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It is no longer news that women all over the world are allowed only limited roles in the society. Most women lack the educational and economic resources that would enable them challenge the prevailing social order and have generally accepted their inferior status and continued to suffer in silence.
My vision for my life is to become actively involved in agitating and working towards women liberation. My vision is of a world, devoid of any form of discrimination against women, where women are empowered to assume their rightful places in the society. To help bring to limelight those “silent voices”. With my story to give life, hope and courage and with my dedication to transform many lives for the better.
Millennium development goals NO 4 and 5 commits governments to reducing child mortality and maternal rates, and call for better reproductive health services. This is based on the understanding that sexual violence causes multiple reproductive health problems, teenage pregnanacy, unsafe sexual behavior and sexually transmitted diseases. Unwanted pregnancy, pregnancy complications, miscarriage, low birth weight and maternal mortality can also result from domestic violence. So many issues and challenges face women in our society today. There is a continuous manifestation of gender violence throughout the phases in a woman’s life.
In the prenatal phase, there is prenatal sex selection, battering during pregnancy, coerced pregnancy, and rape during war. As an infant, there is female infanticide, emotional and physical abuse, differential access to food, medical care and education, child prostitution and trafficking. As an adolescent, dating and courtship violence, economically coerced sex, sexual abuse in the workplace, rape, sexual harassment and forced prostitution. A woman of reproductive age experiences abuse by intimate partners, marital rape, dowry abuse and murders,partner homicide, psychological abuse, sexual abuse in the workplace, sexual harassment, rape and abuse of women with disabilities. During old age, abuse of widows and elder abuse.
The list of crime against the female gender is endless.
My continued search for a wider platform to enable me achieve my vision, brought me to WORLDPULSE.Ever since I joined, I have come to experience a rapid and interesting process of personal growth, realizing where I am at every step of the way bearing in mind that the journey is also part of the destination.
WORLDPULSE has given me the awareness and is helping me translate my knowledge into a compelling vision. I am all set to taking back the wisdom of the feminine. I have learnt how to face my fear, instead of closing my heart and running away from my emotions. I am regaining connection with my physical body as well as the body of the earth and creating the trinity of home, roots and community. Indeed, it is my time to flourish.
As a young activist and visionary who care deeply about women issues locally and globally, becoming a Voices of Our Future Correspondent will enable me amplify my voice, develop networks and collaborate with other change makers around the world. This is a sure path of achieving my vision of becoming actively involved in agitating and working towards women liberation.
PULSEWIRE is more than a home to me, offering all the tools I need to achieve my dreams. The Action center which showcases the Resource exchange, Action alerts and Global gatherings have become an indispensable tool in my journey. I have begun to reach out to women in my immediate community, inviting them to PULSWIRE and have started reaching out to members individually.
The journey for me has just begun. I am submitting this last assignment with mixed feelings, praying that this long-awaited opportunity will not pass me by.
I am so grateful to WORLDPILSE and all the wonderful people I have met herein for activating the passion and courage in me and I promise to continue working towards eradicating the regressive pulls on Women all over the world.


bougeotte's picture

Greetings from a listener

I am your listener for the last assignment. Let me say I am glad to hear you are using World Pulse to reach out to other groups in your area. Be the change! Your piece was spot on with regards to gender issues. I especially liked how you broke it down generationally. This is a heavy topic, my only one suggestion would be a personal story to pull the reader in even more. You are an amazing voice for change and I hope to see the same thing in the future as you. I wish you the best of luck.

Laura in Portland's picture

Thank you

Dear Nnenna,

I really enjoyed reading your post. You have a strong, mature voice and write with such eloquence and passion. I wish you all the best in your many challenging, yet inspiring endeavors.

Take care,

rhianr's picture


I admire and recognize that you're a passionate and committed individual.Good luck on your journey

nynaadaoma's picture


@bougeotte,what could i be without you?.Thank you so much for your honest and constructive criticism.I am so humbled.
@Laura,People like you are indeed a great encouragement.Hugs and best wishes.
@rhianc,I wish you all the best too.
Love-nnenna urom

Nnenna Urom

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