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The Girl Effect

Hi everyone,

On submitting my last assignment in the Voices of Our Future, I felt very emotional, dwelling on the last 4 weeks spent here and remembering all the stories I read, all the knowledge I gained, all the inspiration and motivation I received from the wonderful women posting and opening their hearts, all the friends I got, all the support and encouragement starting from the editorial staff, listeners, participators and everyone else. A thousand thank you would not serve enough honor for everything you did and the least I can do is to continue fighting - fighting for my vision, fighting for our vision.

I feel the passion surrounding me when I open World Pulse and that fire keeps me going and makes me write, fight, think, act - even much more than before.
This experience has been life-changing and a lot more than what I initially expected when enrolling in the program.

I want to share something with you - go to the link:

Hopefully, this might be an inspiring 2 minutes of your day!



noreens's picture

Hi Ivana, That video is

Hi Ivana,

That video is great. I'm going to pass it on to a couple of friends. Like you, the past four weeks have brought out emotions in me. Starting with "my hero - my father" (it made him cry too!) to the last assignment, which i have yet to submit - although it's finished. I think it was the subject matter of that one that brought tears to my eyes as I was writing it. It's just been so great writing whatever comes to mind - without editor's approvals, etc. Anyway, I wish you a lot of luck!

IvanaG's picture

Dear Noreen,

Glad you liked the video. Like I told you, I was waiting for your assignment and had to read it as soon as you posted it - and it's simply breathtaking. I'm sorry for your tears, but perhaps sometimes we have to get it out of our systems which makes us feel better after - after all we are women with innate female wisdom. :-))
I wish you a lot of luck too and hope we can continue exchanging and sharing even more.

I just find it so weird that what seems to be a simple initiative could have such a serious, positive impact on me. I understand you gals very much when you talk about how these four weeks have been emotional. IT'S AMAZING! Absolutely epic! Although these 4 weeks is technically coming to an end, it is only just the beginning!

Especially the 4th week, I never imagined that Pulse Wire would talk about innate female wisdom and the sacred feminine. Who would have thought! EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TO KNOW!!! And I swear, the timing is perfect, not just in terms of becoming an aspiring writer, but in all aspects of my life (including my social life).

Is there a big enough thank you that could express how truly thankful I am?! And none of this wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the support of the other women in this network. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!

IvanaG's picture

Hi Rahel,

You're right, this is just the beginning. I believe after these 4 weeks we will get more reasons to stick here, stick together, stick speaking up, stick sharing. I am happy to know that this program provided you with exactly what you needed and I can found myself feeling the same things: emotions, passion, eagerness bursting out. Hurray for the initiator and everyone involved in the program.
Hope you will continue posting and writing here and keep in touch.

Deepti's picture

Wonderful video!

This is such a great video. Those words say alot. Thanks Ivana for this wonderful post.

And yes, these four weeks were indeed very motivating and productive. And now it is being emotional. But we should be proud that we made it :)

Good luck!


IvanaG's picture

You're welcome Deepti!

Glad you liked it! You said the right words - we should be proud and I would just add hope to find all of you still keep writing and keep sharing in this community!

Good luck to you too!


Eliana's picture

Dear Ivana, Thank you for

Dear Ivana,
Thank you for your video. It is really well done. But most of all I want to thank you for the emotions you expressed. I think you talked out of our hearts, too. I did my last assignment and I was really nearly reluctant to write it. I was overwhelmed by million of different feelings, ideas, thoughts dreams from the past to the present. It was for me as if I were doing a time voyage. So many things came up to my mind and so many experiences found the way through the darkness of the past, that I found the 700 words too little to put in everything that is inside myself and wants to get out.
I would like to thank you for your comments and for the time you took to read my journal entries and for the encouraging comments you always posted. You were and stilll are a real inspiration to me. I thank you for your friendship and support. And hope we will continue our exchange in future time.
Thank you, Ivana
´Peace to you


IvanaG's picture

Dear Eliana,

You're more than welcome. I felt the same way when writing the last assignment - I just wanted to keep writing until my heart is satisfied. But hey - we have our journals here and that's exactly what we can do. One thing is for sure - I would like to read more of your stories, emotions, daily events and stay connected. Thank you for the friendship and support and encouragement you provided me too! Your posts tell me what a special person you're and I am proud to have found you here as a friend. Keep up the good work and hope to stay in touch!
All the best,

Eliana's picture

Thank you, Ivana! I am

Thank you, Ivana!
I am blessed and glad that our paths crossed on Worldpulse and you are right: We still have our journals and there is enough space to talk and share experiences, stories and daily events that come along (and no word limit:-)
I am proud to have found a friend like you are and I will not thank you enough for the encouragement and support you provided to me in these four weeks. And I hope our lively exchange will continue even after. I am looking forward to reading more about you, your life, challenges, dreams, ideas and projects.
Thank you for your friendship and support.
Peace to you


Rudzanimbilu's picture

Ivana, thank you

Thanks for posting the video, it is really inspiring indeed. And I share the same sentiments. There's no words in my vocabulary right now that can express the joy that this project has given me. I've made a lot of friends, I feel encouraged to write more and to express how I feel without feeling guilty. We can never thank our Listeners, our new found friends, the World Pulse team enough as well as the sponsors of this initiative. It's sad indeed that it has come to an end but hopefully it is a beginning for all of us who participated.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

IvanaG's picture

Hi Rudzanimbilu!

I am glad you found the video to be inspiring and that you share the same sentiments. I can see that most of us in the program share these emotions and I think that's one of the reasons that we found this program so amazing. People from different parts of the world, with similar warm hearts and interests, gathered in one place encouraging each other. I hope this would be a beginning for all of us like you said and that we would use the end of this program as a starting point for something even bigger, greater!


Dear Ivana,

What I did so as for me not to be heavy,I always have with me and ready my pen and notebook and while I am doing something or if am out,and an answer,idea and words come to my mind,I jot it down so that I can't forget it.The only experience that I almost forgot to put in my last assignment is, when I'm still single and don't put to test yet my courage riding in a banca going to the community at the foot of Taal volcano.We've been caught by a very strong storm and I don't know how to swim,I've noticed that the banca we're riding just keep on moving around,and my companions are already panicking and we are all wet,I just keep on quitely praying and I lay myself to God saying" if you still allow me to continue my mission to others,if I still have many things to do yet,you please spare my life and give me a sign (my faith to God was put to test at that time)it's been a long waiting and when I open my eyes,I saw the cross very far away from us,and it was my sign because it becomes nearer and nearer to us.The trip that usually toke more than half an hour by this time it toke more than 5 hours.From then on,I was convinced that God store something for me to do and He is always on my side.That was really a horrible experience of mine.A lot of struggles and challenges I have experience be it was man made or nature causing events,and I was convinced that I can survive it all.

IvanaG's picture

Dear Adelma,

I can understand what you're saying and you showed great courage with what you did! However, those things only make us stronger - that's why we are all here. Risen from a fall to stand even stronger on our feet.

Keep going and I wish you all the best!


Farona's picture

Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this video, loved it !

I can relate to your emotions while composing my last piece :-)
As I kept my fingers on my laptop, waiting to type, myriad of emotions filled my heart. I couldn’t focus!
My sister was suffering from TB, her pain seemed to overwhelm me during this process. But the joy of reading so many stories of sufferings/hope helped me heal :- )

With love and kindness

IvanaG's picture

Shared emotions!

Dear Farona,

We all share the same emotions and that's why this experience was so powerful, because all individual passions were merged into one big fire! However, we are here, still sharing, still writing, still connected. I sympathize with you about your sister and I am sending you all the support you need: I know it's hard, my sister lost her hearing and had a miscarriage at the same time and I've been holding her hands for many years, while she was getting on her feet, without believing what's happening. Sister's love is something cherished and I care and love my two sisters to inexplicable heights. I hope you will have the strength to carry on, hold her hand and use all your emotions for creation!

Lots of hugs,

sahar's picture

Thanks 4 sharing !

Thanks 4 sharing !


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @snuraddin
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
- Helen Keller

IvanaG's picture

Dear Sahar,

You're welcome! That's why we are all here - to share!
Hope to hear more from you!


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