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Why is it so difficult to start?

I am haunted by education. I am obsessed. I sleep and wake up on the idea of educating everyone in Morocco, every girl in the Arab world, every person in Africa, every breathing soul on this earth. But let me narrow it down, let me make it doable: Rome wasn’t built in a day after all!

I moved back to Morocco deciding to take a year off to work on this project and get it started in my birth country, and then partner with similar projects to do the same in Egypt. I had high hopes as NGOs and local association calling for women’s and children’s rights are burgeoning in the Arab world. Though in Morocco the state might welcome such initiatives, it makes it hard on local citizens to start up a community project. Through bureaucracy, the government makes sure it stays in control, for at least a period of time, of whatever is or might be happening in its civil society.

Do I really need the government’s consent to help people in need? The question may sound absurd, and the answer not at all expected. Oh Yes dear, you so do… Welcome back to the motherland.

So, two months after I got back, I am lagging behind my dream, my goal and my project, waiting for the bureaucracy to get started. Alone in my new apartment, I am going back and forth with my idea. How do I make this work? How do I get started without ‘officially’ starting?

After I decided to get a head start on my grant proposal, I entered the vast world of World Pulse while looking for proposal samples. And then I met you, women of world pulse. Every time I browse World Pulse, I am heartened and proud to see many sisters who achieved so much and helped so many against all bureaucracies and despite of all obstacles.

The idea is not to start big, or small. The idea is to start, and help. And if I get to help ten girls getting an education, I will call my life a success. And if I get to show them and teach them how they can help providing education to ten other more girls, I can die in peace….

But until then, bureaucracy, you won’t kill my dream. It still has a pulse... and so do I.



inspiredshell's picture

Excellent start!

My dear sister, maybe you do not realize it, but you HAVE started already. Your dream begins even before it is conceived in your mind! It begins as a burning desire, a passion within...and then manifests into thought...of what it is you might be desiring to achieve...and then the physical, tangible stuff starts to come into play. Let the universe help you, there are infinite resources that you may not even imagine.

As far as practical stuff goes, I would try to reach out to women (or even men) who may be familiar with getting a community project going in your country. There are many people who are grant writers, who put together proposals for people just like yourself. If that feels like too much and you are just itching to get started... I would go out and observe. Find something or someone that is doing something similar to what you are trying to do, and just take in the energy. Write more about what you dream and desire to accomplish. Go and talk to people. Who knows what is waiting for you!

I send you all the positive vibes you need to just get moving. You are very inspiring in trusting that even with all the beaurocratic red tape, it will not stop you from pursuing your dream. Keep writing! You have already begun. =) Much love!


With much love & light,


missjenn's picture


Hi Najwa,

I have always wanted to go to Morocco. Thanks for sharing your story.

I love this line: "The idea is not to start big, or small. The idea is to start, and help."

Can you tell me more about your project sometimes? Interesting in hearing what you have to say.


amymorros's picture

Realistic Goals

Thank you for being honest about the numerous challenges you face. It is not easy and I often feel like I am not doing nearly enough. Reading your story it is clear that you have started and that you will do well.


Rebecca Roberts's picture

maybe Peace Corps can help?

Hi, Najwa! Do you know about Peace Corps (Corps de la Paix, or Hay'at Salaam)? There are about 260 American Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco, all over the country, mostly in rural areas. Many of them, like me, are here to work (for two years, with no pay) on educating youths and especially girls and young women. I don't know where you live, but I am sure there is a Peace Corps volunteer near you who would love to collaborate on projects and help you get something started toward realizing your dream, possibly also collaborating with other associations. You can send me a private email and we can discuss the possibilities!

Best wishes,


Marti's picture

Hi Najwa! Your voice and

Hi Najwa!
Your voice and passion come through in your writing and you are off to a great start!

In partnership with you,

aimeeknight's picture



"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

WILDKat's picture

Your voice rings out


Your dream is coming alive. Now for the rest of your reality to catch up to what your heart has already envisioned. Patience, a rare element in these days of digital nowness, demands for little successes while you wait. You are alerting me to another world of causing change. Thank you.

Naturally grateful,
Kat Haber

"Know thyself." ~ Plato

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