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Sexualization of girls and women in media--how global is it?

I came across an amazing campaign that aims to empower young girls and women to fight against sexualization in the media. This campaign could not be better timed, with horrifying images accosting young girls and women every day. Visit

Living outside of the US, I don't see nearly as much of this negative media portrayal, but it is still there. I would love to get the opinions of women around the world on what they see in their media--is there as much sexualization and negative images of women in your country? What is being done to combat this and empower women to speak up?

Kind regards,



alia's picture

Dear Racheal This is so

Dear Racheal

This is so interesting topic .Thanks for publishing it here .In my country Syria our media play a bad role in that .

I wrote a story about that and i publsihed it in world pulse it is here:

i hope you can find time to read it

with love

Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Thank you Alia! I finally

Thank you Alia! I finally have a bit more time in my day now that the application process is over and I look forward to reading it.


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

María Eugenia's picture

Hello Rachel

In my country, media is changing, this new government is trying to control what media publishes, but even though the tv channels have very negative things that pass on tv as it were so normal. The publicity is the topic I most criticize, well, there are still comercial promoting for example soup, where the model is a woman representing the "role of a woman, she washes the clothes of her family every weekend while her husband goes to do some sports". There is this other commercial where they are selling shampoo "only for men", showing in the commercial that men that still use shampoo with the sent of flowers (pointing that this kind of shampoo is for women), this men gets the manner of a woman, or there is the insinuation that this man is gay (I am not saying that being gay is bad). And there are a lot of commercials on tv, banner, posters, and big publicity showing the "wonderful life it is using MASTERCARD", first to show the publicity they show pictures of people of other countries, other realities, other culture very very different then ours, and second, I do not see any interesting in the fact of having a big debt with the bank. And talking about sexualization, of course there are a lot of material, and imported material, where there are an "image" of the sexy and accepted girl, the image of a woman who will be liked by men, and they put what is not liked; of course the first is "a model", ; the second is the common girl, then girls and woman try to be like the women of the publicity, of the movies, having even their same problems, their same pattern of life, loosing weight, and hating what they are. And the fact is that woman should not being taught to be liked by men, we have to learn and be taught to liked ourselves, to feel proud of what we are and the rest will come, also it is important to remember woman are beautiful just for being woman, and that every person is different and unic. I have a sister who has an obsession of being thin,and to be very thin, she did something, no one knows what, but one day, after few weeks that we had not seen her, she came to visit, and she looked totally different, totally skinny. That was a shock for my parents. In the beginning she did not want to eat, but now, as all the family is taking more attention on her, calling and visiting her more often, now when she comes to visit, she eats and she looks happy. I hope her family (her two daughters and husband are a support for her).
The government have a big campaign empowering women and men, to believe that we ecuadorians deserve a better education, laws are changing, but this change need time and will. As a woman should do more, but I try, at least talk to my friends and family what my concerns are. I hope to do more, and be a support people that work for the cause.
Tank you for letting me share what I think
María Eugenia

La vida me lleva por ríos, caminos y montañas, y también me lleva hacia el mar y el amor

Dear Maria Eugenia,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful response. It is such a relief for me to be away from the crazy media in the US. Sometimes I wonder if it is just as bad here in Spain, but that because of the language barrier, I do not hear/see it as much.
I agree with you that women must be taught to love ourselves and validate ourselves--and not do this through men. I think that men also suffer from these stereotypes of what they think they are "supposed" to like, and that when they find that they aren't actually attracted to that type of woman (a skinny model for example), it confuses them. And when they do find a woman they are attracted to, if she isn't the "ideal" (even if they aren't attracted to the "ideal" skinny model), they sometimes take their confusion out on her. It is really a nasty cycle of false images and beauty. I hope one day we can all be more free of that.

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Aurore's picture

thanks for the link

Hi Rachael,
Was looking for resources for a creative workshop on beauty and image in the that will be super useful!
Thanks again,

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