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My best role model

I start this last assignment with a heavy heart. It is ironic, yet somehow fitting that this week's assignment asks about our personal vision for the world and what we would like to accomplish as part of World Pulse's Voices of Our Future program.

My beloved grandmother passed away last night at the age of 89; she was my best role model on what it meant to be a woman and how to make changes in our community. Maggie was an artist, a teacher, a world traveller, a wonderful cook, an optimist, a feminist, an activist, a humanitarian, a great-grandmother, a mother and a wife. She taught me to speak my mind and how to live my life with joy, love and compassion. She was an amazing woman who never let any obstacles stand in her way. I would like to dedicate this assignment to Marguerite Harthill Kennedy Garrick; August 4, 1921 - October 11, 2010. Rest in peace, Maggie. I love you and miss you.

My vision for the world is one of harmony and co-existence; where people are considered more valuable than commodities and love is stronger currency than hate. The grim reality is that we are on the precipice of a new age, and the world has more war, poverty and hunger than ever before. We have entire countries who are suffering from climate change and natural disasters, which seem to get more severe every year. Nations are electing far-right and xenophobic leaders and governments, countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan are being ignored by the rest of the world, and powerful developed countries are in a crisis of spending and debt due to war and greed. Workers around the world are being exploited and abused in the name of profits and dividends.

Women are going to have to be the force of good if we want things to change. Reading the articles and stories from my fellow World Pulse contributors has convinced me that women have great ideas, endless energy and the will to make positive change; we need to make it happen!

I spend each day trying to learn more, to open my mind to new ideas, and progress in my understanding of others. I want to use my voice, my curiosity and my writing to ask questions, to share stories and thoughts, and to raise the profile of women globally. The experience of writing for World Pulse has given me the confidence to think that my stories and perspectives are worth sharing, and that my ideas might give strength to other women. I know that the sum of my life experiences have added up to make me a woman who is not afraid any more of asking tough questions and demanding answers. I want to be a female journalist and writer who focuses on tough issues: labour and pay equity, globalization as it affects women and children, climate change and food production, reproductive choice, gender-based violence, sexual assaults, child care and care of the elderly, justice and equality. I now have a list of people that I would like to interview; women like Dr. Samantha Nutt, Justice Louise Arbour, and Maude Barlow who are making change here in Canada and the world, and Canadian men such as Stephen Lewis, Dr. Keith Martin, and Craig Kielburger who give hope to millions. I also want to start a video documentary project to honour my grandmother's memory; interviewing elderly women and asking them about their lives, their dreams, and their hopes for the future.

How would being a World Pulse Voice of Our Future correspondent help me with my dreams? In so many ways: the training in journalism and writing, the accessibility of an online and telephone program, the mentorship and assistance of the Listeners, and the self-assurance and confidence of knowing that my voice, my opinions and my ideas were being heard. I treasure the chance to be part of this program that features such talented, brave and eloquent writers, and would like to wish each and every woman on this site the best of luck.
Thank you to World Pulse for all that you do for women and the world.



PaxFeminina's picture


The photos above are of my grandmother Maggie and one of her paintings; the painting features my sister and I when we were young.

blessed be,
Pax Feminina

Peace! Paix! Paz! Shalom! Salaam! Friede! Mir! Heiwa! Aman Malay! Ashtee! Damai!
Ets'a'an Olal! Hau! Iri'ni! K'é! Maluhia! Nabad-Da! Olakamigenoka! Pingan! Shanti! Uxolo!

Nelly Bassily's picture

Maggie is beautiful!

I'm so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace. Your grandma sounds amazing and seems she's lived a beautiful and full life. I too am very close to my grandmother. She helped raise me along with my mother. I had strong female role models growing up. Seems like you had a great one too. My own grandma is ailing so I feel that I should spend more time with her and show her just how precious she is.
Thank you for sharing your story.


Nelly Bassily
"We must become the change we want to see in the world"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

hysperia's picture

Your Dear Grandmother

What a lovely tribute to her. I would love to have known her and will be happy to know her through you. I share your accessment of the trouble we are in on this planet and hope that the vision you have expressed here and the spirit of your grandmother will continue to motivate you. In other words, You GO Girl!

CanNurse's picture

The Links that Connect All Women..

Thank you for this vision of your voice and your dream. And thank you for so beautifully sharing the story of your beautiful Grandmother, and your deep connection to her. All that Maggie taught & shared with you through the years has given you a wonderful insight into the links that connect all women, one to the other, and all generations of those women. The gifts your Grandmother gave you are still here, living and vibrant, in you, it is obvious. And waiting to be shared with the world. I absolutely love your idea of a video documentary project, interviewing women elders about their lives, experiences, etc. I think the voices of these women have so often been silenced or forgotten. Your idea would be an enormous contribution in terms of collecting some of these voices & the wisdom of all our grandmothers, in honour of Maggie.
And finally, your vision & goals deeply resonates with me, and I especially appreciate the absolute beauty & deep clarity of your statement,
"My vision for the world is one of harmony and co-existence; where people are considered more valuable than commodities and love is stronger currency than hate."
It is perfect. Thank you. again.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family during this time.

Your words must make your grandmother proud though. I can hear the leadership in your voice, and the desire to use your skills and experience to bring women into the global picture. Wonderfully clear and beautifully written.

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Daydri's picture

i agree with rachael

your grandmother would be proud

such passion, clarity and power
in your words
and vision


i wish you all the best
and solace
and continued creative spirit


Dear Fax Femenina,

I am extending ou my warm hug and codolence for the demise of Lola Maggie,whom a role model to you.Seldom now such woman reaching the age like your lola (Filipino term for a grandmother) who's open-minded,a feminist,wow! ! ! what a great lola she is,really! ! ! On her age,I'm sure she done a lot and you share it here.I can emphatize with you my dear friend how you miss your lola.I'm so sure also that you were able to enjoy her presence and got a lot of positive traits,attitude that I now see on the way how you share all these experiences to us.If we are to think it positively, your lola Maggie,and also my lola Maggie already now, is happy,the physical aspect of her is absent but her SPIRIT especially her good deeds always remain with you.

Andrea Arzaba's picture


My dear,

Thank you for this post. I admire your strenght and I want to congratulate you for your inspiring words.

A big hug,


antoniamichaela's picture


Your grandmother sounds wonderful; I'm very sorry to hear of your loss...Thank you for this heartfelt post. Your passion and determination to contribute to a more peaceful and just world is so evident. I wish you the best of luck.

Peace, Antonia

jbaljko's picture

Best Role Model

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your grandmother sounds like a phenomenal women and a wonderful role model. Your post is a beautifully written and inspiring tribute. I can relate this need of connecting with our elders and tapping their wisdom. It's something close to my heart as well, and I love your documentary idea. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of your posts.

"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

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