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Heart Currency

I envision a world where there is enough of everything for every one and love and compassion are the most powerful currencies.

The bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom are clean. Laundry's done. Fresh sheets on the bed. Four weeks in a row my home has been nearly spotless. I will miss these assignments! Though really, I'm not so sure it ends here. At least not the inspired writing part.

I'm agonizing whether or not to attend graduate school. At the moment, I'm enrolled in a graduate-level course at the university entitled “Women of Color in Academia.” I want to see what these amazing women are up to. I want to investigate why it is important (and necessary) to even offer such a course. As a woman of color, I find myself searching for those precious spaces where activism and intellectual pursuit meet. PulseWire is proving to be that place for me.

As of yesterday, I'm tied – in a contest with myself: two (2) points for graduate school and two (2) points, (not quite) against graduate school but for something else. After each class I give a point to one side or the other. As of today I'm winning.

Any direction I choose will bring a wealth of learning experiences and challenges. With either choice, I win. Almost. The amount of energy and passion I put into something is nearly always what comes back. Nearly. I learned this from experiencing racism, sexism, and economic discrimination (not the same as class discrimination). There is such a thing as a “glass ceiling” and only going so far “up” the ladder (without doing damage to yourself or others). Sometimes I can give an endeavor my very all, my complete best and I don't make the mark. Though, it's not really about me. It's about We.

Absolutely every chance I get, I share what I've learned about how to undo the -isms and schisms of dominant power-over dynamics. I spend my days in middle schools with 11-14 year-olds and on the university campus with 18-80 year-olds. Knowledge is all around me; wisdom is everywhere. The beauty is finding the nuggets of possibility and finding the right alchemy that supports traversing new and unknown territory. In other words, striking that fine balance of holding our values in a place that allows ourselves to accept our own self-reflection, and making changes to serve the higher good.

Whether it's through media, social politics, education, consumerism, sports and other publicly socialized spaces, the messages that people in positions of power are sending to those who are not, must be diligently resisted, reframed, reworked, and often removed . Put simply, everyday living and experiencing and witnessing inspires me to work creatively in all of those aforementioned spaces – when possible – to make transformation happen at the heart level. This has already been happening here on PulseWire. I could only deepen this passion and connection as a Voices of Our Future correspondent.

I want for all people, to have the experience of calling on their higher wisdom as we re-learn to relate with each other, consciously. I want justice, peace, respect and opportunity for women, children, people of color whose fate, in this country of amassed resources, often remains marginalized in the minds of those who try to run roughshod over our future. I want to engage in collective solutions to common issues and concerns of my fellow humans. Everyone has a story and for every story we witness, there is a healing.

Sometimes I get my most inspired thoughts while riding the #48 bus home. Today was no different. I had been thinking for a week now, what my last application submission would be. It came to me just after the Douglass-Truth library stop: I want to write for every day people; my people, your people, our people. I want to combine my passion for post-secondary learning with stories from every day citizens – those who activate, who have a story to be told. World Pulse just may be just the kind of graduate school I need (!) (and I may have just added a point to not quite against grad school).


Andrea Arzaba's picture


I agree with your currencies haha
Thank you for your post my sister :)

Farona's picture

Beautiful post

Very much agree with your observation - the 'glass ceiling' is going much further up for all of us
I love how you organized your thoughts - would be delighted to hear more from you !

With love & kindness

pheebsabroad's picture


I do hope that at some point we see a world in which the valued currencies include love and compassion! It is really interesting to read from your perspective about the glass ceiling and discrimination in the US...I think that often times we forget that as "developed nations" we have serious problems too-areas which we can always seek to improve on! A well written and poignant observation!


Greta's picture


Hello BD!

Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I am one who moves through the world from a heart centered place, no matter what.... and to each and every point you make, I say, count me in!
Your writing style pulled me right in, created a wonderful visualization for me, and left me inspired and cheering for you. Thinking about you on the #48!

I wish you all the best in your upcoming endeavors and I will remember forever, your line, It's all about We!

Keep writing and I will keep listening,

In Kindness,

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