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World Pulse Toolkits Available!

At World Pulse, we recognize the need for ongoing learning—for you and for your community! Our toolkits are all available here.

We are especially excited to share our signature Citizen Journalism and Digital Empowerment Curriculum. Start learning today!

Working FAQ For Empowerment Mentors


Dear Mentors,

Below is our working FAQ document to help you along in this process. Your questions, suggestions and answers will help grow this document, so please feel free to contribute.

Q: What is my role as a Mentor?
A: Your primary role is to act as a supportive presence for the Correspondents. This may sometimes mean that your conversations revolve around personal or professional issues rather than the specific curriculum for Voices of Our Future. You are a developing a one-on-one connection that will evolve organically, depending on the needs of your Correspondent. Your role is to help her identify and overcome any obstacles she may face. If you are ever in doubt of what you need to do, just ASK!

Also, you will be asked to evaluate written assignments, but never from your own Correspondent.

Q: Can I provide editorial advice on my Correspondent’s assignments?
A: Absolutely! If you are asked to do so, or you have the available time, we encourage you to comment on your Correspondent's drafts. However, please note that your Correspondent also has an Editorial Midwife who’s job it is to fill this role.

Q: How do I find my Correspondent's writing assignments?
A: If you're on PulseWire, and you've added the Correspondent as a friend, you can see all their posts under the "Friends" tab on your profile. If you're not on PulseWire, you can find the Correspondent and bookmark their profile page. Their recent posts are fed automatically below their picture. If you need help finding any of this, please just ask for specific help.

Q: Who is paying for the phone calls between my Correspondent and me?
A: As part of your commitment, you have agreed to cover the phone costs associated with your mentoring sessions. To minimize costs, you may choose to use Skype or other inexpensive or free Internet options for calling, chatting, and video conferencing. Although we are confident that you and your Correspondent will find a solution that works best for you both, please do not hesitate to e-mail if cost becomes a barrier, you are finding it challenging to connect, or you have other questions.

Q: What alternatives are there to Skype?
A: There are a number of options. For instant chatting, you can Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or others. For direct phone-to-phone communication, these are the websites we recommend:

*—This site is recommended by 2009 Mentor Debra Lach who connected with India for very cheap! Various calling cards are offered, so take a look at each before deciding.
*—This site is recommended by 2009 Mentor Linda Lubin who connected to Kenya inexpensively! Especially worth a shot as the first call is free.
*—[Add details or just delete]

Always consider the costs on both ends of the call, and any one-time fees that may be associated with calling. If you find something that works for you, share your success stories with the group!

Q. What do I do if my Correspondent asks me for money?
A. We recognize that funding is a need for many Correspondents. Although you may be able to support your Correspondent’s efforts in seeking funding, your role is not as a donor. We ask that you do not give your Correspondent any monetary assistance during the training program. This could cause problems and complaints from other participants. We have also clearly outlined this issue for Correspondents.

Sending personal items like a card or a book are completely acceptable. But please do not send costly items like computers or cash during the program!

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