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Kyrgyzstan and Religion is it future or forgotten past.

“Bolot, a young evangelical preacher in Kyrgyzstan, says he already been arrested twice this year after setting up a new church.” Most of religious issues are beginning with similar words. Unopened war between government and religion has always it victims such as Kyrgyz boy. If we will look deeply into the roots of history we will see the priority of religion. Especially, church made some great tragedies by destroying variety of science discovering. Now, it is obviously that religion doesn’t want people to be more progressive except religion promotion.
“Three-quarters of Kyrgyzstan’s five million people consider themselves Muslim. Another 20 percent are Russian Orthodox Christians, while the remaining five percent are Protestants and members of other religious minority groups.” Here we can see situation with religion in Kyrgyzstan and every year the amount of Muslim people is increasing of cause it is fine for Asian republic but with increasing of religious people the risk of increasing terrorist movement s is becoming higher ,too. Nowadays, in the Southern part of Kyrgyzstan it is modern to be Muslim even among 5 years old children. This makes me wonder. Maybe in 5 years we will have to wear “hid jab” and all donors programs for women leadership and democracy will fall into oblivion? Kyrgyzstan is secular state it means that we are not religious state but we respect religion institutes and religious people.
My own experience with this sensitive question was while my studentship. My teacher didn’t want to go with us for celebration of our graduation , his words were “dancing is a sin”. My view of it, if you are religious you have to keep it inside of you. It is believe it is not PR. And the same situation happens in Kyrgyzstan every where. Questions about religion are more popular then politics. It means that “old happy days” of Church ruling are coming back. My idea for research and for project is popularization of secular state idea by means of interested groups, blogging, and government agencies. Work on popularization of such issues have to be balanced.
“Kyrgyzstan keeps a tight grip on religion” or other wise it can influence on neighbor countries and splinter organization will use more fresh minds. As an asset, elaboration of new Religion Law will be the first result and basis for citizens. Religion is the easiest way to conquer territory but this method lasts very long. We don’t want repeat meetings in France or evil of 9/11, Afghanistan. I want peace and your university will help me to get suitable position and make difference. The educational base of your department shows great experience and location of university play important part due to concentration of many international organizations and institutes which will be we useful for my research.
Going forward for changes being closer to result.

My wish to join Voices of the Our Future is to show to gain and share experience and knowledge, to be given wide voice spread and to get know others who want the same.


harinees's picture



Thanks for sharing about how Krygystan is going with respect to religion. In my mind being a Muslim or Christian majority is not the problem, it is the overall attitude towards tolerance and respect for each other. I know that is easier on paper than in reality though.

There were somethings not clear in the assignment - you talk about the university, and educational base of the department - could you please elaborate on that?

Also, I would have loved to see more about specifics on how you will use the platform that VOF provides towards your vision of peace in the country.


giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Thank you for sharing

Dear Svetlana,
Thank you for sharing your story with us here. You voice is clear, moving and powerful.

Your line 'My wish to join Voices of the Our Future is to show to gain and share experience and knowledge, to be given wide voice spread and to get know others who want the same' says it all.

Keep sharing your vision for your community and what you want to do exactly and how pulsewire fits in.

All the best

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

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