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The Future

The concept of equality is one that is often talked about in our schools and we learn at a young age. However, I keep thinking about whether there is such a thing as equality in this world. Would there ever be equality in this world? Or is it just a part of humanity that there will always be some that are more fortunate than others?

I will admit that I hold high hopes that the prospect of universal equality will someday come true but it is very difficult to picture the world without some people gaining at the expense of others. I like to think that am an optimist, looking at the world in the best light possible but the more I learn about history and find out about the poverty, genocide, rape, sex-trafficking, child-labor, and terrorism the more my optimism diminishes. My academic interests are international relations as well as intercultural communication; as such, most of my courses consist of reading about third world or underdeveloped nations. I cannot help but think about the many ways the US is negatively involved in perpetuating the circumstances of many of these underdeveloped nations. Equality is interesting, it is an amusing word. As I think about how much misery and despair those in power are causing all around the world, I cannot stop asking myself whether anything would change if the tables were turned and those suffering were suddenly those in power. A friend of mine always reminds me that there is no way to prove whether things would change or not. However, my gut tells me that it would not in fact be different at all because the people in power are not somehow inherently worse than those who do not. I want to work toward reaching universal equality.

As for my personal vision, I have discovered that I am very passionate about conducting research studies that focus on immigrants and immigration in this state and the country as well. Immigration is a subject that I am very familiar with and one that is very under researched. I plan to focus my studies on East African migrants but I will do studies on people from other parts of the world as well.

I have always been interested in trans-nationalism and international studies because they require a broader understanding of subjects and issues around the world. Since our international system is increasingly becoming interconnected, learning about different cultures and people is, I think, essential for our future. Learning to think globally is very important in order to have impact on people all over the world.

I want to be a part of the Voices of Our Correspondent because it is something can allow me to do what I like and potentially open many doors. Pulse Wire has encouraged me to allow myself to share my opinions and gave me a chance to get to know many inspiring women. I hope to inspire women, especially young women to reach their full potential. I want to be the voice of encouragement that pushes them to reach further and I believe Voices of Our Correspondent will help me do that. In the Somali culture women are not given as much attention and credit as they deserve and I want to bring attention to us and show that we really are needed if anything in our community or the world, for that matter, is going to change for the better.


judyschiller's picture

Your motto is inspirational!

Hello, Hanna,
I really like your motto, "Impossible is nothing but a word!" Imagine if everyone believed that, how different the world would look! :)

I am inspired by your desire for universal equality. You are passionate about that, and I can feel that through your writing. I have lived in developing countries in Central America, and I must admit, that I feel somewhat "skeptical" in comparison to you, so I find your enthusiasm truly refreshing! :) Thank you!

World Pulse is a fantastic place to learn about other cultures! Thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Keep up the great work/writing/sharing!
All the best,

hannabarket's picture

Thank you

Thank you Judy.

I can understand you skepticism and its quite easy to be skeptical because everything we hear in the news is so stark. But the best way to go through it all is to simply be optimistic so you wont get lost in all the sorrows. Just remember to have hope.


missjenn's picture


Hi Hannah,

I love how you have such a passion for learning! Sounds like you have good knowledge on international affairs and human rights violations. What made to specifically interested in the topic of immigration?

From reading your article, it sounds like the message of your piece is the consequences of globalization. Have you heard of John Pilger? You might be interested in watching a documentary he made call "New Rulers of the World." You can watch it on YouTube. It's about an hour long. Here is the link to part 1:

Thanks for sharing your story and best of luck!


hannabarket's picture

Thank you

I am minoring in Human Rights and I have taken quite a few classes on the many types of Human Rights violations around the world. Also, I am interested in immigration because I am from a community of immigrants and I guess much of my experiences living in a new country made me want to learn more about other's in the same situation.

Thank you for the suggestion, I didn't know about him but I will definitely check the documentary out.


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