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I see myself as an influential woman in education and training as well as in issues involving women and girl children. I would like to see a country and world which regards women as equals with men in terms of education, resources, and other basic needs and rights. I envision a community where the illiteracy levels are so low or none. I believe that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to learn and to go as far as possible with this. This helps in shaping the life of that human being as that person would be able to make decisions. I believe that if given an opportunity, women are able to shape the destiny of a community. I believe that if you educate a woman you would have educated the whole nation. The reasoning behind this saying is that, from a woman a nation is born and if that woman is educated she will know the value of that (education) and pass it on to her children and also make sure that even her children’s children get the benefits of education. Honestly speaking, women are good at pioneering developmental projects in a community. This can be practical if the women are educated and exposed to modern ways of living and to other cultures.


I want to be part of your correspondence because I believe that it will open my mind to great explorations and ideas of how to achieve my vision. I think it will make me aware of what is going on in the world out there and also lighten the challenges that I want to overcome on behalf of the women and girls in my community.

Being a Voices correspondent will allow me to learn to identify needs and be able to work towards fulfilling those needs. Meeting other correspondents will help me to tap into the fountain of knowledge and talents of other correspondents. I believe that a burden shared is a burden solved. With VOF as the meeting place, it presents a good platform for expressing ones’ needs, fears, and expectations as well as to celebrate one’s God given gift of womanhood, without facing any challenges or discrimination.

I believe that one day we (as women) will be able to celebrate victory over all the social ills and social neglect that we go through in the hands of an insensitive society that we were born into. That we may be able to stand up and say we have been there and we have seen it all but we conquered will be one good song of celebration that might take a long time to achieve but will definitely be achieved, even if it would not be possible for our generation but I believe we are paving a way for generations of women to come, to live peacefully. This forum will help me to realize my dream of liberating women in Swaziland as well as giving them a voice. This may not take place in the whole nation but in the community that I live in that difference will be enough for one to say, “Yes We Can”, if I may borrow from President Barrack Obama. This provides us with a platform to express and show our potential. Women have been traditionally considered as second class citizens while they are the master minds of all development. In every successful man there is great contribution made by women which is overridden by existence of man. Like the 2010 world soccer show case said “kinako” meaning “it’s time” for women to raise the torch of motherhood. We are the pioneers of education and development. We have raised Kings, Presidents, Doctors and business people therefore we want to be given an opportunity to show our ability.


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