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At a crossroad...

Capital Island - Male' at the mercy of the majestic ocean

I am at a crossroad, wondering, reflecting, contemplating and planning. I feel I am blessed to be able to have this opportunity to make choices and decisions without oppression. It is a wonderful feeling to feel the power in realising that I can make decisions and choose my own destiny with a sense of freedom. I remember reading somewhere ...opportunities give us choices to control and exercise power over our destiny. If I recall correctly it was Weber discussing the view ‘Life Chances’.

I always believe I had choices and I must make my own decision. I regret none of my decisions. I believe that I am responsible for my for my state of being based on the choices I make. Then it is me who face the consequences of my decisions. You may be thinking I must have had a lot of choices. No, that was not the case usually it was one or the other in a controlled setting. I am in the process of creating a vision for my future within the broader theme of Reach4Peace. I am entertaining and brain-storming ideas, thoughts and exchanging them here at WorldPulse and connecting with people who have a passion to help and serve. Not everyone will have passion in what I want and hold my view. Not everyone will agree on what I believe. That is what fascinates me and see richness in the diversity.

Since 2008 I am an International Student Advisor working at a university. I was a teacher, lecture and an educational leader in Maldives. I was teaching, training and serving my family, relatives, friends and community since I was 18. I got overloaded and had nowhere to delete the unwanted files stored in me. Overloading created confusion, anger and desperation that lead to a separation. My family broke up in 2003 and I left the country for an opportunity a mother would take. I left my identity and my comfort zone to survive in an unknown adventure far from anything that I was familiar. Now my kids have turned to adults and my purpose of life needs revision. Since 2005 I am struggling with competing thoughts and my purpose of life is unclear. As my kids grew older they became independent and need less of me as young kids. I had too much time at hand and my emotions that were suppressed started to emerge. I was in turmoil and in total chaos. I needed help and with hesitation and uncertainty I reached for help. Asking for help for myself was the hardest challenged I overcame. I learnt it was good to ask. Strangers help and good friends help us bounce back.

To achieve my vision, which is still on a draft stage, there are key skills I need to master. 1- Verbal communication with people who create a sense of intimidation. 2- Written communication to covey my thoughts without the academic and technical jargon to reach the lay person, the grass root community. 3- Re-built my confidence to face my fear and handle belittling and dehumanising situations. 5 – Overcome or control my emotional anxiety and the feeling of inadequacy. 4- Promote myself as a unique person that an institute, organisation, and community or as a friend have with excellent interpersonal skills – A must have :-)

My strengths are that I am capable of achieving my vision because I believe in myself. With the encouragement I have received I am motivated to work with passion and dedication. I am continuous learner practical and realist. I am positive and a good listener. I am enthusiastic in helping and address with empathy. My weaknesses are the self defeating thoughts and my emotions that created havoc in my life. I am working on the weakness and I can see I have come far. I don’t give up.

As continuous leaner I continue to develop mentally, emotionally and physically. One growth step will be in taking part as a correspondent at Worldpulse. I believe I am already one and it would be fabulous to have training opportunity! I want to serve without boundaries I was to reach people everywhere. I want to listen and voice the concerns of communities small and big.


Beverly Rose's picture

Dear Amei, As a Listener for

Dear Amei,

As a Listener for your week 4 assignment, I found I could identify with many things you said. I especially like the quote 'opportunities give us choices to control and exercise power over our destiny', -- that rings so true.

You seem to have done a lot of self reflection. To know your limitations - as well as your strengths - is indeed helpful and empowering. I applaud you for all the progress you have made on eliminating those things that don't serve you.

Would I hope to hear is the revised version of your vision, how your vision would benefit your community (or the world). Thank you for sharing and for having the courage to share.


Amei's picture

Thank you Beverly

I see my vision as an ongoing process to Reach4Peace. Reach4Peace, as I define, is an individual coming to terms with reality. Putting the energy and efforts to improve and create a positive and peaceful mindset and make the best of the environmental situation. Feeling cared for and special as a person who has the capacity to seek help and solve problems.

Individuals and communities will interact and benefit from my stories and from the information I provide in writings, through presentations and face to face interactions. Hopefully I will be able to create a physical place for individuals and groups to reach out and obtain assistance in ways yet unknown. ( I will have to work on this part in more detail) I found it is not cheap to Reach4Peace and not everyone in my community can afford (I want to provide an affordable or even free service if needed to the people and communities in need). Specific benefits;

a. Individuals and communities learn to view the world as a positive place whatever the situation they currently face. Focus on problems solving actively engaging them in self empowering thinking. Sharing their stories to release the emotions and reach peace at mind. Through the individuals, their families, relatives and friends the wider communities will benefit, like a ripple effect.
b. Create an organisation/a physical place/a virtual place to assist people to connect (without hesitation) and reach4peace in my island and wider community via internet and face to face. I want to provide a service for people who are in need.

The process has already started. As an individual I have reached for peace and in progress. My vision started to formulate in helping myself to realise inner peace and be useful in some small way. I know how the process has benefited me. With this personal experience and the current literature, I know it will benefit people without doubt. I am able to write down my vision more clearly than when I wrote my post. I could see my vision. I have to work hard to achieve my vision.

All comments welcome from any member who reads :-) This is a work in progress.

Megan Reyes's picture

I can so relate!

Your comment: "I needed help and with hesitation and uncertainty I reached for help." And then your subsequent statement that asking for help was so hard really resonates with me. But taking that first step by reaching out is SO huge! Congratulations in doing that! I will be staying in touch with you, Amei, because I know that you will achieve what you have set out to achieve! Keep it up!!



Amei's picture

Thanks Megan

Yes! asking is still difficult but now it is possible. I evolved much since then. I know there are people who are willing to help.

Thank you, this means so much, Amei

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