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I can think of my Visions and I can see their future in the mirror of Voices of Our Future, :)

The real vision that I have finally chosen it to be the most important of all my visions is providing education to both women and children. The reason why I have chosen it to be the important of all my life visions is because in one hand, I have seen many children living a life full of depression, hardship, obstacles, and poverty; therefore I want to educate them in order to make them able to not suffer anymore. On the other hand, I have deep desire to bring out women’s hidden talents and voices. In fact, there are women in Afghanistan approximately equal to the number of men there, why wherever we go, we hear about men’s activity, their championship, their wisdom, but not women’s…. The answer to this question is obvious. Afghanistan is mostly a male dominated country, so the reason why there is no women’s voice or activity is because men are the only ones who had been given the opportunities to do what they want, and to live in the way they want to live. Women, according to some men’s perspective, are just only to stay home, rise up children, and do the house chores. That is all a woman is considered to do in most of the places in Afghanistan. Reading these all, a person might think of me as a person who is against men’s activity, but I want to challenge if they once go to Afghanistan and see the scene with their own eyes, then they will never think of it to be an extreme decision or thought, rather they might try to support me in my visions.

After taking a test on what kind of feminist we are in my university class, I have come to know that I am a Socialist Feminist, the one who tries to bring change through social activities, wants to have an educational reform, equal rights amendment, wage rights, reproductive rights, and so on. I totally agree with the result, because I have the hope to bring these all changes. Even though I might not be able to do these all, still I am able to individually work in one of these areas and indeed I will do.

Why am I surely saying “I will do”? Mostly people are sure, when they have supporters, and when they feel that there are also others who are in consent with them, who share same perspectives as them, and who help them to stand rather to oppress them in order to make them weaker than ever. That is why I am sure as well because I have world pulse and the revolutionary people of it with me. World pulse is a place where it empowers women to achieve their goals, not to oppose men and so does the Voices of Our Future. As I have read through the empowerment methodology of VOF, it has basically become clear to me that I will be changed positively and I will change my society or my country or the world towards positive future. In fact, in most of the cases, some human beings always think about the negative side, they are pessimistic. This is not something natural in human beings; it occurs when human beings have passed a long time of depression, so then even if the situation might have changed for them, they still are afraid of stepping forward to change something around themselves. It was also same for me, as my country passed 30 years of war, I felt myself unable to do anything, but after joining the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh as well as joining the World Pulse, I have got the courage that I am able to do something in my society, so this rather made me optimistic about my future. About learning from the VOF, it would be a great opportunity for me to learn a lot, and finally to be changed for a better future. I will improve through the Voices of our Future Program.


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You are a courageous and bright woman!


I loved your writing. Thank you so much for sharing your story here. Your beautiful country has been through so much devastation. Life is so hard there, especially—as you have experienced–for children. Your insights about the status of women in Afghanistan are so thoughtful and profound. I am in complete agreement with you that women should not be treated as inferior beings in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Congratulations on finding your voice as a socialist feminist! I am standing with you in support of your vision of positive change for women and children in Afghanistan and everywhere else. It is wonderful that after years of depression and pessimism, you now feel optimistic and positive. Your university experience sounds excellent and I'm so happy that you have found VOF.

Keep at it -- you have so much going for you!

Warmest regards,


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Dear Mursal, Reading your

Dear Mursal,

Reading your post is a testament to why I wanted to become involved with World Pulse. You are truly an amazing woman and I want to thank you for finding the courage to stand up for your rights and for the rights of women everywhere. I completely agree with you that education is the key to building a solid foundation for securing women's/human rights. It is clear that your education and inner strength have brought your talents to the surface and we will all benefit and grow from having your voice join the chorus calling for equality.

I am so glad to hear that you are optimistic about your future - I see nothing but bright things for you! I feel so grateful to have had the honor of reading your work and hope that you pursue all of your goals to the fullest. You have a powerful and moving voice that will be force to be reckoned with!

Best wishes,


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Building the Afghanistan of tomorrow

Hi Mursal,

Thank you so very much for sharing your vision and story. I'm really happy that you have found a place to express your thoughts and find strength from other people around the world. We are all here for you and looking forward so much to reading more about your life, strengths and dreams - and the lives, strengths and dreams of other young women in Afghanistan. It is young people such as yourself who will build the Afghanistan of tomorrow - good luck with your studies and this most important work.

Yours in solidarity,


Andrea Arzaba's picture


And I know you will bring a great change in your country!

Thank you :)

Andrea (Mexico)

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Education as the key

Thank you for sharing your dreams for Afghanistan with us. Education is the second of the Millennium Development Goals, as the United Nations knows that through education, we can reduce poverty, reduce maternal mortality rates, raise living standards so people can lead productive lives which translates to economic growth, and further development.

Your vision for Afghanistan is inspiring and compelling. It is through the efforts of women such as yourself, with your optimism and hope for your country, that a new generation may enjoy their political, social, and economic rights. I have learned so much from you, and I look forward to reading more about ways we can support women in Afghanistan. Best wishes with your studies.

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Dear all,

Thank you all so much for your nice and courageous comments. This is what I want in order to improve myself and feel as I am not being isolated and discriminated against anymore. This unity of all, the feeling of love and respect to everyone's ideas and behaving with them as to make them understand that they are also an important part of the community will absolutely result to a positive future with success. I feel that I improve because I get inspired through others' success, courage, stamina, and positive comments towards me. Therefore I am really happy to have these all important points in my life in order to improve myself. I am really gratefull to each and every one of you, who are in deed the real human beings with full energy and stamina. You all have changed positively and it is you all who will be the point of positive change in my life in future.

With love, and respect,

Mursal Hamraz

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Hey Murshal,

Congratulation! This is a great opportunity you have got. Keep it up.


Mursal Hamraz's picture


Thanks dear Depti,

Best Wishes,

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