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All I Can Do Is The Least That I Can Do

If we woke up tomorrow and suddenly everyone had food, what would we do with the infrastructure whose existence depends on food shortages? My personal vision of a world with no hunger requires that we feed those who are too lazy to work for food and that is against everything I stand for, yet when I meet a hungry person I never inquire as to why they are hungry. I live in one of the richest counties in America but I rarely leave the home without running into someone who needs food. When I go grocery shopping I buy a few extra bananas and I have yet to make it back to my vehicle without running into someone who needs those bananas. When it is hot I purchase cold water and I can't get out of the parking lot without meeting someone who needs that water. Even when I travel by airplane, I meet some tired parent dealing with a hungry, irritable child who is all too grateful for the snack bars I carry. I say I only want to feed "worthy" people, but I've yet to meet anyone unworthy of food. I can't feed the world, but I can make people who care more aware of hunger. I can inform my friends of organizations that work and those that don't. I can vigorously attack policies designed to harm the world's food supply. I can’t feed the world, but I can feed individuals. That’s what I do.

I don't believe that short of a cataclysmic event, that the world will see peace. There are too many bad guys and too much profit in it for people to voluntarily stop killing others. Our 12-year old son believes that there can be peace in the Middle East and despite my beliefs I cultivate that belief in him for, if not in my time, perhaps in his. I won't shatter his hope in a better world for perhaps he will be the one that brings peace to the world. I instead fight for the side that I believe is right, so that good can perhaps triumph over evil. I fight against injustice, highlight corruption and abuse, and exert pressure on policy-makers to withdraw support from dangerous and rogue States. That's what I do.

I am not a dreamer.
I am not a visionary.
I am not passionate, compassionate, emotional, or inspired.
I am not a writer, poet or journalist.
All I am is conflicted American Black female electrical engineer who is tired of hate, hunger, disease, poverty, violence, and greed. I am the descendant of slaves and slave owners, Jews and Catholics, Shoshone Native Americans and German settlers. I am confused about where I stand in this world because I have spent too much time looking backwards and not enough time looking forward. World Pulse has forced me to look forward, and for that I thank you.

These few weeks have been humbling. I believe that almost everyone I've encountered is better suited for VoicesRising. That being said, I still want it. I want to be a VoicesRising Correspondent because:
1. It brings out the best in me.
2. I’m inspired by the women in the group.
3. I think I can contribute and am willing to lend my expertise where needed. I am likewise committed to learning from others.
4. I have looked at the activities and responsibilities and feel that I can meet or exceed all of the requirements.

I don't deserve another chance, but yet I still want one. Except for healing our son, I have wasted every opportunity life has handed me and for that I am ashamed. I want my life to mean something. I want to be remembered as someone who did something good for the world. I have helped at least a thousand people and none of them know my name. I want someone to know my name.

If I am chosen as a Correspondent, I will put my analytical and policy skills to use to make cogent, coherent arguments in support of one position or another. I hope that is enough though I wish I could do more.

Thank you for this opportunity.


olakitike's picture


Dear Karen,
I am humbled by the honesty of your words. I truly think that one day soon very many people will know your name.
I wish you the best.

Karen Rozier's picture

Thank you

Those are very kind words indeed.


Karen Rozier's picture

I tried

but I couldn't resist correcting the one glaring typo.

tallybery's picture

Dear Karen, I am here as part

Dear Karen, I am here as part of the listener group to congratulate you on this last assignments. I am glad to know that world pulse is making such a positive difference in your aprouch to life, I belive it could keep on doing so even if you are not chosen to be a correspondant. This opportunity doesn´t stop here. World Pulse will still be here for you. I feel that you´ve shared a very honest text, but I´d missed objectiveness on your purposes of a better society and what roll you want to play on this process. Being a correspondent is not so much about supporting positions, it is more about inspiring others to make significant changes on their community starting by your daily life. It is promoting changes from inside out. These changes will take a lot of time to take the globe, but they sure will last since they are evolutive changes and not revolutionary ones. I too don´t have faith that I will see this, maybe not even my children. But the way starts with one simple step. Let´s keep on walking...I wish you all the best and good luck with everything :-)

Karen Rozier's picture

Thank you Tallyberry

You hit it dead on. I struggled with whether or not to complete the last two assignments for those reasons. I forced myself to complete the tasks because I have gained so much respect for this group that I did not want anyone to think that I was taking this lightly. I am glad I stuck with it because it forced me confront my limitations, but I'm okay with being me.

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