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Inspiring Times with Inspiring People

Children at Moanoghar Orphanage, Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

My personal vision for my life is to be the best person I can be, a daughter, mother, wife, friend and comrade in arms, and for this to be a continuous journey of learning and sharing that lasts until the day I die. I want to always be inspired and inspiring, and to see the beauty in the world around me and not to become bored or tired of living.

In terms of my community there are some things that I have been concentrating on that have been looking at peace, conflict resolution and justice for the Jumma Indigenous Peoples. This has been my focus for many years. And this has in parts been driven by my anger at the injustice I have seen the Chakma face, not just in my own lifetime, but also through the remembered stories of displacement from my elders. These injustices cut deep. But I also see the younger generation is moving on and they are the best example of how a community can overcome. They show by their endeavours to become well educated and travel and speak without fear, that they are no longer carrying the burden of being victims and they are taking control of their own destinies and they are proud to be Indigenous.

As well as my activism, which I have discussed in previous assignments, I am also involved in supporting an orphanage called Moanoghar in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. This was set up during the conflict, and as with some orphanages in developing countries it educates children whose parents may have been lost to conflict, but in many cases, who are too poor to school their children.

Now we are seeing children who have benefited from an education at Moanoghar come back to help run the orphanage and school. This is an amazing contribution for those who have come from such disadvantaged backgrounds, and it makes me very proud of their achievements. I would like to continue to support Moanoghar by raising awareness of the excellent work it does. To learn more about the orphanage, check out its Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=68979092432

The contribution I want to make to the world is in realizing that we are all connected and that our stories are all important and vital and real. And that by working together we can affect change, beyond what we can achieve as individuals. I don’t want to change the world alone, but I do want to work with others to create a fairer global society.

I would love to be a Voices of our Future Correspondent, as it will help me build on the discipline of writing what is in my heart and regaining an emotional integrity that I have been hiding from since the loss of my father. I have really loved the last four weeks, as they have given me license to write and to find my own voice again. I feel privileged to have started conversations and discovered supportive networks with some amazing women across the globe. And I want to continue this sharing and learning.

This opportunity will enable me to contribute to the vision I have for my life and my place in the world as an active participant and positive change-maker. I would like to celebrate some of the important stories I have come across, from Indigenous Peoples and children in Bangladesh, Borneo, Uganda and Kenya.

I feel very lucky to be living in this technological age, with the ability to connect so immediately with women all over the world. I see the internet and the stories it enables us to share as a living breathing part of history. I see our stories and those of our communities being weaved together by the correspondents to create a rich tapestry of dreams. And these dreams will change the world.

Some stories from my travels…
Unearthing the Pen in Karamoja, Uganda

Barion Childrens’ Stories:

Kibera Community Youth Programme, Kenya

In my own words, A history of the displacement, environment and militarization in the CHT, Bangladesh

Mro woman and baby, Bandarban, CHT, Bangladesh
Boy filming on top of mountain in Abim, Karamoja, Uganda


alia's picture

Dear Ina no one from us can

Dear Ina

no one from us can change the world alone , we need to be togather , and i really pray to wok with you Ina , you have a great power i like to get some of it .

I would love to be a Voices of our Future Correspondent, as it will help me build on the discipline of writing what is in my heart and regaining an emotional integrity that I have been hiding from since the loss of my father.

iam sure your father was a great man , because he brought you up to this world .

world pulse made me believe in my self more and trust my steps more too . i hope we all could get the chance to work with it , but if not , we can have our own projects too ;) what do you think my friend?

my love


Ina Hume's picture

Love to work with you

Dear Alia,

I would love to work with you. I have had a fascination with Syria for some time- ever since I saw this film my dad was in and also all his old photos from Hama. It looks amazing- and the people very special too. I would also love to be a correspondent- it would be a great opportunity to build some links.

But, yes we should work together whatever the future holds. I look forward to it.



Jan K Askin's picture

VOF week 4 assignment

Dear Ina,

It is such a privilege for me to just be one of your "listeners." You ahve one of the more affecting voices out of the many I have heard in the last four weeks.

Congratulations on the success of Moanoghar. The younger generation has so much potential. Sometimes, the older we become, we cannot envision something different...and better.

You are not one of those people. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Your sister in the US, Jan

Jan Askin

Ina Hume's picture

Thank you Jan

Dear Jan,

Thank you so much for your warm words. I really appreciate it, especially when i have read some of the amazing contributions from other participants and think how powerful they are.

It is a big effort sometimes to stay positive about the future in a region as politically complex as the Hill Tracts. And it sometimes feels it is one step forward and two steps back, as so much is outside of your control. But then it is important to remember, that we are all in control of our own peace of mind and approach to life.

Thanks for the support,

Warmest regards and best wishes,


Beverly Rose's picture

Dear Ina, I was honored to be

Dear Ina,

I was honored to be a Listener for your week 4 assignment. I am always fascinated to read how one can have a positive result from a disaster. To have the recipients of your work (the orphanage) return and give back by working there is such a reflection of you and all those who had the vision to start the orphanage. what a wonderful story!

Thank you for finding your voice, telling your stories, and for your vision. May your dream be manifested.


Ina Hume's picture

We can all dream

Dear Beverly,

Thank you so much for your comments and also support for the work of Moanoghar. They do such good work there, under such tough conditions, with uncertainty of funding and changes in legal aspects of how they can receive funding from international sources. But, it is great that some of those now involved in running it have had the experience of going through the orphanage itself and are so aware of the important work it does and how essential it is for those bright children in the Hill Tracts who would not get the opportunity to study at a good school otherwise. I love the place.

Warmest regards and best wishes,


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