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Transforming Lives through Information and Exchange!

I vividly remember an incident while in secondary school, when an elderly man listened to me chatting with my mates in a bus, on an outing at boarding school. I wasn’t aware of his keen interest, but when we all alighted from the bus, he suddenly inquired, “What would you like to become in future?” Surprised but very confidently, I spurted out, “a journalist.” Honestly, I didn’t know much about journalism at the time, nor had I even given it serious thought! However, I just knew deep down…that it was the profession I’m most fascinated by, most interested in, and most at ease with. Looking back through the years, I realise I wasn’t wrong after all, for an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the power of information in transforming lives has been my all-time pursuits.

Being aware of what I’ve always wanted to do in life wasn’t enough. I equally increasingly became aware of the essence of any chosen career. Is it just to earn a living, or was that passion put into our hearts so that we can light up other hearts towards a better life? The latter is true for me, for I believe that in as much as our earnings are necessary to keep us comfortable, only the fulfilment we derive from our vocation can keep us going throughout the ups and downs of life, unshaken. That fulfilment becomes more complete, when we’re committed to using what we enjoy doing most, to improve the lives of others. So my vision as a journalist is to use whatever I have and acquire as talent or skill respectively, to put smiles on other’s faces! Achieving that vision would not only guarantee me self-fulfilment, but would also be geared towards impacting my community and the world at large in my own small way.

As a journalist, my vision therefore is to create a media organization, through which useful and quality information is produced and disseminated through various formats. The corporate culture firstly, should be driven towards providing information that would empower others, opposed to that which is either redundant, almost everywhere else, or derails from universally-acceptable values. Secondly, such information should be available to an as wide as possible audience for a global impact, and directly to my community for issues specific to it.
Voices of Our Correspondent and My Vision

I wish to be a “voice of our correspondent” to make my voice heard by contributing to empowerment globally. As a communicator, it’s not enough to write for local publications. I’d love to share stories of triumph over struggle that are happening in my country, which would be solutions-oriented to those in another community. I’d also love to learn from other women’s experiences worldwide, who, irrespective of their background or status, have a story to share. The power of web 2.0 and citizen journalism makes these objectives possible, thanks to Pulse wire.

Being a “Voice of our Correspondent” would step up the speed and urgency for me to achieve my vision, through a goal-oriented, progressive and resourceful training in personal development, web 2.0 and social change. Such training would enable me get the specialized knowledge, harness the available resources, and benefit from the expert monitoring all needed to translate my vision into concrete action for the good of humankind. Besides, Pulse wire’s social community offers a perfect platform in reaching out to women around the globe, on empowerment issues I wish to address regarding womankind.


Having a goal of lighting up other hearts towards a better life is certainly challenging in the world we live in today. It is an important goal and I want to encourage you to keep building up your network.

The Web 2.0 platform is a great one to hone your skills and talents, as it has the capacity to expand tremendously in the coming years.

Good luck spreading your vision, putting together people with resources, and building on your knowledge base.

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Thanks very much,William!
I stay hooked to the dream, understanding that as challenging as it is, each of us making a little contribution at our end, can indeed make a great difference to someone in the world.


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Journalism as a way to share solutions


Thank you for your courageous vision and dedication. Journalism can be a wonderful way to share solutions with other communities, as you say, or simply inform citizens about issues that will help improve your country, little by little, step by step. Wishing you all the best with your ambitious dream - with your dedication, you'll be sure to get there.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Jacinta,

With such encouragement, the sky's surely my limit.
Wishing you the very best too, in your media & humanitarian projects.
Did i mention i'm also into filmmaking, especially documentaries...OK, good to know, we've got some great stories out here to tell the world.




As a journalist/freelance writer, I can relate to your passion for using information and the media to bring about social change. In fact, I would also like to learn many of the skills being offered through the VOF program. Better using Web 2.0, developing social media skills, and providing readers with well-balanced and empowering information will be fundamental to move the entire profession forward.

Since you mentioned that you would like to create a media organization, I'm curious about what you have in mind. Would it be more news oriented, how-to service articles, or feature more personal essays? What kinds of formats do you have in mind? World Pulse certainly will be a good outlet for trying out different writing styles and discovering what voice works in different situations.


"The secret of happiness is freedom,
and the secret of freedom, courage."
-Thucydides, ancient Greek historian & author

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Hi Jbaljko, You've perfectly

Hi Jbaljko,

You've perfectly captured the very essence of this noble profession of ours- using information and the media to bring about social change.

I believe all the formats you mentioned are useful in passing on a message meant to empower an audience, provided it's well targeted depending on the goal of the media package which can appear in the varried forms: audio, video, print, & social media, especially all on the web.

I like features for their indepth focus and timelessness; how-to service articles in providing practical solutions; personal essays in telling deep personal stories others can relate to, and of course news when the information is to be delivered as soon as possible. However, it's effective when all the other formats have a timeliness in terms of throwing more light on issues that are at stake at moment and on which people are searching for answers or an outlet to contribute, as it happens with the "news".

Thanks for sharing. WorldPulse & Pulsewire is indeed a great forum i've found.


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