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Assignment four goes to prove that the world is round, and things are indeed cyclical, where the end meets the beginning and the cycle continues. This is because in reflecting on this assignment, I was taken back to the first assignment, where I wrote on the promise of Web 2.0. While writing about that, and in introducing myself, I gave subtle hints on the vision for my life, and my community. This is therefore a welcome opportunity to offer ‘closing’ remarks, by expounding.

Simply put, I want to be a fearless influencer of society. I want to be a catalyst that effects positive change, a person who is not afraid to walk down unbeaten paths and discover new ways of solving personal, communal, and world problems. I want to be that person that speaks for those whose voices have been dulled due to poverty, ignorance, disease, and untold suffering. For those whose rights have been mortgaged in such a way that they are not even aware that the rights existed in the first place.

I have a vision for a community that I call the women community. It is a vision where women all over the world have equal opportunities to enable self determination, and are rid of the shackles of negative culture, patriarchy, and oppression which sometimes manifests itself through religion. A women’s world transformed, so that poverty does not have to wear a female face.

In my community, other communities that surround mine, and which make up my country, I have a vision inspired by the American dream. A dream where every Kenyan citizen can realize their potential, as long as they are focused on applying themselves diligently to their labours. Where every person is free to grow, regardless of their ethnic group or gender. This vision extends to the African continent, where I see Africans having tackled inefficient and corrupt leadership, and having taken charge of their destinies, writing their own stories, and negotiating in equal measure on the world stage.

It may be that I have a vision of Utopia, but I have a vision of a world devoid of racism, and unnecessary ideological wars. A world where resources are spent with the future generation in mind, where there is tolerance of conflicting views, and where, simply put we do unto others as we would like them to do unto us.

It should by now be clear that I want to be a World Pulse correspondent so as to keep my fingers on the on the pulse of the world, and monitor the changes taking place. Where the world is dying, and the pulse is weakening, I as a fearless influencer, and working with other women, can summon myself to be part of resuscitating the world, through what I champion, and from the stories that find their way to the web through me.

I want to be able to reach a wider audience and influence society towards change. I want to broaden my world view, gain skills and network, all which are necessary to grow someone looking to influence the world.

I have always spoken, and have the habit of agitating for rights in small everyday life happenings (which does not always get me smiles). Through World Pulse capacity building as a correspondent, I will get skills that will transform to something akin to telling every story on a loud speaker. The world must begin to take note of the new influence, of women, and the immense contribution they give daily in order to make this world habitable, in every sense of the word.


Rebecca Roberts's picture

wonderful goals!

Your enthusiasm to create a community of women with equal opportunities is so infectious! I can't wait to see you realize your goals. What is your first step? How do we get started? How do words become actions, and how do we bring more women into the mix? Best of luck to you, and I will be eagerly watching your progress!

jenchapin's picture

Hi Zippy - I have to say that

Hi Zippy - I have to say that I am inspired by your post, and also find your writing style to be particularly engaging and eloquent. You clearly have a gift for writing and I think that no matter what happens with Voices of our Future, you should continue on and share your gift with others. That being said, I also found that your vision for the future is NOT something unattainable, and that we only need more women like you to stand up for themselves and those around them, to make real change in their communities (and we have seen throughout history that community change turns into national change). All of the best with your goals!
- Jennifer

Zippy's picture


Rebecca, thanks for your words. I think to create equal opportunity, we have to start lobbying governments to take a gendered dimension in planning and in governance. That way, we would have more women in the mix. And we would have to train the women taking up positions so that they are able to bring about greater inclusion. I think targeting the grassroots, and governments in tandem might be a good idea....

"A human is a human because of other humans"

Zippy's picture

Thanks Jennifer.It is good to

Thanks Jennifer.It is good to hear that you think that my vision is attainable.You've got to reach for the stars! And as you have observed, quite rightly, we need more women to stand up for this to be a reality. There is only so much that we can do in isolation, but it is amazing how much gets done when we are united.

I will continue writing, regardless. They say the hard part of anything is starting. Once I got started here, I put myself up for that nagging obligation(by and from myself) to continue with the writing, and who knows?

"A human is a human because of other humans"

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