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The change I want to be!

Alia Turki Al-Rabeo

When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened". John M. Richardson

I believe that our future is in our hands. After a decade or 15 years, I want to be one of the most100 powerful women in the world, for my impact on society.

So far, I have lived in a society that neither considers females’ views worth nothing. The society did not impact me much as I grew up in a good and open-minded home, an island of love and equality, existing in an ocean of gender and class discrimination.

I met someone once who wanted to support the people in Syria. I wondered as to why he should take such pains. He said, “If the environment around us is good that means we are fine too and we can all live in peace.”

Similarly, if we can correct the male mindset about women, we all can have peace in family and society both. I don't agree with so called research suggesting that women had little role in society before Islam. I believe that these were the men who wrote history and they could not feel, see and appreciate the role women played in their lives, economy and society at large.

Times are changing fast. Women and men are forgetting the importance of family. Selfish prevails on our minds. Women can spend all the time in shopping or in improving her looks to attract her husband instead of sitting down with kids. They refuse to realize that if he goes away due to looks, then never mind and let him go because he can never appreciate you as a human being.

I wonder if I can change this mindset of men assigning roles to their female counterparts. The universe is big enough to explore a role for her than what has been traditionally assigned. Most men take heavy dose of work and forget emotions. Thus they keep accusing women for being emotional. Women are less confused and don’t blur the lines separating the heart and the mind!

For all women you should be happy when you hear this from men because they envy us , and let's think to help them to be like us, I can see that we can do that in the near future , we who are going to help men to extent their problems more than they would help us.

I want to bury my head into books to read more about history and see how women have changed our present and what can I replicate for the next generations. May be I can do something great like them and rewrite the history to correct misperceptions.

Sometimes I ask sensitive question to my male cousins about situation of women, their perspective of women, their approach to virginity and honor. What is more important: women’s honor or morals as human beings? I feel contended when I can make them rethink but fell desperate when every thing falls on late ears.

I believe that the change has to start from myself. If I want to be a good leader, I should start to improve my skills of convincing people with words and deeds both.

"The beauty of empowering others is that your own power is not diminished in the process," said Barbara Colorose.

For sending my message across and being the girl from the future and for the future, I want to be a correspondent for the World Pulse. This is where I can get necessary training to express myself above and beyond stereotypes.

I have the power to share it with the world and the World Pulse gives me the forum and opportunity for the same. This is just the beginning of change and it may need many lifetimes.


abella's picture

I like this.

Hi Alia,

This is a beautiful entry, when i was reading felt like you are here speaking to me, i like especially this;

When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened". John M. Richardson

This is very true, i so want to be in the category of those who MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I so believe in influencing the world but i totally agree with you it begins with me. Like my friend will always tell me; If you dont like the world around it, create yours so beautful that others will want to come and live in it.

With such a vision, I have no doubt you will make a powefull woman these coming days.Because all powefull men and women had one thing in common, the heart to serve others of which you clearly stipulates.

Much blessing.

I am because we are :-)

alia's picture

Dear Abella iam sure you are

Dear Abella

iam sure you are from those who make it happen .Thanks for the comment . It was so nice to know you and read your great stories .

let's keep in touch .Iam waiting for more stories from you

with love

noreens's picture

Hi Alia, Your article is

Hi Alia,

Your article is good! I can relate to so much of what you wrote. I loved the part about women caring so much about their shopping and improving their looks for the sake of their husbands, so they don't spend time with their kids. I have discussed this same point with a friend - actually as I am writing this she just called, and I told her that I am writing to you about her!! A few months ago, she told me that her husband asked her why, when he comes home from work, she is not dressed or does not look like the women on tv!!!! How much we laughed at that. After hours with kids and housecleaning, and stress, it is unrealistic to make their fantasy come true by looking like a model or film star. I wonder if men will EVER understand us!! But like you said, we should think to make them more like us! We have a long way to go. Me and you are from the same part of the world, and I think we have the same way of thinking about these issues. I can definitely appreciate your words!


alia's picture

noreen my darling men cann't

Noreen my darling men cann't stop thinking that women are just models ,and don't have anything in the world just take care of thier apparence , and that is becuase of women too ,espiecally in our communities me and you , alot of them accept the idea that they are under men controles and have no important role in this life .

thanks for mention your friend story this is always happening . You know i am sorry to say that but our men in our communities need alot of trainings to change thier mind about women .

Habibiti noreen i hope to see you on day and please keep in touch

my love

Ina Hume's picture

Well done

Dear Alia,

It has been a real pleasure to read your assignments as well as your other journal entries. I wish i could spend more time reading and learning about the women of Syria and the problems they face and how they overcome.

I really think that the problems women share are so similar the world over. And i hate to say it, it is partly because this world is male dominated and many of the feminine instincts and knowledge are not valued. The power that people struggle for, in the home or even on the global stage and the methods used, of domination, trade and war, need to be overhauled.

It is common sense that women can promote and celebrate and love that we can bring to the different relationships we nurture. We need men to support us and to show compassion for our struggle. But women must break free from the brainwashing that exists in so many societies. I think it is through connections like this that we can make this happen.

I look forward to sharing more stories and ideas with you in the future.



alia's picture

thanks so much my dear Ina ,

Thanks so much my dear Ina .Your comments make me happy .I would keep posting stories
and i look forward to read your stories too

with love

judyschiller's picture

Your writing is refreshing!

Hello, Alia,
I like your opening quote. It's very powerful!

What I found refreshing about your writing is that you stated that men would like to change and that they are looking for a change (i.e., are "envious") to be able to express their emotions more. I agree with you, that the world would be more balanced if emotions were present in more decisions.

I'm also glad to read that you are challenging your male cousins re. what their beliefs are regarding women. By challenging others' ideas, and listening to their answers, we all grow.

Keep up the great work and great writing!
All the best to you,

alia's picture

Dear Judy thanks so much for

Dear Judy

thanks so much for the comment . I believe that we should help men to change their selves , maybe in this way they would change their wrong ideas about women too ;)

with love

Dear Alia,

Here I am again my friend,very inspired of what you've just shared of our final assignment.Everyone of us here in Pulse Wire becomes I felt our shoulder where to lean on especially, that Life now in general, has become more difficult and complicated and time goes by so quickly.We've been blessed that we're able to know each other through this venue and we can be of comfort to everyone.

More power to us in making our dreams come to reality everyday and someday.

alia's picture

Dear Adelma i agree with you

Dear Adelma

i agree with you , World pulse made us feel more powerful through empowering eachother . iam so happy to know great women who are so open -minded like you .

thanks my friend

with love

Dear Alia,

I'm so proud of having a multi-awarded Friend and also dreaming for a continued Change in women's condition and it's You ! I'm pretty sure that all our wish together with our co-women/sisters here in Pulse Wire will come true even if it's not so instant,but our future generation will be the one to enjoy it.

Cheers and take care always.

Julene's picture


Your style of writing is very uplifting, and I believe you are going to make great strides in what you wish to do in your life. You are blessed to come from a family that is open-minded, as you will pass that wonderful trait on to your family and friends - which is a benefit to humankind!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I wish you much luck my friend,


alia's picture

Dear Julene iam so honored

Dear Julene

iam so honored by your opinion . Thanks so much . Yes iam really lucky to grow up in a very open -minded home ,my family helped me to be the women who iam now .

with love

SAsong's picture

The other perspective

It is great Alia to include the counterpart...asking men their thoughts and understanding their perspective is critical in advancing the female movement. Oftentimes we get caught up with finger pointing and blame on the opposite sex, but if we took the time to understand our fundamental differences and strengths, we can bridge that great divide and work together towards gender equity. I believe in recruiting men to help with women empowerment, because yes we are building self-confidence but these women are still products of their environment. If they are in a paternalistic society then there is a societal and external constraint to their growth. I really like your ideas and thoughts. More power to you :-)


aimeeknight's picture


Congratulations on your runners-up application, good work!

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