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A Slow Life ~ Live It

What if we started each day as a clean slate, forgetting 'who we are, what we have become and what we know ourselves to be'? What if we were to experience the world and our surroundings as innocently as a child, all of our senses acutely aware and open? I have been exploring this way of experiencing life within my community and among my travels. I am learning, through simple ignorance, brilliant happenings occur. I will call these happenings peak experiences. First one must slow down enough to be aware. Truly to be a part of one's surroundings. In this way we may understand/sense the energy/issues which are present and then intuitively know how to go about making change. We will sense the smallest of innuendos in a gesture or comment. As I speak of we, it is 'we', the women/girls of this day. I feel that we MUST take the time to know this way of being, this slow self, who first knows and understands that in this stillness/slowness you are a part of ALL and their is no separation. I also believe that this is innate within us as women, and if we do not remember or feel this, than it is time to reconnect to your source. It is there! In following this inner guide/voice, these peak experiences become a part of daily life. We become omnipresent, at one with the world. It doesn't take a large amount of time, it does take an open mind and heart, because in this experience we are led and guided. There are no mistakes, there are no wrong directions. What is created is an opening where an event, divinely orchestrated, may happen. The event may be as simple as making a phone call to a friend or family member who appeared in your dreams the night before...and as they hear your voice their world lights up, because they needed a friend and someone to listen or give guidance. No matter the magnitude of the sharing or exchange, it will heal and and it will change. We will hear and we will know.
It is my belief as women, we are the guides to this new way of being and change. We are designed to birth and nurture our visions and dreams to fruition. We do it every day! As we take the time to allow these experience/miracles to happen and share with the men in our life, whether they be sons, husbands, brothers, friends or leaders, they too will see this connection and once understood a new respect will be founded. Respect is key in this dynamic. We revere that which we respect and this reverence for one another will change the language we have spoken for decades. It will open a new dialogue for peace. Eyes and hearts will open and soften...and the journey, together, unified as one within our communities and world, will become a healthier, more peaceful planet. No country, or state as a boundary. No us or them. One World!
The opportunity to become one of the Voices of Our Correspondent for PulseWire, will enable me to continue to share on a broader level, the gift and honor of being woman in this time. My life experience is forever altered as I know such beauty and confidence in taking part in this universal dance. If you have ever seen or heard the phrase "slow food", which means basically, hand prepared the old fashioned way...I move to the beat of "slow life". I know what I bring forward has meaning, value and will have an impact for change because I have learned to know and trust that I am following my heart and what my heart knows, needs to be heard!


rmweaver's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on slowing down and truly appreciating life. I especially liked it when you said, "I move to the beat of "slow life". I know what I bring forward has meaning, value and will have an impact for change because I have learned to know and trust that I am following my heart and what my heart knows, needs to be heard!

Keep listening and sharing your voice!

All the best,

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Hi Rebecca,

It is truly a full life I lead single parenting my three children...and "slowing it down" as to hear/see all of the beauty, messages and lessons presented is what brings it all full circle. It brings grace into each day. My ears, eyes and heart are so attuned to be present. It brings me great joy, even as I might be in a rush to meet a client or pick up my child...out of the corner of my eye I will see two old women stop to greet one another and hug on the street corner and I remember to greet my child in the same way. Soften that rush! It's unending once begun, a life lived through your heart!! It seems to always be at the right place at the right time to hear the next words of inspiration to write about or connect a story, or connect with another.

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to share your thoughts. What lights up your world? Please share a bit of yourself with me as you have the time!


Lisa Stidd Silver

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Slow Life

In reading your post, I get a clear sense of the passion you feel for what you call the "slow life" and the yearning to teach it to or share it with others. I hope you do! This world definitely needs more "slowness"...

All the best to you,


Connecting Together's picture

All one

Hi Violeta,

The slowness is in the awareness and connectedness. I can totally be multi-tasking, busy, focused and I will hear the train whistle blow outside, walk out onto my deck, close my eyes and feel the sunshine on my face lighting up my entire being, then feeling a shadow, opening my comes my friend, the Osprey flying past in his circling of the pond below for his nourishment. All in the flash of one moment! Take the time, right? Miracles are happening every moment in nature, with one another, with the universe. It is abundant and rich and moves me beyond belief! It is all, parenting, love, life. It is all interconnected, no one aspect more important than the other, just a part, that's all!
How about you...what makes you move and smile and reach out? The diversity in each and every one of us is what makes it shine!!


Lisa Stidd Silver

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