbon authors of the day! That's kind of what we try to convey with the spotlighted posts on the PulseWire homepage... and I will bring this idea to our next Technology meeting. We're also working on a complex community self-moderation plan, where members have greater roles in the community. Elevating active members to have more admin capabilities and acknowledging their leadership... having our Community Champions truly acknowledged and recognized as experts on PulseWire.

So many new features to add.... keep the ideas coming Jackie!

And I am so excited to see you on the tour!


heyva'ai's picture

Thanks jade its interesting

so interesting jade,i have just tried it and i like it...really interesting



jadefrank's picture


Dear Miriam,

So glad to hear that you are utilizing this new feature and recommending the voices of your PulseWire sisters! Keep writing and recommending!

In friendship,

heyva'ai's picture

Im Glad

Hi jade

Its my pleasure,i actually find it interesting to do that,i love working with you people.

Kind regards


vivian's picture

new discovery

I observed it last week and did not really understand it's function, now is clear. It nice to know that we can now recommend others idea or plan. Well done sister, you are good.



''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

jadefrank's picture

Thanks Vivian!

Dear Vivian,

We wanted to test the feature a bit first, before announcing it. And now I am an addict of this feature - I just can't get enough of recommending the powerful voices of our community!


Amei's picture

I vote for recommend!

It is an excellent feature, Jade.

Especially when I am struggling in my mind trying to compose my comments for a journal I have read and not having enough time to respond immediately. It helps to recognise the post and encourage sharing. This is a powerful way to acknowledge the article.

I still would continue to express my thoughts through the reply. They are most touching :-) this feature cannot be substituted.

I am so happy to be part of WP. I was just wondering whether we could add the word format inbuilt in these posts. I have seen these inbuilt in some discussion boards, mainly because I am challenged by spelling.


NI NI AYE's picture

It's exciting !

Hi Jade

Thank you so much for this eciting creation. I am excited to do it. Now I need you kind help to do it well. I clicked the red star but it didn't turn yellow and I couldn't read the article. Please help me with something.

Thanks in advance


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