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My heart melt.................. My life changed

I am a behind the scene actor; hidden in the shadows and doing what is in my power. Not that I do not want to be heard or seen but I effect of my action to come first, the fruit of an awakening that took place in single-lived-life. What I kept from my childhood are the moments of loneliness that built the today’s character I have. Always by my own, did not have elder sisters to advice, explain or simply talk to. I learned by myself, reading, listening, figuring in my head what I could not understand. Slowly I turned myself into an open-minded person. I wanted to share what I knew to get what was inside other people.

I decided to come out, open-up to the world. I told myself that my dearest sister will not suffer what I endured: she needs to be monitored, to be held by the hand and I started working my personal skills to give her the best example she could ever need. As I was busy preparing myself for my new goal I started looking for what could be a real danger for a young girl like her in today’s world. AIDS was the first answer to come; my heart was full of a desire to do something for the already infected/affected. My life changed. The stories and situation I came across in the campaign and sensitization against HIV/AIDS melt my heart. Ideas started running, project drafted, organisation set up and today, we are a group of women, supported by some men advocating for women. We have started with education of women -girls and children inclusive- in rural area. We believe in them and try to build in them self-confidence.

Today, I feel my life is finding its core value in what we are doing with “εhouva”; each project is a new challenge that takes patience, care and desire to give fulfilment and increase hope for change. Meaning Future –or my future-, “εhouva” is what conveys my passion: building a better -not the perfect- but a joyful and peaceful world for women in rural area to ensure education and social insertion for all the children and particularly young girls in those forgotten place.

Because their voice has to reach the world why not write for them since writing is something I like. You can pour all your thought and heart without effort. The experience I had working with a local magazine some years back opened my eyes to the power of journalism. Moreover world pulse is more powerful than a local news paper. It is not only improving my writing skills through the unique style I discover everyday, but give me a unique chance. The chance of sharing with different cultures and languages, the chance to learn from others and add different approach to what we have been doing.
For a French native to be enrolled as Voice of our Future, an English speaking project/training, it is a considerable achievement. I see myself to be the gate to discover French women battle in this globalisation that tend to shut the women outside. But it is also a hope for all these women. I want them to know that we can do it. Not only in our dialects or official language, but also in other language. I want the young girl to know that somewhere people, who do not know them, hear from them, are moved by their effort and care for them and advocate for them.

Through Sunita, 2009 Voices of our Future applicant, who bravely stood up to help a woman in a stolen/discovered child story, I realised I had to add my voice and spread what is happening in my country. The crisis that started in 2002, has created a dip gap between women in cities and rural areas and a lot of women are misinterpreted, maltreated for a slight mistake.

The amazing part is not what they suffer, the strength driven by their faith in a better future, and the action that follow. That is what I find in WorldPulse. And I want to be part of the change for tomorrow.


Andrea Arzaba's picture


My dear!

Your words are magical! Thank you for your post!

A big hug,


HARMONY's picture

Thank for the hug!

Hi Andrea, I can feel your big hug and it does me good. We ae doing our best and all here are wonderful!

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

CoachMarcie's picture


Thank you for a moving story. I am totally impressed by your strength and courage to move towards change. I see you making great strides to change people and open their hearts and minds.



HARMONY's picture

Thank Marcie! I get the

Thank Marcie!
I get the strength with all your support.

Trust your HOPES, not your fears... Harmony

Sarah Diop's picture

Thank you


Thank you for your passion and your desire to speak for Rural women in your community. I find the same in World Pulse, faith and hope for a better future for all women, everywhere!

With much Gratitude and appreciation of your voice!

Wishing you many Blessings,


JaniceW's picture

Je vous remercie

J'adore ce que vous avez écrit et je suis inspiré par votre courage d'apporter des changements afin que les contrats à terme pour les femmes et les jeunes filles en Côte d'Ivoire sont plus brillantes.

Les femmes sont naturellement habilités mais manquent de confiance et de l'information pour créer un monde meilleur pour eux-mêmes. Je vois que vous allez utiliser votre voix comme un instrument de changement et je vous souhaite tout le meilleur dans le programme VOF. J'ai hâte de lire plus de vous. Avec mes meilleurs vœux,

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