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Envisioning Guam as More Than Just the "Tip of the Spear"

A painting by me, depicting "Guam Through My Eyes"

Guam has had the longest history of colonization on earth if you count from when Spain claimed the island in 1565, to its present status as a “non self-governing territory” owned by the United States. Currently the U.S. military owns about one-third of Guam’s land and is increasing its militarization efforts in a big way. The U.S. military holds an image of Guam as “the tip of the spear” and seems to view this massive buildup (the largest in U.S. history) as a sharpening of the tip.

I bring up several questions my social welfare professor asked in response to this visualization:
• If Guam is the tip, then who all makes up the shaft?
• Who are we pointing to?
• Who is pointing back at us?

There are countless concerns that the people of Guam feel about the military’s expansion. Among them are: dramatic population increase; overcrowding in schools, the hospital and on the roads (each already a problem), destruction to the environment, increased poverty gaps, and international threats due to increased military presence.

Having been born and raised here, it’s a personal issue for me, and I believe to some extent, a global issue. There is no place on earth like Guam and I love it dearly. Beauty in the land and sea, diversity of people and culture, familiarity, and the paradox of simplicity amongst a very complex circumstance, all make Guam unique and valuable. Its strategic location in the Pacific is what has attracted colonizers since the 1500s and is the main reason behind some of the major changes and challenges it faces today. Few people know much about Guam, its history, or present challenges. As the only member from Guam so far here on World Pulse, I feel it is my duty to help bring awareness to Guam’s issues.

My vision is simple in its essence, and infinitely complex in its details, and goes something like this: A self-sustainable island full of lush jungles, fertile farmlands, and pristine coral reef ecosystems; A diverse people full of love, respect and generosity, and rich in culture; The utilization of natural energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro power; Social welfare and equality, with evenly distributed resources and care throughout the lifespan for all people; Public transportation with zero emissions; Fresh organic produce available for all; Community sharing and support for the extended family; Unity in achieving self-determination. This is my vision for my personal life, my community, and the world.

World Pulse came to me through this vision. Just as I was clarifying my purpose in life, a friend sent me here, and I knew this community would play a part in making my vision a reality. And of course, why hadn’t I thought of it before, that WOMEN would play a huge role in this global transformation? A world long-ruled by masculinity has been tipped out of balance. I see a shift where a dramatic amount of femininity needs to come into play, until the two balance each other in harmony as originally intended. How am I contributing to this shift? By becoming fearless in my authenticity, in honoring the guidance of my intuition and fully embracing femininity. By sharing the magic that I see, and empowering others to also open their eyes to the beauty and infinite opportunities for peace, joy, and love in this life. I do this by writing, sharing artwork, hosting events, nourishing my soul so that I have the energy to uplift others, and by being proactive about human rights issues locally and around the world. World Pulse provides the platform for outreach, connection, and sanctuary. I have spent a large part of my life thus far rediscovering who I am, and what my purpose in this life is, and I am ready to face the next stage, which is sharing my ideas on a global scale. With radical trust and great love, it is time to share my vision with the world and to collaborate with all the awesome people that are coming into my life. Together we can truly move mountains. Global change here we come!

Comments's picture

I Love you Vision

Yeah! "Global change here we come" BIG Yeah. I loved your words, you, the images that came to my mind, the colors, your painting, your dreams and my dreams in them. :). I felt you close and personal, sister and friend. Teared eye and smile in face. Your words have touched my heart!

We re truly swifting and emerging, there is no dought. It is time. Here we come. AMEN.

inspiredshell's picture


Thank you for your thoughts, they are truly appreciated! There is no separation between you and I! =)

With much love & light,


aimeeknight's picture

I love this! Your voice has

I love this! Your voice has become stronger and stronger with each piece you write. You gave a clear picture of your country and an inviting picture of your vision. Very good!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

inspiredshell's picture

Thank you

Your comment means a lot, thank you! I also enjoyed your latest post on the voices of our past becoming the voices of our future, and what a lovely thought to imagine the future, where people all over the world will look back at the beginning of the World Pulse phenomenon with love and appreciation for all the voices that are coming out of the woodwork!

With much love & light,


The Afrika way's picture


I felt your confidence. I like the fact that you are so sure of what you want, and how to get it....

Calm yet passionate (two words that 1st popped in my mind when i saw your painting).

inspiredshell's picture

"Calm yet passionate" I like

"Calm yet passionate" I like that! Thank you dear sister.

With much love & light,


Frances Faulkner's picture

Taking Care of What You Know

Inspired Shell,

your piece is so womanly to me, like a mother nurturing a child, you are taking care of your homeland and the people there, giving back to the place that raised you and educating the rest of the world about that place and what you have learned there. Your vision is also broader than that, crossing country borders, and inspiring to hear.

Remain open to all.


Daydri's picture

your vision

full of colour and courage
a smile-to-the-heart

power to guam
& to u(s)!


inspiredshell's picture

Thank you ladies

I have no words for my appreciation of your comments. =)

With much love & light,


Jan K Askin's picture

VOF week 4 assignment

Dearest Inspired,

You have inspired me.

Thank you so much for sharing your love for your 'non-self-governing territory' home. I feel deeply your connectedness with your land.

of course, women are the key to global change. Perhaps, we are the point of the spear, and collectively, we point to a Guam that may become self-governing, self-sustaining and empowered through unity.

Your sister in the US (who is so sorry for the people of Guam that US military presence is increasing in Guam).


Jan Askin

inspiredshell's picture

Thank you Jan! Your love is

Thank you Jan! Your love is felt in your post. It is difficult when many visualizations are conflicting here on our island.

For those who are interested in hearing more about what is going on with Guam and the community, and the issues that are presented with the impending military buildup, we have a local radio station that airs NPR and other quality programs. We have a program on this station called "Beyond the Fence" that talks about these issues. You can listen to the podcasts of previous shows HERE-->

With much love & light,


Valerie from Oregon's picture

Positive World Vision

Hello inspiredshell!
I’m one of the listeners for your Week Four assignment. I really enjoyed reading your personal visions for your life, your community, and the world. It is interesting that you feel it is your “duty to help bring awareness of Guam’s issues” as you are the only Pulsewire member from your island territory. I love your positive vision of a self-sustaining world with cultural, social, and environmental balance. It takes people who set high goals to change the world! I can sense your enthusiasm for World Pulse and appreciation for what the opportunity to participate in Voices of our Future would offer.
All the best,

inspiredshell's picture

Valerie, you are too kind!

Valerie, you are too kind! Thank you for your thoughts and feedback. Though the VOF assignments have "ended" I have been planning a series of articles that give some basic history about Guam, as well as the current issues, and what solutions are being considered or put into motion. I hope to write a book one day of essays and images that highlight what people on Guam (and around the world!) are already doing to accelerate the movement to a more balanced world. A world that values the rights/balance of all living beings, including our oceans, wildlife, human populations...

Just gotta keep writing!

Thank you all for your awesome feedback. =)


With much love & light,


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