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Women Thrive Worldwide

My greatest gift is in creating environments where people thrive. I'm a people person so I take joy in helping people; whether it's in finding their feet to stabilize or in a social or community development project. I can’t help myself it's a natural inclination.

My vision for myself is in the context of development; be it personal development, social or community development, mental or emotional growth and balance or in attaining personal strengths, I want to see people thrive. I've worked in advancing the status of women for over fifteen years and I appreciate the changes in the perception of women in my own environment. I would like to see more changes come up both in my local environment, in other African nations and especially in the poorer developing nations of the world. These changes should also include changes in the way women also perceive themselves.

My focus area is creating sustainable livelihoods and the eradication of poverty. Both areas are a primary MDG focus for me and I want to see both achieved in my lifetime especially for women. Women the world over have to overcome the worst forms of abuse, violence and male domination that cripples the basic instinct that they have within them to survive and thrive.

I want to see women strengthened to be the best they can be in whatever areas they choose to excel in. I want to see women empowered to stand out in areas of accomplishment only given to men previously. I want to see women come to the place where they make choices that are pertinent to their own wellbeing in whatever way they choose.

I'm not a feminist advocate nor do I advocate a blind pursuit of feminism to the detriment of gender equality. Is it possible for us to have gender equity without a mindset transformed to allow gender equality? The people who are willing to share equity have to first come to the place where they realise that they are both the same then they can share and dialogue on equity. However gender equality does preclude gender equity. Until women are seen and valued as equals, men will not share their positions, status or incomes with them.

Until women realize they are just as strong and just as valuable as men, they will never be able to soar to the highest they can at any level. My vision is to help both men and women realize their individual and national values and achieve them. Not as easy as it looks on paper but it is possible through the influence of the media, the internet and as a Voices of Our Correspondent I will have the capacity and opportunity to do just that!

Since I became a member of World Pulse I have enjoyed tremendously what I call the connect factor in the network. I have browsed almost all the posts. As I read them all I see the heart of the writing and the comments. Even people within my local area have connected with me and shared their views. I have even shared with other Nigerian women outside of World Pulse because we connected through the network.

That’s powerful influence through connectivity. As a Voices of Our Correspondent I can write what women can receive strength from, be motivated and encouraged with to overcome negatives at all levels and grow to be the best they can be. I look forward to using this communication tool to build the capacity of women the world over for good.

Why did I last it out for the 4 weeks? To have the opportunity to make my contribution towards seeing every woman strengthened in Nigeria, Africa and in every part of the world.


Andrea Arzaba's picture


My dear! Great great post. I must admit I share the same passion of helping others.

A very big hug :)

larawilliams's picture

thanks Andrea, a great big

thanks Andrea,

a great big hug back at you!!!

CoachMarcie's picture


What a great post. Your vision is clear and I know you will so quite well. I love your passion and I wish you all the best. Best,


larawilliams's picture

thank you Marcie

thank you Marcie

Hi Lara,

I enjoyed your piece so much. You know yourself and your strengths, and it's clear that your desire to help people thrive both sustains and inspires you. You have such a positive voice and it's heartening to hear about the good changes you have already witnessed for women in your community. Your vision of gender equality and equity is so powerful. You clearly have already embraced WorldPulse to the fullest extent, and are reaping the benefits of its "connectivity factor". Keep on going! You are doing amazing work.

Kindest regards,


Bhavya's picture

great post

I like your confidence and your vision. We all need to connect and help each other. Use the media for good!

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