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Her beauty, Her duty!

Pulse wire has definitely been an inspiring tool in my life. Most of all it has enabled me to interact and grow. The privilege of being in connection with other women has instilled such joy and confidence in me. I can boldly say it’s an honor and pleasure to be a woman, now that I can identify with many others, especially through World pulse.
My vision and dream, is to continue on this path of enlightenment and enrichment in connecting with women and their needs, and with time continue to grow and reach out to many. My inner desire and passion has been rekindled with the major foundation and goal being to empower women, I myself having experienced this first hand through Pulse wire. It’s a long journey. I know it will be a wonderful one and I am glad I found the right path through this network. I am a dreamer, I love to dream, its more like setting goals and finding ambition in life, it makes me become, and also live life in a brighter and more meaningful way. The beauty of it all is the reality that dreams actually come alive when we pursue them, so I am thankful for moments when the fire is ignited like through Pulse wire.
I hope to work with women groups, create and also be a part of existing ones to empower, grow each other, share and develop each others’ personalities, strengths, careers, abilities and roles. Basically I hope to be a voice, a shoulder and a helping hand. Since there definitely exists the ‘big picture’ to travel and reach diverse communities, I will start with where I am at the moment and be a positive influence. I believe Pulsewire too is such a place for me.
In relating with various women and acknowledging existent needs, I look forward to the day when there shall be knowledge and the ability to access it easily. This includes the knowledge of the beauty and abilities that a woman has her place and vital role in society, her influence and her key responsibility in transforming her world. When every girl and every woman has access to this knowledge, I believe then they will step up and be the best of what they can be, regardless of what surrounds them.
I hope to see change in society when it comes to educating girls and women. Through projects and outreaches, I desire to see social and cultural constraints broken. I desire to see the bias and discrimination against the girl child done away with and equal opportunities given to the woman.
I look forward to when abuse and neglect will be a thing of the past and a serious offense, and not just an ordinary act to intimidate women. When a woman finds her voice, finds a friend, someone who understands her, I believe that her brokenness will no longer yield to darkness but will be a place of value and a rich fragrance to impart on the world around her.
I look forward to peace. Peace in families, peace in society, a global peace that can emanate from the oneness and understanding that can prevail through the calming effect of the woman. Regardless of her race or location, she is a woman, an important part of nature, and when she stands as one, the world will follow. I am sure that one way or the other, we have all experienced the calmness that a mother can bring to her home, not to mention the joy and happiness she radiates when she is appreciated.
As a Pulse wire correspondent, I hope to serve in example and in duty! I desire to be a voice, to really come out of the shell, interact and empower others. Given the chance, I hope to inspire others in whatever capacity I can and see change through hope and encouragement given to others. A woman is a wonderful work of creation, she is a nurturer-gives birth and tends to it, she is hardworking, and she is the true picture of beauty and the color of love. I want to recognize her, her beauty, her duty and stand with her.


Laura in Portland's picture

Thank you

Dear Patience,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and goals. I hope all women can work together to achieve all those things. Best of luck in your quest!


Patience O.'s picture


Thank you Laura. I believe one step at a time, with friendships and networking, we'll advance.

Best regards to you too!

jacintai's picture


Hi Patience,

Thanks for your commitment to women the world over - you are an inspiration!

I wonder if you could say which concrete/ specific actions you might take to support women and raise up women's voices? Is there an issue of particular importance to you?

Best wishes,


Patience O.'s picture

Hello Jacinta,Thank you for

Hello Jacinta,

Thank you for the comment and encouragement. I really appreciate.

At the moment, I am discovering and taking baby steps even as I learn of the big picture. I am involved iwth Vessels Internation in the creative department, we hope to counsel and encourage as well as nurture talent through whatever porjects that the women may take up on. These are women who have been through abuse or are in needy situations (e.g widows and orphans). I definately hope to write, widely and communicate to the woman. Issue that really touch my heart include abuse, whether domestic violence or immoral injustices, and the lack of education and cultural contsraints. See, I could just go on, I hope I am specific enough, there's alot going on in the 'woman's world'.

Thank you,

Lisa T's picture


Dear Patience O.,

I enjoyed reading your post. I think that it's wonderful that finding Pulse Wire has been such a positive experience for you! Your positive vision really shines through your writing. I was curious about how, specifically, you want to empower women. You mention that you want to be part of women's groups and I was wondering, what specific kinds of groups would you like to be a part of? What kind of groups would you like to create? You point out several important issues like education and outreach, what issues do you feel are most important for women? As a correspondent, what issues would you see yourself focusing on? I really like the last few sentences of your post and your statement about women.

Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


Patience O.'s picture

Hello Lisa

Thank you Lisa for your lovely comment. Pulse Wire is trully an inspiration.

I would love to be a part of women' s groups and as I mentioned earlier also create. I would love to be a part of a group and see friendships and networking grow. I really like see relationships grow and develop and I believe that this is the foundation for any group. I would like to be a team player and an encourager. I would love to participate in or even initiate development oriented groups such as outreach groups that go to the field and meet with other women in need and help them in whatever projects fitting for them ( farming, sewing, enterprenual etc). Also where the goal is to have projects that empower women with knowledge and education, whether it is study groups or discussion groups ( book collection and distribution and also coaching/teaching groups).I would love to work with situations that enlighten the woman about her roles, responsibilities, abilities and influence in the community. The list is endless, I love this beautiful being.

Best Regards,

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