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On my way: Walking, Running, Slowness…

I envision myself amongst other women that like me transgress the dominant culture to build upon our strengths and assets. I am part of a bigger whole where my unit empowers the whole, in my community and around the world. My vision is to spread, share, and generate concepts and practices of financial inclusion for us to us. Forming a collective of voices made of collective experiences pertaining economics would facilitate us a political clout with a unifying social identity.
I want to go to every woman’s gathering, field, and group and teach financial education. It is very simple with education comes responsibility and access to financial terms and its systems would give us information and tools to navigate the system to keep building our base. My vision is to teach women who victims and/or survivors of domestic violence, those who work the land but are not allow to own it, those who because of her gender are not allow to inherit, those…who because we are females at some point access to financial independence has been hindered by unjust laws and social mores.
I will walk the path as an educator/student creating a female space, creating and forging roots, building community. We will take care and honor our whole no exceptions. My education is tied with others, my fears will be shared and I will honor all that is inside us! My awareness is starting to sharpen to the everlasting changes necessary for a revolution. I walk the walk and confront with the mental aptitude that obstacles are opportunities. How is my relationship to the world?
I want to be VOF correspondent because is the venue for my vision and mission to be accomplished. I want women to acknowledge their worth, their value, their independence to have options, choices in life. Web 2-0 has the outreach power to accomplish this; my goal will be accessible to others regardless of geographical borders, language, and level of education. We women learn by doing, by innovating, by confronting, my blog will be an orientation map for effective execution. Advocacy and Web 2-0 complements each other.


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thanks to all of you!!!! powerful experience!!!!

Claudia Patricia Leiva

Najwa Bel's picture

Great post! You are so

Great post! You are so articulate when you talk about women empowerment through education. I totally share your vision sister and even more when you talk about financial independence.

Keep up the good work!


"I am only one, but still I am one."

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thanks soooooooooooo much najwa :) yes we are sisters.

Claudia Patricia Leiva

Christine L's picture

You live to empower

Hello cpleiva09,
You seek to empower women on all levels (mentally, financially etc.) and because you are passionate about it you will succeed. Good luck and thank you for sharing.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi

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thank you so much for your feedback!!!! yes and we will,

Claudia Patricia Leiva

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We all walk together,

We all walk together, Claudia!

I was especially moved when you said, "My education is tied with others, my fears will be shared and I will honor all that is inside us! My awareness is starting to sharpen to the everlasting changes necessary for a revolution."

We are all tied together and awareness truly sharpens our thinking. I applaud your vision of empowerment for women.

All the best,

Lisa T's picture

Great vision


I enjoyed reading your post and I think you have a great vision. Educating women on financial issues is very important. I was curious about the title of your assignment, how does "slowness" fit in with your overall vision? I was also wanting to know more about how you will accomplish your vision by being a Voices of Our Future correspondent. What specific kind of educational outreach will you be doing? Are there currently any women's financial educational programs available in your country? If so, how will your outreach be different from others in your country?

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your posts and about the progress you make.


cpleiva09's picture


Lisa thank you for your interest in my mission and vision, excellent questions.
Slowness signifies stopping and smellling the roses. women live thier lifes in a rush, being caregivers of their surroundings and families and little time for themselves. we need to enjoy being ourselves not with relationships to others but with ourselves. the first step is asking what do we want, what is the place I occupy in the world? what are the political, socio-economic forces that shape my everyday? For example immigrant or undocumented.
VOF gives the opportunity to create an unifying voice, borderless educational outreach and membership to the be global citizen. Web 2-0 is a tool for empowerment. Informal education is a method that builds upon what we know by practice. Financial inclusion means different things in different countries. I am Colombian, I live in USA different countries, different cultures yet similar women's financial issues. For example my stakeholders are women survivors of domestic violence. Economic abuse is often overlook in this type of violence, women often are denied the right to have a becomes representative of the kind of relationship they have with the abuser: negative impact. Once they leave the aqbuser money becomes another issue that controls thier everyday the lack of experience managing it, profiting, and spending it could be overwhelming.
my educational outreach consists in going to shelters, women's groups, womaen's organizations and all the places where I be needed.
My mission is to tailor the needs of the women to their own circumstances; there are financial curriculums and financial literacy modules, however the information is general and at time does not apply to surviviors of domestic violance. For example credit bureus report debts unpaid bills, nevertheless they often ignore that abusive partners use their partners' name and economic history to hinder their future and create a negative credit history in their names.
My immidiate goal is not to reinvent the wheel is to improve it. I live close to shelters and immigrant populations, they are the experts in what they need.

Claudia Patricia Leiva

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