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I Have A Dream! I Am The Visionaire!

Vision is an important part of leadership. No kind of leadership is possible without vision. “The word Vision has been defined as foresight based on insight with the benefit of hindsight”. George Banner.

For an idea to be tagged a vision, it is expected to have the following characteristics:
 It is inspiring
 It provokes change
 It is original and probably not be duplicated.

The vision for my personal life is not completely removed from my vision for my community and the world. As a matter of fact, if I could achieve my vision for my community and the world, then my personal vision has being achieved as well. Against this backdrop however, I will be dwelling on the discussion of my vision for my community and the world much more than that of my personal vision because my personal visions are embedded in the realisation of these community/world visions.

Vision For My Community/World

1. I envision a just society that is free of gender discrimination where there is equal opportunity for both sexes
2. A world where women’s voices will be heard and respected.
3. I would love to be a leading gateway for advocating for women’s rights and development while providing easy access to justice
4. A well informed society where there is zero tolerance for all forms of violence against women
5. A society free of harmful traditional practices against women
6. I look forward to a community where the popular slogan “it’s a man’s world” will be replaced with “it’s a woman’s world”.
7. I envisage a society where all the International instruments are not just there for the sake of it, but that they are strictly implemented in situations of abuses of rights. Examples are:
 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
 Universal Declaration on Human Rights (UDHR)
8. As regards Nigeria, I envision a Country where there will be specific laws protecting women and widows and a situation where these laws will be implemented. For instance it is 25 years now that Nigeria ratified CEDAW but the government has failed to adopt a law to allow CEDAW to be invoked before Nigerian court. The following violations of women’s rights are in the increase in Nigeria:
 persistence of discriminatory laws;
 lack of harmonisation between statutory and customary laws and application of Sharia laws in the northern states;
 Violence against women, including widowhood rites; and obstacles to access to employment, decision-making positions and health services.
NB. In cases where the laws exist, implementation is very poor. So I look forward to a country where there will be adequate implementation of these laws.
9.Finally, I envisage a community where women will be free of intimidation and fear of standing up for their rights. In other words, a society where women will stand up tall for their rights to avoid violations or abuse.
1. Being a part of a social change is a passion to me and being part of the voices will give me a good platform to lend my voice by contributing to the change we desire as women in the world; moving from the realm of silence to that of being very vocal and vociferous on women’s issues
2. The desire to connect with several women across the globe and discuss issues that pertains to our gender
3. To be parts of a global development network that units woman for change.
4. In pursuance of this change that I will love to be part of, being a voice in the correspondence will enable me connect with grass root women leaders across the globe to rub minds, share experiences and challenges and also together proffer solutions to move ahead.
5. Personal development and professional development in the areas of increment in self-awareness, empowered leadership, mentoring, networking internet communication and writing skills

It will help my vision because my capacity would have being more developed, empowered and be self assured in pursuance of my vision both on a personal, community and world level, most especially at the world level.


Beverly Rose's picture

Dear Patoftroy, What a

Dear Patoftroy,

What a wonderful essay! I am delighted to be a Listener for this week's assignment. You captured my thoughs when you said "if I could achieve my vision for my community and the world, then my personal vision has been achieved as well".

Although all of your visions for your community/world are critical, I smiled most when I read "the popular slogan “it’s a man’s world” will be replaced with “it’s a woman’s world”. It is women such as yourself and many of our WorldPulse correspondents who are making this happen!

Whatever you do in life, I am sure you will make a difference in this world. I am sure you have already! In any event, I wish you the best in achieving your vision for yourself, your community, and the world.


patoftroy's picture

Thanks a great deal, reading

Thanks a great deal, reading your comments gives me great joy, most especially when you specifically appreciats a part i was not too sure whether i was doing the right thing "if I could achieve my vision for my community and the world, then my personal vision has been achieved as well". It simply represents how i feel and how passionate i Tam of it. hanks!

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I enjoyed reading your post. You have identified so many inspiring visions for women around the world! I like the title of your post and I think you do a nice job of outlining what "vision" means to you. I was wanting to know more about how you personally will act on these visions and if you are currently involved in any programs working toward these visions. I was also wondering, are a few of these visions that are closer to your heart than others? Do any of these issues directly impact you in a significant way? As a correspondent, which issues would you see yourself focusing on? I think you outline the reasons you want to be a correspondent very well.

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


patoftroy's picture

Thank you very much, i

Thank you very much, i appreciate the details of your analysis of my work, it gives me joy. I'm not sure now whether the questions you pose are rethoric. Thanks a great deal.

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Hi! Wow, your vision is so well-thought out and you have identified such practical steps towards its implementation. I found your clarity of intentions and the means you lay out of achieving them to be very impressive. Good luck; I am sure you will do incredibly well in your efforts to achieve your vision.....
Peace, Antonia

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