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A Case Of Rape In Kenya.


Two girls were today raped in Naivasha,and stabbed severally by a knife after that,leaving them with several deep knife stabs on their backs.One is a 23 year old girl and the other is 13.Before this act,they were badly caned by the man.They are ailing at the Naivasha Hospital...

Residents of Naivasha say that the man always has his way of getting out of the police station...

This insecurity is terrible.Can we,in my imagination,have a desk that follows up the cases when they are still hot,takes stories and pictures,and make a remote follow up of the both parties,and let the world hear how these cases end up?

I am sure even in this case,this "man" may get away with it,like in several other cases.A dead end will come for the family....More should be done than than ever before.As always,women suffer the most abuse,and this must stop.



Jennifer Ruwart's picture



Yes, absolutely. Let's sound the call. Draw attention to the pure evilness of this crime. We will wrap our virtual arms around these two women to help them heal.

How else can the community support them?


Corine Milano's picture

Yes, please tell us Leah

Yes, please tell us Leah what we can do to offer support. Let's rally and bring attention to this horrible event.

giseliux's picture

its horrible

Dear Leah

I'm from México and I feel the girls need all our force to make respect their human rigths: health and justice


Around the world care's picture

Its sad

Dear Leah

We have to do whatever it takes to bring this horrible situation to an end.
Human rights and judicial system should give a helping hand to all countries to end these evil doings. Women and girls have rights to legal protection which will enable them to live comfortably, safely and peacefully.


Compassionist's picture

Is there an entity to whom

Is there an entity to whom to send letters to let them know that the women are very much cared about and that we expect justice for them?

Wendy's picture

It's not only a violation

It's not only a violation against women, but also a violation against a child. One of the victims is only 13. A applaud these young women for surviving, and I hope we at Worldpulse, can not only help them heal, but also discover the most effective ways to bring justice to them.


Auma's picture

Let us Put Up Forces Together!

Thank you everybody for showing concern.

Rape is the biggest form of abuse,and a greater percentage to women.I have seen boys and men undergo the same abuse too,but to a lesser percentage.It is an abuse that leaves a bad scar on rhe victim forever.We should join forces to say NO.Recntly there was violence in Kenya,strife that left many people raped,and many dead.Why should these people be given amnesty,to continue living in the community with the same people they abused?

It is quite shameful that when these,i call them...i don't know what to call them,want to vent out their anger,or show "power",we have to undergo this kind of abuse,suffering in the society!

Can we have an International desk,a desk that we can all run to when we are in danger?A desk where we can make our distress calls?A desk that can help us follow up cases of sexual abuse from the beginning to the end? A solution should be found,by all of us.Let us not leave it all to the Law Makers,they may be too busy making "more important" laws.

Leah Auma Okeyo.

Around the world care's picture

Unity is Power

Dear Auma

What a brilliant idea,obviously to have an international desk is the answer to our problem.

Let us join hands and work together. I look forward to working with you. I believe where there is a will there is way.


consolata's picture

Hi Leah, I am pleased to read

Hi Leah,
I am pleased to read your last years posts. Iam really concerned with the rape cases on increase in our country- read Wangu story very sad indeed. Did you manage to set up the International Desk? Alot of people going score free. Have this case from our village a young man is really terrorising old women. When arrested he lasts only for few months then released. This because people in the village believes since the culprit is a local he shouldnt be punished. How i wish the international desk is set. Womans Hope would take up the case. Now our hands are tied since noone want to condem a LOCAL. VERY VERY SAD.

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