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Healing the Planet & Liberating Women through SELF LOVE!

Poverty Breeds Violence against Women! Our bodies get used as weapons of war and over time her most precious self, her erotic power, her sensuality, her sexuality, and her ability to manifest dies. The incidents of child sexual abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, rape and assault onto a women's body is an attack of a community’s life force –her power! If she doesn’t address these trauma then she will die —if we as activist and organizers don’t address these issues in our lives then we will continue to DIE!

My dream is to support women, specifically women in the forefront of creating change to support each other in reclaiming the tools they have within, their cultural and spiritual practices and use the elements of mother earth as both tools of self empowerment and weapons of resistance against the impact of racism, classism, ageism, sexism, homophobia, and patriarchy on their lives. It is in community, that women heal and re-learn to love themselves and each other and collectively ground them selves in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling, hidden under trauma, violence and oppression.

Women healing together is in act of empowerment and Self-love, and Self Love is REBELLIOUS ACT of REVOLUTION...! Reclaiming the spirit and giving women the opportunity to love oneself after continuous violence and injustice gives them the ability to soar high, and reach the unreachable. It gives women intiutive insight into our deeper self, so that nobody can deceive us, exploit us, and oppress us. And no institution has ever wanted oppressed people to have strong souls or the capacity to love, because a person who loves is bound to be rebellious! Of course, women so empowered are dangerous.

If a womyn is not allowed to love her self, her spirit, her soul becomes weaker and weaker every day. The moment you avoid love all your creativity dies, all your senses become insensitive, you loose your ability to love and create community, to dream past the moment and transform the world.

Being a Voices of Our Correspondent will give me the ability to write and speak about, give visibility, connect to and bring to the forefront of this global movement the powerful cultural and spiritual ingredients from Indigenous, Afro Latina, Haitian Dominican, Central America, the Caribbean, & Africa and create “A Brew” to heal the planet. There is an unspoken spiritual movement beyond what we can see and understand, that has with standed the test of times and it is because of this that women dare to dream in the mist of the constant war on their bodies, minds and spirit. Voices will help me break that silence and bring that spiritual element to the forefront of social justice movements. Voices will support me in embarking on a journey with my sisters around the world
in taking back their health and their erotic power through forgiveness, transformation, recovery and self love. It is my duty, to take all necessary actions to heal the healers and Voices is that step. It is this space of being a correspondent that I will validate and witness this liberation.

I believe that womyn are experts of their own lives, we are born with the power to heal and transform ourselves, our families and our communities for self-determination and sustainability.

I believe that women have the ability to heal like the earth that sustains us by honoring our cultural, spiritual and traditional tools to bring peace on earth.

I am also in love with web 2.0. As I write this I am in Guatemala attending the 8th Encuentro Lesbico Feminista Latina
America y Caribeno. There is over 300 women here I would have otherwise not met from Peru, Cuba, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic Paraguay, Mexico, El Salvador, Columbia y Chile. And as we try to figure out how to stay connected in Spanish, Portuguese and the many other languages, I thought of Web 2.0 and how great it would be to create and utilize it as a tool for these women to connect globally, resources, needs, offers and have a journal, magazine like world pulse.


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Dear tainadelsol

It was nice reading you...your voice and your vision are very powerful. You write with a lot of clarity and your faith in the power of women is genuine.

Keep writing and sharing your thoughts!


Khushbu Agrawal

tainadelsol's picture

strength and courage

thankyou for sharing your thoughts. it takes strength and courage to write and bring into exsistence a once upon a time dream. The women from voices have given me strength and courage. thankyou for taking the time out to read.

In Bold Rebirth

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Dear Tainadelsol

I love your vision for yourself and the world. We certainly need it.


tainadelsol's picture

strength and courage


In Bold Rebirth

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I really enjoyed reading your journal post and your positive and powerful vision! And I do believe that through Web 2.0 you could break the language barriers and connect with many more women from everywhere. I am originally from Guatemala, by the way, so I am very excited to hear you've been there! :-) Good luck!

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

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